how to quickly increase the breast Usually happy owners are very lushbust want to reduce it a little, and those who are not lucky with this - to increase. Unfortunately, without plastic surgery, it is impossible to quickly jump from the first size to the third one, but to correct the shape and slightly add the volume - easily. There would be a desire and patience, and there will be a breast. Creams, ointments, dietary supplements, special pills, hardware cosmetology - will such funds help get the coveted markup or is it another deception? In fact, breast augmentation without surgical intervention is a rather complicated procedure. In addition, sometimes it is impossible to determine the fine line between a quality product that has passed repeated tests, and a subtle advertising run of experienced marketers. And for some reason, very rarely, representatives of the fair sex recall that specially designed by the instructors exercises can also give small positive results.

The right diet: the key to success

To begin with, it should be understood that when a girlsits on a diet, the first thing is losing weight of the chest and priest, and when it gets better - there are sides and stomach. Try to find the golden mean and start eating properly so that your body does not experience constant stress. Imagine that a person's body is a house that must be constantly built. But here you exclude from the diet building materials - proteins, carbohydrates, fats, what then remains? So, eat beans, dates, broccoli, cherries, apples, garlic, carrots and other vegetables, fruits and spices, which include phytoestrogen. As it turned out, this substance is similar to human hormones, so it can affect the size of the bust. But, unfortunately, to achieve a positive effect, the fair sex will have to use kilograms of all these products. And excessive absorption, for example, of soybeans can cause harm to health (cancer, obesity, problems with metabolism, etc.). Thus, sometimes you have to choose: either breast augmentation, or an elegant waistline. However, you can still avoid a sharp fluctuation in weight, enough to exercise and at least once every three days, swing the press, run in the morning, do exercises. And then the fat on the buttocks, hands and sides will not appear. But in any case, do not settle for "magic" drinks (teas, tinctures of hop cones, herbal decoctions), sold in pharmacies for rabid money, since they are very rarely effective. And instead of a beautiful lush breast you can earn a whole bunch of diseases. Problems with the stomach and endocrine system to the fair sex, who decided on such an experiment, will be provided. how to increase breasts for a week

Special underwear: the little secret of a successful woman

Do you think it's impossible to increase the bust in one day? Errors, it is enough to use special linen with cups push-up. This method is good for those who want to flaunt at a corporate or party with an open neckline, but shy of their forms. The main thing is to choose a good and comfortable bra that can be worn at least every day.

Supplements: Myths and Reality

As advertising says, this is a panacea, and fromall ills! Supplements can solve any problem, starting with hemorrhoids, ending with a small breast. One or two capsules a day - and you are successful, beautiful, skaters. But, unfortunately, in reality the situation is different. Before you buy a package of this product, read its composition: yeast, hops and other substances, which you may not even have heard of. A month of such supplements will bring you only to a hike to the endocrinologist, but not to the coveted and unattainable dream.

Vacuum massage: a brilliant invention or another toy

Twenty years ago, almost all channelswith might and main were advertised small devices with which help it was possible to pump a huge bust just for a month. The increase in mammary glands occurs due to the influx of blood. You just need to put a cup on your chest and adjust the pump, which pumps out air from the device. Today, the demand for these products is not so great, since not all girls believe that a vacuum massager can do wonders. In fact, you need to spend more than one day on such procedures in order to achieve a positive effect. Usually, for the second or third week, the device is thrown into the far corner of the cabinet and forgotten about it safely. This increase in bust carries its risks. First, a permanent mechanical effect for twenty to thirty days is very dangerous, as this can lead to microtraumas, sagging and stretch marks. Secondly, a month after you stop using a vacuum massager, your chest will begin to decrease, which is a huge disadvantage.

Magic tablets or why the breasts grow like leaps and bounds

How to quickly increase the chest, without attaching specialefforts? Thinking about taking a pill? Do not do this at all! Drinking one month of the pill, perhaps you will achieve the desired effect, but, again, greatly undermine your health. The increase in the mammary glands is due to hormones that can behave unpredictably. The same changes in the body occur with those who use birth control pills or antidepressants every month.

Cream with estrogen: and you want, and prickles

Of course, the external application of hormonal creams(with estrogen or phytoestrogen) is not as dangerous as when taking tablets, but the effectiveness of them is much lower. In general, the positive result is a month, sometimes one and a half. But if you do not put such funds on your body every day, there will be no effect. From creams, ointments and other "inventions" you can expect a slight increase in volume - up to four to five millimeters in the first week, to a centimeter after a month. How to increase breasts per day

Sex, as a universal medicine

As it has long been revealed, regular sex is notonly pleasant, but also useful for the female body. He can get rid of colds, headaches, cheer up, improve appetite and can cause a slight increase in the bust. Of course, this does not mean that you should make love every day and until the partners are exhausted, but once a month is also not an option.

Exercises to increase bust

Performing a set of exercises every day, you are alreadya month later, you will see positive results: the breast will be tightened, become more elastic and the desired centimeters will be added. In this case, there is an increase in the muscles located under the mammary glands, due to which the size changes.

  • Squeeze off the floor

Take the emphasis lying, place the palms on the levelsShoulder, back align. At the expense of time, go down to the account of two - go up. Make sure that the housing remains straight. Do exercises quickly and correctly, so that the muscles do not cool down. Try to do two approaches twenty times each day.

  • Exercise with dumbbells

Stand exactly, legs - shoulder width apart. Breathe - hands are divorced to the sides, exhale - rise up, then slowly sink down. Instead of dumbbells, you can use any weighting - books, half-liter bottles of water, etc. In this case, it is very important that the weight of the "weights" is not more than one kilogram. Doing exercises at home, girls do not always follow themselves, their posture and consistency of loads. Therefore, it is very important to start with an instructor for the first time. You can enroll in yoga, shaping, aerobics, where you will be helped to pick up or develop a complex and show how everything should be done. Usually classes are held two or three times a week. how to increase breasts in a month

Folk recipes for beauty or careful, dangerous!

The increase in the bust for many women is becomingobsession, and they are ready to take any risks, just to achieve a positive effect. But few people think that many national recipes conceal a hidden threat. After all, if everything was so simple, why are the services of plastic surgeons so demanded?

  • Breast applications

Be careful, breast augmentation withmustard can lead to cancer or the appearance of a tumor. Therefore, applications from burning agents that stimulate blood flow, it is better not to do. If you still decide to play Russian roulette with your health, then take a monthly checkup from a mammologist and visit the oncologist once a year.

  • Raw dough and yeast: for and against

More recently, the fair sexvery strongly believed that thanks to yeast you can very quickly acquire a third-fourth size. If you think that using a whole month of raw dough you will become Pamela Anderson, then you are very wrong. The maximum you achieve is indigestion. Even those for whom breast augmentation is a priority task, it is not worth the risk.

  • Beer or from which the belly grows

Drink several times a month is good and expensivebeer made from hops. The phytoestrogens contained in it positively influence breast augmentation. Is it because the Germans at all times differed in a beautiful bust? However, you should monitor the dose, because, firstly, the tummy grows from such a drink, and, secondly, nobody canceled alcoholism. But non-alcoholic beer can be consumed at least every day. In our time to find a natural product is very difficult. To reduce costs and increase profits, manufacturers go to various tricks and add to the drink chemistry. Therefore, buy only the beer, which has a relatively short shelf life.

Plastic: the best option or extreme measures

Very quickly increase the chest by severalsizes - it's not a simple matter. Unfortunately, you can try out thousands of ways and not achieve positive results. And in such cases, representatives of the fair sex decide on the operation, which, incidentally, are not cheap. If we talk about the advantages, we should note the high efficiency and quick positive result. As for the minuses, this is the post-rehabilitation period and the painfulness of the procedure. But quality and safety directly depends on the skill of the surgeon and his experience. We advise you to read: