masks for split hair in the home Hair is a whole system consisting of an external(visible) and inner part. Under the skin, in the hair follicle, is the "heart" of this system - the bulb. This is the part from which the hair grows - it nourishes it. The hair itself, in the form in which we are accustomed to see it, consists of three layers:

  • The inner layer is the core, consisting of cavities and keratin cells. All useful substances are transmitted along this trunk;
  • The middle layer is the cortex. Dead cells, giving the hair stiffness and elasticity. Contains melanin and determines the natural color;
  • And the outer layer - the cuticle, consisting of scales, closely adjacent to each other. When the cuticle is damaged, the hair loses its shine, elasticity and obedience.

In case of violation of the integrity of all layers at oncethere is a problem of split hair. It is unfair to say that only the ends are cut off, it also happens that the problem affects the radical zone. In these cases, the bundle leads to breakage of the hair. The sections can be longitudinal (the usual form of forked tips) or transverse (more severe condition).

Anti-stratification measures

The reason for the cross section lies in the mechanical,chemical or biological effects. The longer the hair, the less nutrients it reaches its ends, the higher the likelihood that the keratin layer will be depleted. Perm and coloring also affect the structure of the hair. Rectifiers, hair dryers, curling irons, curlers, combs, tight elastic bands are sources of mechanical damage. The first thing to do when fighting with split hair is to eliminate the above factors. The second is to get rid of split ends by visiting a hairdresser. The third is to proceed to immediate hair treatment. To do this, you need to use a vitamin complex containing vitamins B, A, E, as well as zinc and selenium; Next, you need to start caring for hair with the help of professional or folk cosmetics. At home, for the treatment of split ends, masks, compresses, infusions are used. mask for split hair at home

General principles of masks for split hair

At home, hair care seemssimple only at first glance. After all, there are a lot of means for split ends, they all differ in composition and principle of action. Wrongly selected mask can not only not prevent, but also provoke a section. Any mask for split ends is able to normalize the keratin layer. This is due to the protein, which restores its original mass and volume. That's why all masks for split hair contain a protein component in one form or another. When purchasing masks for split hair in the store, be sure to study their composition. Some of them are nutritious and moisturizing. They are applied to the entire surface of the hair. Part of it has an oily and heavy structure, which is not permissible for the root zone. After such a mask, it is impossible to achieve volume even with the help of styling. Remember, only with the proper application of the product, hair care at home will be effective. masks for hair at home from the section

Recipes for masks for split hair

Care for split hair is possible and with the help ofhouse masks. Such means can be made independently from the usual food products available in the home of any hostess. Masks based on egg white

  • Honey-and-egg

The composition of this mask is obvious from the name. For its preparation, you need three tablespoons of liquid honey, one egg, as well as the juice of one clove of garlic. Apply the compound to clean damp hair. And you can start directly from the roots to provide care and for the scalp. Garlic stimulates blood circulation, as a result, the inflow of nutrients and oxygen to the onion and to the hair shaft improves. The duration of the procedure is unlimited. The main thing is not to allow the compound to dry up, otherwise it will be difficult to wash off. Since the egg mask is found in the mask, rinse water should be used so that the protein does not curl.

  • Kefir-egg

For this composition it is necessary to take a glass of kefir,A couple of eggs and a couple tablespoons of butter, better than burdock or olive. All carefully mix and process the hair cut without touching the scalp. Hold for 1-3 hours and rinse with cool water and shampoo.

  • Based on olive oil

For this mask use quail eggs (4pieces) and olive oil (a tablespoon). The composition is applied to the ends of the hair and wrapped in polyethylene. The duration of the procedure is up to half an hour. Then the mask is washed off with cool water. If a trouble occurs and the protein curdles, do not try to wash it with shampoo. Just rinse your hair with acidified water, then use the balm. Evenly apply it and comb the comb with large teeth, then wash the hair again. Masks based on oil

  • Phosphoric and sulfuric

These substances are contained in the usual onionsand garlic. Sulfur has a beneficial effect on hair growth, and also fights against fungal diseases. Phosphorus strengthens the hair, making it resistant to external influences. Care for split hair with the help of this mask will not go unnoticed. You need: juice bulbs, juice 2 cloves garlic, 2 tablespoons of any oil. All this is thoroughly mixed and rubbed into the hair. It is rubbed, not smeared on top. After that the head is wrapped up. You can walk with such a mask as much as you can withstand the heat effect and the smell of onions. All oil masks are washed off with a usual soft shampoo.

  • Traditional

For this mask against split-off hair applyclassic burdock oil. You can also prepare this yourself using a grated burdock root and olive (or castor) oil. This composition is thoroughly wetted hair. It can be left even for the night. Masks based on milk protein

  • Kefir or dairy

Everyone knows that milk and sour-milkproducts contain a large amount of protein. The greater the fat content of the product, the greater the content of this component. Milk is used to rinse hair. Kefir is applied as a standard mask, aged for about half an hour. Express masks for split ends

  • Honey and cognac mask

To prepare this mask against splitshair is needed: yolk, a spoon of vegetable oil, a spoon of honey, a spoon of cognac. If the hair is dry, you should replace cognac with the infusion of oak bark. Such a mask against split ends should be applied to the entire head, after which to put on a polyethylene kerchief and wrap the head with a towel. "Bath" lasts about half an hour. Then the mask is washed off, and the hair is rinsed with the remains of the bark of an oak bark or other herbal decoction.

  • Beer mask

This mask against split ends is based ondark beer. Add a glass of warmed drink on a tablespoon of rhizomes of aira and burdock, let it brew and strain. Use the mask throughout the day, impregnating her hair roots and tips every half hour. Such a long process will ensure a stable result. If you decide to give preference to professional remedies against split hair, remember that they are all categorized and professional lines. Among them we can distinguish: emulsions, masks, balms and serums. All these products are sold in specialized stores. Their use is available at home, without prior consultation with a cosmetologist. If you have already tried all the means, and the split hair does not become smaller, be sure to consult a doctor. He will appoint a comprehensive examination and select the drugs that will fit exactly in your case. You do not need to brush aside the problem, timely treatment will help you get rid of this trouble in a short time. And remember - hair care should be permanent! Only this approach can prevent many diseases and save you from visiting doctors. We advise you to read: