how to forget the girl you love What if you met a cuteguy, but he recently suffered a break with another girl and acutely experiences it? Yes, imagine that even in such a difficult period, when regrets of lost love torment the soul, representatives of the strong half of humanity are able to seek solace in the embrace of a new passion and are trying to build new relationships. It is we, women, for a long time can not make a step to meet another love, avoid visits, weeping, wrapped up in the shirt of a former young man, and so on. But most of the men, despite the still fresh scratch (and someone's wound) in the heart, obeys the old natural instincts and goes in search of a new lover. But! Wait to blame the guys for insensitivity and callousness, because such behavior does not mean that the previous relationship and the happy memories associated with them are forgotten. Not at all, your young man (although, for the time being, he is not your kind, but he has all chances to become one soon, because you want it so!) Is fully capable of experiencing painful experiences. During your meetings, he constantly remembers the former sympathy, on his face melancholy and grief. Instead of rejoicing in your company, he yearns for the one that broke his heart. So can you help a guy deal with the painful question of how to forget a girl whose relationship with him left a deep mark on his soul? And is it worth doing or better not to mess with the past? Alas, in the world there is no such secret laboratory where you can permanently erase the memories of men about their ex-girlfriends. Whatever the scientists invented and how far they would have gone in the study of human psychology, but no one has thought of a cure for love. Therefore, there is no exact instruction for guys who are tormented by the search for an answer to the question of how to forget the girl you love. Help in this can only time, as well as the participation and support of close people.

Serious warning for those who do not want to be deceived

"Lovely girl, if on your way meta young man who suffers from parting with the former passion, then out of a sense of self-preservation, run away from him with all your legs! "- a phrase of this kind can be found in most glossy publications designed for an audience of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. And no matter how cruel this call sounded, believe me, he is not devoid of common sense. After all, all your efforts to ease the fate of a young man who has become disillusioned in love will certainly bear fruit. He will perk up and look at the world with other eyes, in which, instead of suffering, the thirst for new victories on the love front will again shine. But, to the great regret, it is you who he will not consider as an object for deep and trembling relations. Even if in a difficult period you, like a real woman, stepped over all the conventions and treated the wounded heart of a man with an ancient trouble-free remedy - good sex. Gratitude, the offer of sincere friendship and rare meetings over a cup of morning coffee - as a rule, this is all that a girl who dreamed of becoming the only and most desired for a disappointed in love guy can expect. After all, only in novels or melodramas, in gratitude for participation, the heroine finds peace in the embrace of her prince, from whose eyes the veil finally falls, and he realizes that happiness is here, very near. But in reality you can expect something completely different. But no matter how we are warned, no matter how they are warned, no matter how frightening possible unpleasant consequences may occur, it can sometimes be very difficult to take a step to the side. A certain touch of romanticism, characteristic of the suffering man, the eternal spirit of rivalry, the desire to prove to oneself and others the power of one's own beauty, femininity and wisdom, as well as the notorious maternal instincts push us to a relationship with someone who does not yet know how to forget a beloved girl. If this happens in your life, if you are sure that you will be able to do everything possible to become the single and unique for the chosen one, be patient and wise. To begin with, before you look for ways to help your guy, think about whether you are ready for such an act? Believe me, to make him forever forget the former girl will be very difficult. This is a true self-sacrifice: constantly listening to his outpouring about how well they were together, to suffer from jealousy at every mention of her name. Even the strongest men after breaking the love relationship become unbearable whiners. Trying to help the guy, you for a long time will turn into a free psychoanalyst, tormenting your ears with details of someone else's private life. And if he starts to pay attention to you, as a woman, it will be constantly compared with her ex-girlfriend. Often men need a waistcoat in which one can cry. So they are looking for a girl who can play such a role for a short time. Using you as a lifebuoy, a young man will go looking for a new relationship in a completely different place. Believe me, it's better to be second than first, after its break. Very rarely, the guys feel their savior so much that they marry her. If you are not afraid of these difficulties, then you are truly in love and ready to fight for your happiness. Well, it's your right. Who does not take risks, he does not live "long and happily". Perhaps, just you are destined to become that rare exception to the rules, perhaps it is this young man with the eyes of a sick dog that is your destiny? how to forget a girl

Why is it so hard for men?

Often, the guys who threw a beloved girl,painfully experienced the gap. As a rule, they remember all the best moments that they were connected while they were together. Strange as it may seem, but most often men are acutely aware of not the parting with the ex-girlfriend, but the loss of remarkable emotions associated with it. Of course, they do not understand this, believing that such feelings and experiences can only give them a treacherous passion. An indispensable disappointment awaits those of you who will try to act on the principle: "I love you so much that you will forget your previous relationship very quickly!" The thing is that it is the young man who should inflame you with reciprocal feelings. And this is the most difficult thing. After all, past relationships have certainly been saturated with a variety of emotional experiences on his part - passion, quarrels, reconciliation, and so on. Memories of them can be erased only by a new flow of equally strong sensations. But after a bright flash and a sharp break, a person is not immediately able to experience another one. The brain puts an original protective block. Therefore, sex with a new girlfriend is a matter of course and even necessary, but here to penetrate into the heart of a guy and settle there forever - the task is very difficult. Even if this happens, it is not as fast as you expect. And only under the condition of very competent actions on your part. Men are leaders by their nature. They are very painful to realize that they were abandoned, they preferred someone else. Trying to forget the former girl, the guys strongly overestimate the importance of the relationship with her. The only way to lower this importance is to start meeting with another. In this case, with you. Try to give your suffering elect a new emotion in return for those that he lost. Perhaps, at first it will react poorly to your attempts - the pain of loss can not be forgotten too quickly. But if a young man really likes you, if you are not indifferent to him and want to be around, then do not stop.

The first steps towards the conquest of his heart

  • Become just a good friend for a guy whoso you like. To do this is not at all difficult, because right now it needs support in the person of an interested person. Do not rush things, because haste is a bad helper. Do not be too intrusive in wanting to stir a man. For sure, until he sees you as an object for a new romantic story. If you become too obvious to show him your love, the guy will have an unpleasant feeling that he owes you something. This will alienate him from you, and he will again close in himself.

Left alone, men badly needin female attention. Endless conversations about the former, praising her qualities, memories of their lives can bring real pain to an involuntary listener. Are ready to suffer and together with the elect to search for the answer to a question on how to forget the girl who became the reason of his sufferings? Then remember the most important thing: you do not have to become a replacement for your ex-girlfriend. A new love - yes, but not a copy of another woman.

  • Change the colors. Find out how unhappy the sufferer was before meeting with that young lady. Perhaps he walked in leather trousers and cut on a bike. Perhaps he listened to rock and loved to go to festivals. What new brought to his life the former passion? And suddenly all her family adored skiing, and your young man exchanged a motorcycle for skis? And rock music was replaced by unobtrusive pop music to please her tastes?

In this case, you should do two things: "Love" motorcycles and help the guy get back to old hobbies. Buy a ticket to the nearest rock festival and please your beloved. Important once things will certainly crowd out of memory common ski walks, rest at a winter resort and dancing to Dima Bilan. Pay attention to small things. Unobtrusively offer him new movies, music, entertainment. Most likely, you already know by heart, what common interests united your elect and the former passion. Try to change everything imperceptibly and start your own habits, traditions and rules. It is necessary to do this, of course, without deliberateness and pressure. how to forget your girlfriend

Playing with open cards

How long does the guy that you like so much will betorment memories of another girl? It can be confidently asserted that there is no exact answer to this question: it all depends on his character and temperament, and also on how strong the attachment was. If it's been a long time and you can not stand the competition with an invisible opponent, tell the guy about your feelings. Let me understand that it hurts you to be the third in this senseless triangle, and you want to become one for him. What will it give? One of two things: either he will reflect and take your side, or he will be insulted and will suffer further. If you are unlucky, and the guy chose the second option, do not worry and blame yourself. It seems that he himself does not want to escape from the prolonged depression, but prefers to continue to howl to the moon - what, his right. It means only that the young man who so strongly likes you, actually turned out to be a weakling, and you deserve better. Do not waste your time on someone who is not able to cope with life's difficulties. If the guy decided to stay with you - this is a good sign. But do not rush to rejoice: it is possible that he could do it out of gratitude. Starting to meet as a real couple, do not turn into a girl, ready to understand and forgive any of his actions. Of course, you want to show how wonderful and unusual you are. But in your desire to please the guy, be reasonable. Do not overdo it and do not become one to whom you should not report and which you can not care less about. In order to understand the logic of men, try to imagine such a plot. Suppose a young man who you like, adores painting and came to the gallery in order to replenish his collection. He sees two beautiful pictures, from which one should choose the one that is more like. One of them (it's you) already definitely belongs to him, for the second (his former) must be paid. What do you think is more interesting for a guy? Of course, one that is worth fighting for. So do not become a free bauble belonging to him by the soul and body. Such a woman and in the usual situation does not particularly entice, and if there is an inaccessible competitor, the chances of success are even less. As you know, people tend to appreciate what is not easy to get. This feature can be used in the struggle for the heart of the chosen one, to help him find the answer to the question of how to forget his girlfriend and start a new relationship with you. Having opened the truth about your feelings, do not sit idly by. Show the guy his independence, pride and the dignity with which you take the situation. Stop calling first, respond better to messages briefly, or you can be late for a couple of days. In social networks, post photos about how fun you spend time. Work on your own appearance, change the image in order to appear before the eyes of the chosen one with such a mystery that is not at all sympathetic to the listener of recent revelations. But do not overreact the stick, so as not to alienate the guy with excessive coldness. Show sincerity, but at the first mention of the former, you should make a bored face and do not support this topic any more. Let the guy know that you really want to help him and you know how to forget the girl who caused his suffering, but not at the expense of your feelings. Do not worry if this frankness makes a guy go offended. Simply give him time to understand his own emotions and decide, finally, what is better - to meet happiness with you or grieve over the fragments of previous relationships, but already alone. how to forget the ex-girlfriend

If she tries everything back

Let's say you managed to overcome all obstacles andyou have a happy life with your chosen one. But the trouble is: the former girl, who so cold-bloodedly abandoned him, wants to return the guy back! She watches him near the entrance, pestering with calls and messages, trying to quarrel with you. You might think that now she is ready to do anything to gain elusive happiness, not allowing him to become a stranger. The situation is complicated by the fact that your man in the depths of his soul may be in pain. And this is the same as picking a nail in an unhealed wound. Ripping hair to a crook does not help save a relationship. Of course, it's nice to dream about it, but do not go so low. In the end, everything depends only on the decision of the guy. But something can be done for you. Try to hint to him that by betraying him once, she is able to do it yet. After all, the lady will experience: she will think that after a cruel separation, you can easily return. Your boyfriend's life with her will turn into hard labor: constant suspicions, mistrust and scandals on this ground. Male pride and fear of reliving the separation can stop him from a fateful step. Do not try to push hard and arrange disassembly. After all, your boyfriend has not decided anything yet. Perhaps, it would never enter his head to make a choice in favor of the former. What if he is able to communicate with her quite calmly, learning the latest news about common acquaintances and telling about a new love - about you. Take care of yourself with something else to distract yourself. You can learn Spanish, embroider a cross, learn strip-plastic. Seeing that you love him and trust him, the guy will surely prefer life with a normal decent person, and not with the one that betrayed him. Who wants to step on the rake twice? Lucky are those of us who know nothing about the ex-girlfriends of a guy. They did not have to experience a feeling of excruciating jealousy, constant helplessness from the realization that the chosen one loves and remembers the other. How easy it is to build relationships without having such a load behind you! Have you witnessed his painful experiences? So, fate threw you a serious test. And if you managed to overcome it and find your happiness with this person - honor to you and praise. Not everyone is able to invest in a man so much love and tenderness, so as to prolong the past wounds. You are a real Woman! We advise you to read: