straight hair Women are mysterious creatures. Perhaps there is not one that would be satisfied with what nature has given her. Judge for yourself: the high ones are shy of their growth and stooped to become smaller. Small ones wear high heels. Owners of light skin spend a lot of time in the solarium to get the coveted shade. Smuglyanka - spend a lot of money on bleaching drugs. Some are exhausting themselves with diets, in order to lose weight, others - spoil their own liver, trying to eat more fat and high-calorie, in order to gain at least a little weight. And colored contact lenses ... what is it like not wanting to argue with nature? What can I say about the hair ... They, the poor, get the most. After all, in order to look in a new light, it's enough just to "create" something "on the head" on your head. No wonder the Frenchwomen say: "If you want to change your life - change your hair." And there are a lot of options for experiments. You can change the color, length, and you can "swing" and the very structure of the hair. And the approach is the same as in everything else. Brunettes dream of becoming blondes, blondes - repainted in red. Those who have straight hair, do chemical perm, and the owners of curly hair hear the question of how to straighten it. By the way, but the truth - how? There are several ways.

Ways of hair straightening

His chemical was proposed in the XX century, a certain Germaninventor. The hair was treated with a special compound, which changed their structure and made them absolutely straight. Unfortunately, the experiment can hardly be called successful due to side effects. Immediately after the procedure, those wishing to get rid of the curly hair found with horror that the scalp itches, it hurts, and strange spots are formed on it - chemical burns. In addition, the hair began to drop very much. It is unlikely that any of the beauties wanted to say "thank you" to the grief-inventor. But the beginning was laid. Since then, many years have passed, the composition of the means has been improved and made more sparing. However, he does not add health to the hair. Therefore, if you still decide to "get" straight hair in such a radical way, you need to think carefully and weigh everything. Firstly, you should clearly understand that in order to keep the hair straight for a long time, you will need to repeat this procedure regularly - in fact the roots will grow and "curl". Do not try to straighten hair yourself at home. The result can be the most sad - remember the first beauties who decided on the procedure. Straightening hair requires experience and certain skills. Therefore, do not take risks and go to the first person who comes across who considers himself a hairdresser. Do not spare money for a good salon, in which I work as professional masters. Well, of course, such a method is absolutely contraindicated to colored hair. Thermal There is hardly anyone who does not hear about special stylers for straightening hair - "ironing." What are the "pros" and "minuses" of this approach? The main advantage of this method is that you can get absolutely straight hair fast and without help. True, the effect will not last long - until the first moisture. In addition, "ironing" spoil the hair, and you can use them no more than twice a week. If you decide to buy a styler, you need to choose those that do less harm to your hair. Namely - with ceramic plates. Before you start "processing", wash and thoroughly dry your head. Be sure to apply thermal protection. "To iron" damp hair is very harmful. By the way, for greater effect, you can buy special shampoos and balms for smoothing hair. Use them regularly. Of course, they themselves can not cope with the problem, but as an aid is very good. Straightening hair, try not to delay the styler for a long time in one place - it's harmful. And how to make hair straight without ironing? Is it possible? Of course. Gentle If you feel sorry for spoiling your hair, and the previous methods are not for you, you can try a less radical way. You will come to the aid of a hair dryer and a hairbrush. Lack one - a little rain, and your head of hear will start to "curl up" again. A little help to fix the situation with special foams, gels or mousses for styling. Apply them to damp hair. Choose the right brush. It is better if it has a wooden base and natural bristles. The hair dryer will be quite powerful. If you want to completely eliminate the thermal effects - use the cold mode. Have patience - this straightening will take quite a long time. Separate the first strand and, combing from the roots to the tips, pull it down. At the same time, rotate the comb and simultaneously blow out the hair with a hairdryer. Movements by the hair dryer should go in the same direction as the movement of the brush. Happened? Then proceed to the second order. During this procedure, the hair is also polished, and, therefore, it becomes attractive to shine. how to make hair straight without ironing People's Times are changing, and the nature of womenremains the same. Our great-grandmothers, like us, were also once dissatisfied with their appearance and tried in every possible way to change it. Why not try out their recipes? At least, there is no harm from this - they are all very simple, and the products for them are used exclusively natural.

  • Oily wrapping

Suitable for dry hair. Oil envelops every hair and makes it heavier. Under this weight, the hair straightens. For wrapping, olive, burdock or castor oil is suitable. Wash your head and lightly dry your hair with a towel. Pour a little oil in the palm and carefully rub it into the scalp. Distribute the remainders along the entire length. Put on a plastic bag and "warm" with a towel. Keep such a mask should be 30-40 minutes, and repeat - three times a week. To wash off, of course, shampoo. Otherwise, it will not work either. The effect will be visible in about three weeks.

  • Cognac

Do you like cognac? Naughty, curly hair is very useful. True, only if they are of the fat type. Cognac contains alcohol, and it dries the skin and hair itself. Pour a little into the bowl and take the cotton pad. Dipping the tampon in a bowl, apply cognac to your hair. Leave the minutes for 25-30, then rinse thoroughly. This procedure is best done in the absence of a husband - he may not approve such an "un-targeted" use of a valuable product.

  • Apple vinegar

This recipe is also suitable, rather, greasy hair. Dissolve the vinegar in half with water and add a little almond oil. However, if there is no almond, olive will do. Stir and apply on hair. Approximately half an hour you can do your own thing. Then the mask should be washed off using shampoo. By the way, thanks to vinegar hair will be much better to comb and beautifully shine.

  • Henna

A very good effect gives and colorless henna. It thickens the structure of the hair and thus smoothes it. In passing, you will get rid of dandruff, strengthen the roots and "heal" the split, damaged hair. As you can see, if you are determined to get rid of your cute curls, then finding a way to make your hair smooth and straight, it will not be difficult. There are many options. Which one to choose is up to you. But, although they say that it is better to regret what has been done, than about not done, still try to achieve the desired with minimal losses. After all, you are alone. We advise you to read: