Seduction lessons We have already talked a lot about differentmethods of seduction of men, but the councils first came from representatives of the weak half of humanity. Therefore, all the lessons we have already learned about the seduction of the boys can be considered quite insufficient. After all, our view of this issue and the view of the guys themselves have differences, which are often quite significant. Let's see what men advise, and what lessons of seduction they can teach us.

Seduction of the guy. Male point of view

We are not going to talk about the technique of seductionfor one night, because there is nothing complicated in it and special lessons of seduction are not needed here. Almost all men in this case can not remain indifferent to the fragrant aroma of expensive perfume to a girl in a mini-skirt and a blouse with a deep neckline. It's enough for such a young lady to throw a sensual look from under the eyelashes to the guy, and - it's ready! Passionate night with this young man she is provided. It's another matter when it comes to winning the heart of a guy and going with him to the registrar. The traditional means of seduction in this case are not very good, and the lessons of seduction are needed more subtle. After all, in order to marry a man, it is not enough just to seduce him, he must fall in love with himself. And fall in love not for a month, but for years. About all life we ​​will not speak. The lessons of seducing a guy for marriage are based on the fact that you can not force yourself to fall in love with a man. It can be accustomed to any food, you can be persuaded to wear clothes of a certain style, to be cut not so much as he likes, and even to force to keep to a diet. But it's impossible to get a guy to love a girl. But this does not mean that everything is hopeless, if a young man spontaneously does not fall in love himself. The most important thing in this matter is to find out what is his ideal companion of life. Forget that the way to the heart of a man lies through the stomach; the representatives of the stronger sex are not so primitive and also have spiritual values. How do you find out about them? The girl should look at the guy and determine how he treats one or another type of women, how he communicates with them, how he speaks about bitch, "blue stockings", "gray mice" and so on. In addition, it would be desirable to learn more about the boyfriend's ex-girlfriends, about their character, temperament, manner of behavior. Based on all these observations, the girl can get an idea of ​​the two female types existing in the view of the guy. The first type is women who do not like the young man at all. It includes all the actions, habits, character traits of the fairer sex, which simply lead him to white heat. The young lady needs to take all this into consideration. For example, if a guy can not stand smoking women, it means that a girl should be excluded from a cigarette in her hand. To begin with, at least in his presence. The young man does not digest bright make-up - to make him unobtrusive, does not like too courageous girls - to behave more modestly, and so on. The second type is women possessing qualities that a guy sympathizes with. There is one point. The girl should find such qualities in herself, and not intensely pretend until that time, until she decides that the deed is done. It is to find! Since all the lessons of seduction, prompted by men, clearly show that they can not endure feminine pretense. Yes, with the help of pretense you can interest a guy and even win his sympathy. But as soon as the girl's bluff is revealed, she immediately becomes transformed into an antipathy. And change then something will be impossible, a rare guy will forgive a deception of this kind. Therefore, if there is no quality in the girl, you should not depict him. In every woman lies a huge potential of internal virtues. And the missing quality can be replaced by another. Now - about the manner of communicating with the guy. It turns out that the statement that our men like to win women, like an impregnable fortress, is mistaken! No, there are, of course, young people who like it when a girl behaves like the Snow Queen, and who are really enjoying the fact that she tortures them. Most men are not affected by such emotional masochism. Therefore, the girl needs to behave with her chosen one as friendly as possible. This does not mean that the young lady can openly hang a young man around his neck, languidly looking into his eyes. So the guy may well decide that she belongs to the category of women of a certain occupation. It is enough just to be friendly and willing to support the conversation on the topic proposed by the interlocutor. In short, the girl should be made to understand the young man that she is interested in them. Men claim that women's interest means a lot to them. And almost half of them fall in love with the fairer sex only because they are friendly. This behavior of a woman is perceived by men as an encouragement and an invitation to action to win her heart. seduction lessons guys

Development of a relationship. Men advise

How to behave to a girl after shebegan to meet with someone whom she imagines to be her future husband? Men are advised to try not to show their feelings openly and to give the guy an initiative in the development of relations. While these relations are friendly, the girl can quite invite the guy to a cup of coffee and offer him options for joint pastime. But then, after she feels that the quality of the relationship has become different, more sensual, the activity in their development needs to yield to the man. Now let the guy himself call, he himself comes up with an excuse for the call, he himself invents the reason for talking with the girl for hours. Let him make an appointment, and he will decide to kiss the girl. Understanding a man that in love affairs activity was shown by him, and this activity was crowned with success, very beneficially affects the male love. And, finally, another male advice that allows the girl to finally conquer the heart of the guy. After he has a strong sympathy for the young lady and he confesses his feelings, in no case can you behave like this:

  • Consider a young man his property right after he confessed his love;
  • Boast of a guy, like an expensive acquisition, in front of his friends and acquaintances.
  • The first model of behavior is usually frustratingmen and pushes them away from women. The second model very quickly starts to irritate, which also does not contribute to the depth of feelings. The girl should remain so nice and friendly and in addition give another guy to understand that he has become much closer to her. These are the lessons of seduction taught to us by men themselves. We will take note of them, and our chances of wearing a wedding dress will increase significantly. We advise you to read: