how to make a water manicure at home Modern manicure is not only an idealshape of the nails and even coating, but also a huge space for imagination and creativity. How often do we see interesting drawings on the nails of friends and acquaintances, how often do we blame ourselves for not finding the time and money to decorate our own nails? Nevertheless, beautiful nails with an unusual, unique pattern can be created by yourself, and at home. And do not be upset if you are not a professional manicurist - there is an amazing technique that any woman can master. Water manicure is a method of applying incredibly beautiful drawings in a matter of minutes. Even if you do not know how to draw at all, it does not matter. Having learned how to make a water manicure at home, you will get results that will sincerely surprise you. Perhaps, to Dali and Van Gogh you are far away, but you will feel yourself a talented artist, this is a fact! And all you need for a stunning nail look is a glass of water, a few favorite varnishes and a toothpick. The essence of this technique is to add to the water on a drop of different varnishes for the nails, create on the resulting spot any pattern and dipped the nail into it. Agree that this is quite an interesting way to create a manicure, although such a principle of obtaining a pattern is far from new. Back in the 7th century in Japan a similar method was used to create marble paper, this technique is also used today to paint various surfaces. Remember the cute pictures on the foam of cappuccino coffee: they are made in this way! how to make a water manicure

Let's start creating a water manicure

The technique of applying water manicure is simple, itscan learn any schoolgirl. The main thing to be observed is clean cuticles and skin around the nail. After all, without this, any manicure, even with the most incredible coating, will seem sloppy and cheap. Therefore, carefully study the order of doing water manicure:

  • Paint your nails with white lacquer so that the pattern that we paint is as bright and clear as possible;
  • Prepare a small glass, fill it with water almost to the brim;
  • Unscrew the caps from the bottles of your favorite nail polish so that they can be quickly opened and used;
  • Varnishes must be at least two and they must contrast with each other in color;
  • Now we need to protect the skin around the nail fromhitting the varnish. To do this, lubricate the finger with a fat cream, carefully avoiding the area of ​​the nail plate. It is known that the varnish does not stick to the oil surface, so do not regret the cream and apply a thicker layer. In addition to the cream, you can also use scotch, carefully covering under it the skin around the nail;
  • We take the first varnish, pull out the brush and bring it as close as possible to the water. We drip into the center of a glass with water. There will be a spot that will begin to blur;
  • Take the second varnish and drip into the center of the resulting spot. Alternate varnishes, continue the procedure until it turns out 10-15 drops;
  • We take a toothpick and move smoothly along a multi-colored spot, creating a pattern;
  • Bend the finger so that the nail plate is parallel to the surface of the water. Do not change the position of your finger, dip it in the place of the picture that you like most. In water, straighten the finger;
  • Without pulling out your finger, remove the remaining lacquer by the second hand with a toothpick at the surface of the water;
  • Pull out your finger. If you used a cream to protect from varnish, then simply wipe it with a normal napkin. If you cover your skin with scotch tape - carefully remove it;
  • Let the pattern on the nail dry thoroughly and use a fixer.
  • Voilà! Surprisingly beautiful drawing on nails to you is provided. That the most interesting, to see the second same on someone else you will not succeed, because each pattern is unique. Of course, to do this procedure for all 10 nails, you will need a lot of time and a sufficient amount of varnish, but the result will amaze everyone. In extreme cases, it will be enough to apply a pattern of only 2 nails - on the left and right hand, shading the color of the rest of the coating. Knowing the secret of how to make a home water manicure, you will always be advantageous to differ from your friends, who are struggling to find time to go to the salon. While you can change the pattern on your nails at least every day, achieving more and more amazing and unique patterns. We advise you to read: