beautiful weaving on medium hair Lovely girls, if you are one who wants everyoneday to introduce something new into your image, it's time to learn the simplest way - with the help of a hairdo. What can you do with it and how to make it more interesting and beautiful? It's very simple: with the help of weaving braids.

And you know how to weave braids?

Spit is a traditional classic wayhair styling medium length. They not only look artistically and beautifully, but also comfortably fix your locks, saving them from damage and tangling. you can make a hairstyle from braids in different styles and for different reasons. The variety of braids seems endless. The braids can be seen in people of completely different ages and social statuses: on children, teenagers, celebrities, and, believe it or not, but many older ladies flaunt with stylish braids. Not everyone has learned to weave braids on the night girlships in the seventh grade. This does not mean that you should now sit idly by while other girls conquer others with beautiful hairstyles from braids. Let's face it: weaving is really one of the easiest ways of styling hair and takes much less time and effort than you think. Regardless of the structure of your hair (whether curling, wavy or straight), you can braid them in a very expressive braid. Without resorting to financial costs, you can become the center of any company. simple weaving for hair

Hairstyles from braids to medium hair

Weaving in classical style

  • Comb the hair with a comb or a brush with a wideteeth, so that the crest passes through the entire length of the strands and does not catch on for anything. Weaving goes much faster when your hair is smooth and without "knots".
  • Collect the strands in the tail. So weaving will be more accurate.
  • Divide your locks into three equal strands. Grab the right part of the hair with your right hand, the left part with your left hand, leaving the middle strand free to hang (at the moment). Then shift the left strand to the middle strand and the right one over the left. Thus, continue to alternately move one strand to another until you reach the end. Fix the hairstyle with an elastic band.
  • The classic braid will look great on a medium-length head of hair.

Greek Spit

  • Divide your hair into two equal parts.
  • Then twist the two parts separately and fix them with small elastic bands.
  • Now fasten these two pigtails as a ribbon around the head: the left braid on the right side, and the right one on the left.
  • Attach the braids with a few small hairpins on both sides. All is ready!

"Fish tail"

  • Divide the hair into two parts.
  • Now in turn, connect the thin strands with oneparties with the main strands of the other side. Depending on how tightly you will tighten your hair while weaving, the shape of the pigtail will vary. As a result, you should get a "fish tail". On hair of medium length, this braid looks just amazing!


  • Divide the hair into three strands.
  • Each strand is twisted into a tourniquet and fastened with studs, so that it does not disintegrate.
  • Weave the obtained flagella into a simple pigtail.
  • An unusual and simple hairstyle for medium length hair is ready!

Opening day

  • Comb your hair, make a smooth parting and divide them into two parts.
  • Embroider two low pigtails and fasten them with elastic bands.
  • Wrap each of the braids around its base and secure with the studs. You should get two bundles of braids.
  • The hairstyle very well approaches or suits for hair of average length as on long hair she will not keep.

French dragon

  • Do this hairstyle is a day after washing your head. Do first the hair and fix it with varnish.
  • Then start to weave the most Frenchpigtails. Take a wide strand, which is closer to the nap. Divide it into three parts and begin to weave like a regular braid. Then gradually weave on a small strand of hair that is on the right and left of the main braid. Symmetrically continue to weave the braid to the back of the head and at the end fasten with a hair clip.
  • The hairstyle turns out very not ordinary and perfectly looks on hair of average length.

light feminine hairstyles with weaving

Tips for weaving

  • If you work with a thick head of hair, then moisten it with water or liquid gel for styling, to slightly "loosen". This will make the strands more docile.
  • It is better to braid the hair of medium length a few days after washing. Of slightly greasy hair, the braid will be better than the freshly washed hair.
  • Always braid dry strands and comb them long before the beginning of the weaving. Wetting of wet hair will lead to damage.
  • Do not engage in weaving too tight pigtails, since this does not improve the appearance, it can damage your head and cause a headache.
  • Use soft elastic bands. Since too hard can damage your locks and they will be difficult to remove.
  • If you decide to use a varnish, do not forget to apply it before adding any decorations to your hair.
  • Apply the serums to shine the hair along your braid to give it extra splendor.
  • Decorate braids with various pearl hairpins, elastic bands, hairpins, flowers, sequins. So you give your hair a festive look.
  • Relax when braiding hair. Close your eyes. Do not look at yourself in the mirror, your hands know how best to weave.
  • To improve your weaving skills, train on dolls.