how to make a manicure at home Beautiful fingers seem to require a decentdesign in the form of a manicure to the attention of the men around you was riveted to elegant and feminine hands. Regular nail care is also recommended for hygiene purposes to protect the plates from fungus, delamination and ingrowth. In order to make a manicure, you can turn to the help of a professional master working in the salon. Or save on his services if you know how to do a manicure yourself. After all, there is nothing complicated in the home repetition of this procedure.

Phase one: cleansing the nail plates

To do a manicure at home,First you need to remove the nail polish left from the preliminary procedure. Especially difficult to remove varnish-glitter with a large amount of sparkles - to deal with them, once wiped the nail, will not work. To remove the dye, use gentle fluids that you can buy at any professional cosmetics store. Liquids based on acetone or gasoline cause irreparable damage to the plates, making them fragile and brittle. Even if at hand there is no special wash, do not use white spirit sold in the hardware store. This "folk trick" can lead you to the surgeon's office, which removes nails in case of severe damage. What should I do if the lacquer liquid has run out? You can gently clean the remains of the peeling paint with a polishing blade. Or make an alcohol bath: lower the fingertips for 10 minutes into medical alcohol, then quickly wipe the lacquer with a cotton disc. The same bath can be made from heated burdock or olive oil. If the varnish does not lend, prepare the sugar and lemon paste. Take 2 tablespoons. citric acid, 1 tbsp. sugar and 1 tbsp. cold water. Mix, apply on nails and wipe them with a cotton swab. This composition, by the way, well strengthens the nail plates.

Phase two: giving the nails a regular shape

Some girls make a serious mistake,correcting the shape of the nails only after they are steamed. Wet plates become thin and begin to break down due to the fact that they are treated with manicure tools in a softened state. Metal nail files - the last century, they are too traumatic. Buy a glass file or a tool with a fine particle sand spray. For polishing and glossing, use a special soft block of cardboard. Move the nail file back and forth is not necessary - so you just hurt your nails. Handle the plates with the tool, moving slightly from the edges to the center. Rounding the nails or not is a matter of taste. However, you should know that the rounded shape of the manicure promotes the growth of marigolds in the skin. The classical version is an oval shape, it visually lengthens the fingers and makes them more elegant. In addition, the varnish on the oval plate is much more convenient than round or square. When trimmed manicure also use scissors and cosmetic tweezers-cutters. Because of them on the nail plates may appear grooves and strips, so it's better to put them aside. Tweezers can only be treated with exfoliated pieces of skin called burrs. how to make a manicure

Stage three: unpaired nail plate and cuticle treatment

  • Hand baths: effective ways to moisturize the skin

When you do a manicure at home, do not forget abouta bath for hands. It is done in order to moisturize the skin and prepare the cuticle for cutting or shearing. The simplest version of such a bath is hot water with the addition of essential oils. For these purposes, tea tree oil, rosemary, ylang-ylang, patchouli or cedar are good. You can also use warm herbal infusions, they strengthen the nail plate and have an analgesic effect on the inflamed joints. For one tray prepare a decoction of 500 ml. water and 3 tbsp. chamomile, marigold or yarrow. Immerse the hands in it for 10 minutes, then pat the skin with a towel. How to make a manicure that does not differ from a salon? Throw in water before steaming humidifying and softening bomb. Salt bombs for manicure and pedicure can be purchased at the store or cooked by yourself. Moreover, there is nothing complicated in the process of their manufacture. It will take ordinary soda, citric acid or vinegar, almond oil or oil extract of vitamin A and E, essential oil of eucalyptus or peppermint. In a plastic bowl, mix ½ cup of baking soda, ¼ cup of citric acid, 2 tbsp. almond oil or vitamin mixture, add the eucalyptus ether. Bring cold water to the consistency of thick sour cream. Pour the mixture into molds and put it in a warm place. Each time before the manicure, throw a couple of bombs into the water, if you want to have strong and healthy nails. Take the cunning from the masters, which they use during the spa manicure. Make a bath of any oil that you have at home - sunflower, burdock, olive or sesame. Heat 500 ml. of vegetable fat in a saucepan to 60 ° C. Lower hands into the oil for 10 minutes, then make a massage that has a beneficial effect on the growth and nails and their appearance. Stretch and lightly stretch the skin, moving from the wrist to the fingers. Tap the phalanxes and pinch them. Finish the procedure with gentle strokes.

  • Removal of peel in the nail hollow

After the steam bath, treat the nailsantiseptic - for example, alcohol or a solution of furacilin. With European manicure cuticle is cut, during the spa procedure, it is dissolved or pushed. Cut the cuticle with scissors with rounded ends, which also need to be disinfected. Carefully follow the purity of the instruments, otherwise you will infect the infection in the nail hole. Do not cling to healthy skin - it's very painful. Dissolve the nail cuticle with fruit acids. In order not to buy a special product in the store, use a cosmetic disk impregnated with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Remains of the peel simply slide to the base of the nail with a pointed orange stick. If you are a beginner in manicure, buy a special electric trimmer for trimming the cuticle. A small device, similar to a forked scalpel, gently and practically painlessly removes excess skin. The frequency of this procedure is one to two times a month, not more often.

  • Nourishing masks for the skin of hands

Moisturizing care for hands and nails comes to an endapplying a special mask. Replace it with a nutritious cream based on glycerin or silicone. Apply the cream in a thick layer on the palm for 20 minutes and wear fabric gloves. Or, prepare a mask from products that can be found in any kitchen. To strengthen the nails, use a mask of olive oil and orange juice. Heat over low heat 100 gr. add 1 egg yolk and 2 tbsp. orange juice. Stir well and apply on the skin for 10 minutes. To cope with the pain in the joints, prepare a carrot-mint mask. Rub one large carrot on a grater, add 20-30 drops of alcohol tincture peppermint, mix and put on hands. Rinse with warm water after half an hour. to do a manicure at home

Stage four: application of medical formulations and color coatings

After you finish taking care of your hands,can be applied to the nails with therapeutic serum. It is sold in any pharmacy in the form of a bottle with a clear liquid and a brush. Distinguish between nutritional, bleaching serum and a special bitter serum for those who are used to gnawing nails. The next time you think and put your fingers to your lips again, the nasty but perfectly safe taste of the remedy will remind you that you can not nail your nails. A special base is applied under the color lacquer. Base for lacquer protects the nail from absorbing the colored pigment and aligns the nail plate. Top-coating for the nail is applied over varnish and significantly prolongs the life of the manicure. A couple of tips for the last: if the color lacquer "strips" or lays unevenly, apply another pair of layers for a safety net. To create a holographic effect, the nail plates can be covered with a pearl lacquer-shimmer. If you do not have time to wait until the nails dry up - sprinkle them with special express-drying. We advise you to read: