how to make a bang Regardless of age, every woman wantslook beautiful and young. If you do not need any effort in your youth, the older the woman becomes, the more urgent this problem is for her. If desired, you can reset a few years without resorting to such drastic measures. You can make changes to your appearance very simply. Correctly selected hairstyle will transform your appearance and add spice. Without a special investment, it's really possible to create a completely new image, surprising your environment. And most importantly, these changes in your appearance will be made with your own hands. Hairstyle in this matter is of great importance. Try to change it by making yourself a bang. Leading stylists believe that if properly selected, it will rejuvenate a woman better than all the expensive cosmetic procedures. The whole effect consists in changing the proportions of the face. Correctly selected kind of bangs, strengthens the focus on the eyes. We want to offer you several ways how to make a bang suitable for your type of face and style. How often do we, standing in front of a mirror, pay attention to wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows. They age us more than any other wrinkles and wrinkles. Often, they are difficult to remove even in the beauty salon. In such a case, the hair length change in the frontal part will come to the rescue. This will hide the traces of the withering of the skin of the face, and only the wrinkles-rays that appear with a smile remain visible. Fringe will help to correct the proportions of the face, give expressiveness and sexuality to your eyes. Even if you do not like to change the length, color and volume of your hair, the modification of the bangs will help look fashionable and stylish. There are many of its types and it will not be difficult to choose the very one that will make you beautiful and desirable. Such a variety presupposes both daring negligence, and classical rigor, and full openness of the image.

We select a bang in the form of a face

To choose a kind of a bang should be in view of the form of the face. Every woman, having seen her reflection in the mirror many times, has already decided on the shape of her face and what she would like to change in her. If not, then it's very easy. It is enough to circle your mirror image with lipstick and the resulting contour will correspond to a certain face shape. For the face in the form of a triangle, the elongated style of the bang, the light straight or the lateral asymmetric will be the most acceptable. A long fringe will help to hide most of the forehead, and an asymmetrical lateral one will counterbalance the sharp angles of the face. For women who have an elongated face of a rectangular shape, a straight, straight fringe approaches the eyebrows or below the eyebrows, and also asymmetric. It will hide and visually reduce the long chin. For an oval face any kind of bangs will do. In this case, everything will depend on your preferences and mood. Women who have a round face shape will not lose if they give their preference to a long oblique or ragged bang. Thus, they can cover most of the forehead, and the oblique cut of hair in the frontal part visually lengthens the face, giving it an oval shape. If the face has a square shape, the most acceptable for you will be a sparse oblique fringe. With its help you level the impression of a heavy chin, and the shape of the face visually acquires a slightly oval shape. how to make a fringe at home

What kinds of bangs are there?

  • Graphical. Until now, at the height of popularity is a graphic fringe. It is dense and smooth, has a length that reaches the eyebrows and has clear contours. It is ideal for women who have an oval face shape.
  • Asymmetric. The most universal was and is an asymmetrical bang. Its length varies depending on the desire of the woman. It can be of medium length, and can reach almost to the chin. It can be worn not only by women with a scythe, but also by those who have a bean or pixie. It has a beautiful view both on straight hair and curly. Styling such a bang, you can beat it in different variations, giving your appearance flirtatious and mysterious: prick, scratch, curl, braid in a pigtail. Everything will depend on the woman's imagination.
  • Torn. A bang that fits a woman with any shape of her face, gives sexuality and at the same time boyish fervor, elegance. Very impressive looks on short haircuts are straight, asymmetrical with torn edges or torn bangs, which visually helps to lose a couple of years.
  • Fashion accents

    Make a trendy hairstyle correctly in several ways:

  • The bangs can be very thick, have volume or fleece, the length and width can vary. It can start from the back of the head, which will decorate the face with small features.
  • The bangs can be laid and perfectly smooth, and with carelessness.
  • You can make a combination of textures and with short-cropped hair in the forehead to have wavy, curly locks. Do not abuse very short and graphical bangs in the presence of curly hair.
  • In some cases, coloring looks great.
  • Sharma will add the use of ribbons, clips, brooches for hair. Straight hair is a fertile field for imagination. Women, whom nature endowed with a low forehead, generally do not advise wearing a bang.
  • How to create a bang

    To create a selected bang in the home,You will need a hair brush, sharp scissors and a comb with thin teeth. Do not forget to spread the newspaper under the mirror before the haircut. Look in the mirror and determine the length. In order not to make people laugh in the future, try not to rush. The proverb "Seven times measure - time cut" has never been so relevant. After all, the cut back can not be pasted. Comb your hair and imagine how your hair will look with a bang. You know the nature of your hair very well. Before you make a bang on obedient hair itself, they should be washed well. If the hair is unruly, it is better to cut it on the second day after washing. In this condition, the hair is more obedient, it is better to lie down. In the event that additional hair washing is not required, carefully comb them with a brush. Lightly moisten the hair in the area of ​​the future bang. If the entire mass of hair has undergone washing, they should be carefully combed. Further, with the help of a towel they need to be dried and continue to comb to the maximum smoothness. Cutting the bangs, hold the hair with your hand and cut it in one smooth motion without stopping. An "unauthorized" stop can lead to a malfunction from the selected line, and as a result to a curved hairstyle. You need to work without haste, confidently. If you intend to make yourself an even bang, the scissors should be kept strictly horizontally, without deflecting the hand to the side. If you want to have a bangs, you need to cut the hair at an angle. If you do not want it to become wavy or zigzag, keep your hand firm and not tremble. Otherwise, it will have to be trimmed several times, which is fraught with the loss of the intended length. When you have finished cutting your hair, comb it. If individual strands are knocked out of the total length, moisten and trim them with scissors. After giving your hair a look of your imagination, dry your hair and thoroughly comb it. Do not forget that the dry bangs will be shorter. Therefore, when determining its length, consider this point. After all, even if the hair grows quickly, cutting the bangs too short, you can ruin the entire intended effect. how to properly make a bang

    Helpful Tips

    If you first decided to trim your bangs inhome conditions, and are not completely sure of their abilities, ask for help from their loved ones, whom they trust. The most "painless" way to solve this problem master in the beauty salon. Having made a bang of a bang, profile its ends - it will help to keep the form for a long time. Filirovku spend special scissors, having rejected hair on 30%. Scissors should be directed vertically upwards and their tips should make a few cuts on the hair. It's elementary to do it at home, literally in a minute, and the playfulness effect will last 2-3 weeks. When styling the cut hair in the forehead area, it is necessary to moisten with foam and blow the air from the top down with a hair dryer, which will give them an amazing volume. Let your fringe hide the possible shortcomings of the skin and open in your face a unique highlight!