how to visually enlarge the chest Nature is a capricious thing. Someone she awards with long legs and a bust of 3 sizes, the remaining ones allocate a breast more modestly and obviously saves on the length of the legs. And all would be nothing, but with all this luggage a woman has to not just live, but also to conquer the imagination of men. This is where the injustice begins. For some reason, the feet are given to the guys solely in order to walk, and the chest is not taken into account at all. So, the next part of the body, behind which beats a brave heart. But if the female breast is not impressive in size, then no one is interested in her heart. Of course, this claim is controversial, but it is taken as the basis of 80% of women and about the same number of men. But what remains to be done for those whose decollete is less seductive? Put a cross on yourself? No matter how it is! It is enough to learn a few tips on how to visually enlarge the chest, and men will again turn around after you. Just do not stand for someone's whim to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Of course, breast augmentation with silicone implants is the most safe method to correct mistakes of nature. However, no one is immune from medical errors. And there is no guarantee that the result of the operation will be exactly what you expected. So throw bad thoughts out of your head and learn to enlarge your breasts visually. How exactly? Now tell. how to visually enlarge the chest

Female tricks: we increase the breast

In fact, the beauty of a woman by about 30 yearsdoes not depend on those initial data, which it was awarded by nature. If a girl wants to please herself (and not at all to men, as they like to present), she will do everything to be attractive. In the course will go absolutely everything: from underwear to clothes and cosmetics. The same goes for the chest. Correctly presented bust will certainly impress others, while even the most luxurious 4-th size may well be lost under incorrectly selected clothes. But we're smart girls with you, right? So let's increase our dignity both visually and in fact. Underwear So, the first trump in our deck of tricks is a bra. It is he who forms the woman's breasts, no matter what size it is. First, look at yourself in the mirror. If your bra bites into the body, forming ugly folds on the sides, then his model (and perhaps the size) was picked up incorrectly. Many girls are embarrassed to buy a bra or do it hastily, believing that underwear all the same under the clothes is not visible, so what's special. Lovely you are ours, if you have a bad bra, then under the clothes will be invisible not only him, but your bust. You can not even imagine how the usual strip of tissue can change the shape of the breast. Therefore, when choosing a bra, always measure it and consult a sales consultant. Now let's move on to the little women's tricks - we'll learn how to use the bra to increase the breasts. And help us in this small silicone pads, which are laid in the bra when wearing. Here it is - a healthy response to plastic surgeons. We do not need a silicone breast and an agonizing clock spent under anesthesia. We can easily use small inserts from a similar material and achieve the same effect without sacrifice and money costs. For those who are not sure that they will be able to install silicone tabs correctly, a bra with push-up is quite suitable. Here, the bra already visually increases the breasts by about a couple of sizes by default. How exactly? Using a thick layer of foam rubber. But it is absolutely not worth knowing about this. Therefore, unbutton the top button of the blouse and march to win the hearts of men! But with a swimsuit everything is much more complicated. Here, silicone inserts will not help. More precisely, you can, of course, put them into the bra of a bathing suit. But where is the guarantee that after a long bath one of the pads will not go to feed the fish, and your breasts will not turn into a source of ridicule of the rest (believe me, if one breast is significantly larger than the other visually, it will not go unnoticed). So let's resort to other, more reliable tricks. This is a hard cup, all the same foam (he does not fall out at the most inopportune moment) and miniature ruffles and sequins on the top of the swimsuit. In addition, you can play on the contrast of colors, choosing a light top swimsuit and laconic melting of dark color without decorative finishes. Clothing and accessories As you understand, properly selected clothing is also able to add points to the piggy bank of your female attractiveness and pay attention to your bust, what size it is. To begin with, visually increase the breast will help white color. Yes, it's the one that you (in your opinion) is full of, and which is associated with the school and the office dress code. By the way, about office blouses. Do you remember that classic white shirt with a fitted silhouette with a shirt collar? So, that's exactly what she does. So put aside all your stereotypes in the far corner of the subconscious and try to try on yourself the image of a charming bank worker. We are sure that it will be very to your liking. Lovers of romance can advise a blouse with ruffles in the chest. The more additional details on it, the stronger this confuses men. What size is the bust under this heap of flounces? Everyone will answer this question in his own way. But the breast, of course, will look bigger. Just do not overdo it with bows and frills, not to remind the girl-overgrown or "a woman on a teapot". With regard to the neckline, the owner of modest forms is better to choose dresses and blouses with a U- or V-neck. However, a sense of proportion is important here. Do not "throw out" of clothes what you crazy want to brag about. The cutout should be moderate, and the breast beneath it should not glow through, but hardly be guessed. After all, men love riddles so much! So give them an equation with two unknowns, let them break their heads. Now disappointed lovers of massive jewelry. A thick gold chain with a pendant can and looks rich, but visually makes the breast less. Therefore, if you want your neckline to be seductive, choose thin long chains and catch your admiring looks. Chain yourself a huge amount of accessories, too, is not worth it, otherwise the surrounding will pay attention to the chains and pendants, and your chest, alas, will be left without attention. But we want to achieve a completely different effect, right? Cosmetics Yes, you heard right. We suggest that you use cosmetics to increase your breasts. Only to paint a bust we will not ink and lipstick, but bronzate. So, we proceed. Apply a darker color to the exciting hollow, and a more light tint correct the projecting parts of the bust. Thoroughly shade the boundaries and can safely wear a dress with a deep neckline. Now a little trick, along with a properly selected bra, will make your bust visually more, and the chances of success for the opposite sex are higher. Down with the diet Lovers should starve that it is more important for them - skinny legs or lush breasts. The fact is that when you sit on diets, everything loses weight, and an appetizing earlier pyshechka with a normal breast size turns into a slim but flat young lady, about whom the men say "there is nothing to pinch." So, maybe you should start eating? Then the breast will return the former forms, and with it the admired men's views will return. By the way, our grandmothers assured us that carrots and cabbage make breast more. Therefore, you can combine business with pleasure - eating healthy foods and increasing your bust at the same time. Of course, to promise that from the cabbage cabbage your modest 1st size will turn into a promising second, we can not. But the fact that your body will receive an additional portion of vitamins, we guarantee. how to visually enlarge the breasts beautifully

Physical exercises

So we reached the most laborious methodbreast augmentation. This is a daily workout. And in the gym for this record is not necessary. You can easily conduct training at home, alternating them with the usual daily chores like cooking borscht or spring cleaning. According to the trainers, to increase the bust helps push-ups from the floor and a simple dilution of hands with dumbbells in the sides. If you do not have dumbbells, they can be replaced with bottles of water. As they say, all the conditions for you, just do it. Those who will find the strength and will conduct daily exercises, the reward will be a strong and elastic breasts, increased in size. Of course, to grow as a leap your bust from push-ups will not. But, undoubtedly, will get a more precise shape and become more attractive than the untrained breast of a larger size of your neighbor.


This item in our plan under the name"Exciting breast", undoubtedly, will please women, because massage is a procedure not only effective, but also extremely pleasant. Especially if it is not done by a massage therapist in the salon, but by a loved one in the light of aromatic candles. Add to this rose oil and cream to increase the elasticity of the skin, and your breasts will certainly thank you for your efforts. At least, a good mood for the rest of the day. As a maximum - increase in volume. In the end, I would like to wish our readers more love themselves, and then any man you can wish to fall in love with you (we advise you not to stare at celebrities, but to choose from simple guys, so it is safer), regardless of the size of your bust. After all, the real feeling does not depend on the size of the breast or the length of your legs. A person is loved for some personal qualities, not external virtues. Therefore, love, and be loved. We advise you to read: