wedding hairstyles for an average length Many of us dream of fairy tales from childhooda beautiful wedding. This is exactly the event that will reveal the chronicle of the new family, which will be told to the grandchildren. Yes, in our time the form of civil marriage is more popular for a variety of reasons; a lavish wedding, and even more so a wedding, is now more associated with tribute to the ancient deep. But, if you want to still realize your childhood dream into reality, and you are about to have a wedding party soon, this article will tell you what it is better to choose a wedding hairstyle for an average length of hair. In the wedding image, every detail matters: from the last curl on the head to the ribbon on the bouquet. Wedding hairstyle is an integral, and sometimes style-forming, component of the image of the bride. There are innumerable options for wedding hairstyles. The limiting factor here can be only your taste or the imagination of the stylist. Many people think that wedding hairstyles for hair of medium length are monotonous and of the same type. But this is not so. First, the hair must be laid in accordance with the general style chosen by the bride, the variants of which exist abound. Do not be afraid that your hair will be a copy of the ensemble of some other lucky woman. It is noticed that on different women even the same hairdo looks different due to personal charm and style of the wedding ensemble. And, secondly, it is necessary to add this or that decoration, otherwise to lay curls, and you have on your head already unique work unique to the author.

What are the options?

The bride is an image. And the wedding hairstyle should be viewed in accordance with this manner, and not just as a separate design. More details on wedding hairstyles for an average length of hair. Today, this length is the most common. And most of the variants of hairstyles are offered precisely for this length, since in this case there are much more possibilities for experiments than with short or long hair. You can wind curls, make a smooth hairstyle a la Carmen, retro in the style of the 30s, use different pads and artificial curls, create on your head a unique ensemble of different types of weaving. The advantage of a medium-length hair compared to a long one is that they hold the volume and curl better. Choosing a hairstyle, basically, depends on the style of the dress and the general style of the bride. Classic dresses require elegant, restrained hairstyles. If the image of the bride does not differ conservatism, you can also experiment with the hair. It is advisable to do a trial laying a few days before the wedding in order to estimate the image in advance. And, if you suddenly do not like the result, you can choose something else. Wedding hairstyles are also usually decorated with hairpins and rhinestones, ribbons, high and low diadems, scallops with pearls and feathers. The main thing is that the decorations are combined with each other, with other accessories (earrings and necklaces) and go to the dress. If you decide to decorate your hair with flowers, make sure that the veil does not cover all the beauty. With the advent of a large number of cosmetic products on the market, it became much easier to transform a hairstyle, to give it vitality and volume. You can make a multilevel version of the styling, when the hair is pre-wound, and then divided into strands and zones. For example, the rear hair can be removed upstairs, and in front to straighten and lay. Do not forget the main advice of stylists: the more complex your dress, the easier it should be to have a haircut. And remember, whatever work of art the hairdressers have created on your head, it should be comfortable and not lose shape throughout the day. And at the official ceremony, and for a walk around the city, and directly at the celebration, the bride should look perfect. wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

What options are popular?

The main rule here is: popular is what suits you. If in the chosen style you feel uncomfortable - change it. Now popular hairstyles based on light curls. In this case, the hair begins to curl not from the roots, but below, which visually does not reduce their length. In curls you can weave flowers, fasten them with beautiful hairpins and hairpins, or decorate with a diadem. On the hair of medium length, high hairstyles are beautiful, which "to the face" almost all brides, regardless of height and build. Especially if the wedding dress with open shoulders, deep neckline or corset. Very often, wedding hairstyles are made on the basis of a never-breaking beam that can be combined with braids of different kinds of weaving, curled or straight curls. There are innumerable varieties of such hairstyles.

Which hairstyle is right for your hair type?

When choosing a hair style, you should definitely takethe type of hair. Otherwise, all your efforts can go to waste. For soft and thin hair categorically does not fit a fine wave, it is better to make a hairdress with a lot of details - ringlets, large waves, weave. This will visually add volume and airiness. When laying this type of hair, you should not use funds with a fatty texture and liquid fixing agents. If the hair is tight, they will well hold the shape of soft, half-open curls. But note that if the holiday falls on a hot or excessively humid day, then curls can hang. You should also consider the direction of natural hair growth, if you do not want to "cement" the unruly strand with a huge number of fixing agents. wedding hairstyles medium length hair

Decoration from flowers

You can use fresh flowers. For wedding hairstyles use a rose bush, freesia, orchid, peony, gerbera. This is a fairly persistent flowers, they will take the day in the hair, without losing its freshness. But daffodil, hydrangea, iris wilt quickly, so they are not used in wedding hairstyles. It should be taken into account that some flowers are not attached to the hair because of the large size (orchids, lilies, callas). If you still want to use them, you will have to choose a hairstyle for them, which will be proportional to the chosen colors. You can use artificial flowers that are sold in stores or order them, given the style of your image. A vine of flowers and beads is also used. You can order a hat from real flowers. It will look extraordinary and romantic.

Wedding hairstyle in Greek style

An excellent and original option ishairstyle in Greek style. It can be done independently, without resorting to the help of stylists and hairdressers. To do this, you only need curlers or curling irons, an elastic band and hairpins.

  • Wash your hair, dry it, lifting the strands at the roots to give more hair.
  • Take a curd and curl the hair on one side in one direction from the face, and on the other side - in the opposite direction. So you create wide "flowing" curls.
  • Locks can be stabbed with hairpins, removing from the face, from behind to collect in a bundle or leave falling down.
  • Hairstyle can be supplemented with a veil of different lengths,double rim, flower arrangement of fresh flowers or diadem with stones. Such a hairstyle will perfectly suit both for holding an informal part of the event on the nature or the seashore, and on the second day of the festival.

    Classic wedding hairstyle for medium length hair

    To perform it you will need: a comb, a thermal hair, hairpins, elastic bands, invisible hair, a hair dye, strong fixation hair, jewelry for hair on stilettos or invisible.

  • Comb your hair.
  • In front of the head, separate the strand of hair from the temple to the temple. Screw it into the thermobigi. This part of the hair will add volume to the hairstyle in front.
  • Make 2 tails of hair from the ears.
  • Collect the remaining hair and make the third tail.
  • Screw in 3-4 thermobooks for each ponytail. The smaller the size of the hair curlers, the stronger will be the curls.
  • Cool the radiator with a hair dryer, using the cooling mode, or wait until they cool down.
  • After removing the curlers, fix the hair with lacquer.
  • The front of the hair is taken back and fastened with a hairpin before the tails.
  • Hair on one side of the head shift to the other, attaching strands in the middle of hairpins or invisible.
  • Check the uniformity of the installation using a mirror.
  • Attach a veil under the curls and decorate your hair with flowers and beautiful prikolkami.
  • Remember that only you can limityourself in choosing the image. But whatever it is, classical or extravagant, it must be thoughtful and harmonious. Everything should be combined: a hairstyle, a dress, and accessories. Think carefully about your wedding image. And let the wedding be for you one of the happiest days in your life! We advise you to read: