split ends of hair treatment In one is not a perfect day, combing yourhair, you suddenly with horror find that their tips have become ugly bifurcate. Unfortunately, split ends are not uncommon. And, of course, first of all it concerns women with long hair. The more offensive! It is not so easy to grow long hair - he tried it, he knows. Caring for them and so takes a lot of time and effort, and then there are also split ends. How to get rid of this scourge? If you have split hair - they just need treatment. After all, this is not just a cosmetic defect. This is considered a real disease, which is called "trichophylosis". Of course, you can be cured. But this process will not be quick, not easy. You will need patience.

  • Step one

The first thing to do in order to eliminatesplit ends, - balance your diet. Make sure that the ration was rich in fruits and vegetables. Eat more fish - it has a lot of saturated fatty acids, which are very useful for hair. Perhaps it is necessary to start taking special vitamin complexes. And, of course, drink as much water as possible - it helps to remove all toxins from the body, and also prevents split ends. Surely, you have often noticed that your hair is sensitive to your condition. For example, when you feel unwell or do not get enough sleep, they begin to "be capricious" and flatly refuse to lie down as you need. Try to create them - well, and at the same time - comfortable conditions. Move more, observe the regime, sleep at least 8 hours a day and, most importantly, leave enough time for rest.

  • Step Two

Cut off the extra-split ends of the hair. Unfortunately, this can not be done without. But do not get upset - just shorten your hair just a couple of centimeters. This, of course, is unpleasant, but absolutely necessary. The fact is that it is impossible to "repair" the hair that began to be cut. But the damage from them is great. After all, if not "stop the process", then the hair will split and further - along the entire length. So the tips have to be sacrificed. Moreover, it is better to make a haircut by the method of "hot scissors". This allows you to "solder" the cut of the hair and it will not split further. If the split ends of the hair leave - the problem will only worsen.

  • Step Three

And, of course, the treatment of split hairimplies the use of special shampoos, creams and balsams. It is better to buy professional cosmetics. Fortunately, the choice of medicines is very great now. Going to the store, carefully study the labels and buy only those bottles on which there is a marking "for split hair." After washing with shampoo, be sure to use special balms and creams from the same series. Such remedies restore the structure of the hair from the inside and, at the same time, cover it with a protective film. At what on the visited ends put a little more means.

  • Step Four

Do not neglect and "popular" methods. Despite the external simplicity, folk recipes are unique - the effect of their use is no worse than from expensive imported drugs. You can choose for yourself a few recipes and alternate them. For example, compresses made from burdock oil, as well as various masks, are very helpful. But remember that folk remedies in some cases can lead to the development of an allergic reaction. And all because folk remedies are made on the basis of plants. And despite the fact that mostly folk remedies are applied to split ends of hair, it is almost impossible to avoid contact with the skin. split-hair treatment

Compresses and masks for hair

Compress of burdock oil against excisionhair is irreplaceable. Slightly warm the oil and gently apply it on the hair. Put on the shower cap. If you do not have such a cap - an ordinary plastic bag will do. Wrap the head with a towel. Keep the compress for at least an hour. Then thoroughly wash the hair with shampoo and rinse with water with the addition of chamomile or lemon juice. Mask honey This tool for split ends is ideal for those people who have thin hair. By the way, the hair is thinner, the more often it is cut. But remember - honey mask often causes allergies. So if you decide to treat the cut hair in this way, make sure that you do not have any allergies. To prepare it you will need:

  • honey;
  • egg yolk;
  • cognac;
  • henna;
  • olive oil.

Place the yolk in a bowl, add to the sameone teaspoon of honey, cognac and dry henna. Stir. Apply the resulting mixture to the hair, along the entire length. Pay special attention to the roots. Thoroughly massage the scalp. Leave the mask for 30-40 minutes, and then wash your head and rinse your hair with infusion of nettle. Mask from sour milk Treatment of split hair with the help of sour milk is a method, tested by time. He was invented by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. And it really works. Lightly heat the milk and apply it to the hair. Then everything is as usual - a cellophane bag and a towel. Restrictions on the time this mask does not have - the longer you hold, the better. It is recommended to leave for a few hours, and then rinse thoroughly. By the way, instead of milk, you can take yogurt. Peach Mask To prepare it you will need:

  • essential oil of oregano;
  • milk;
  • two peaches.

Take peaches and gently clean them,remove the stone. Cut the flesh with a fork. You should get a gruel. Pour into it three large spoons of milk and add five drops of oil. Stir. The mask should be left on the hair for 30-35 minutes. Then wash the head with shampoo. Lemon-egg mask This anti-cross-section is very nutritious, but remember - if the hair is cut, the tips should be avoided. Just do not apply on them. You will need:

  • lemon juice;
  • egg yolk;
  • vegetable (preferably olive) oil;
  • water

Take one tablespoon of olive oiland lemon juice. Add one yolk. Pour half a cup of warm water. Stir and apply the mixture to the hair. Hold for 20-25 minutes, and then wash your head as usual. Nettle Spray This is an excellent moisturizer that can be used throughout the day. It is prepared very simply. Take one large spoonful of dry nettle. Pour it with a glass of steep boiling water and leave for several hours. While the nettle is infused, perform the "excavation" and find an empty bottle with a spray gun. It is desirable not so big - such that it was placed in your handbag. Pour the infusion there. Now, wherever you are, you can periodically spray your hair, not letting them dry out. It is especially important to regularly do this in the heat, in rooms equipped with air conditioning. Any hair needs careful handling. And even secant - even more so. There are some simple rules for people who have hair cut off - the tips of hair every month to lose unpleasant. Observing them, you will help your hair to quickly come back to normal. First, try to forget about thermo curlers and various curling blades - they are the main enemy of your hair. If possible, do not use a hairdryer. Just gently pat the hair with a towel and let them dry yourself. If this is not possible, at least do not turn it on for hot air. Dry your hair cool. Never comb wet hair - wait until they dry. Get a comb with sparse teeth. Better wooden - metal and plastic very spoil the hair. Try not to use fixing mousses and varnishes - they, as a rule, contain alcohol. And he, as is known, dries heavily. If you can not do without varnish, then always wash your head on the same day. It is believed that the styling agents that remain on the hair for more than 12 hours violate their nutrition and block the supply of oxygen. Here, perhaps, and all the ways to combat the "main enemy". In fact, there is nothing complicated, right? The main thing is to understand that if you have a split hair - treatment should be comprehensive. Otherwise, this problem simply can not cope. Observing simple rules, you will return beauty and strength to your hair. And they will be grateful to you for this. And you do not have to worry about how to heal the hair from the section. We advise you to read: