masks for split hair About the health of those who care, that hair is not sliced. (folk wisdom) Remember how often you see such a picture: there is a pretty girl, slender, like a birch, her hair is loose to the waist, dressed from haute couture. And, it would seem, well, there is not a single chance for men to resist her beauty. But no, something prevents the representatives of the stronger sex from forming upright stacks, something in her appearance repels. And only carefully looking closely, you understand that all the wine is swollen, cut hair. Perhaps, from afar, her hair looks luxurious and sexy, but here it is worth going closer, and the impression spoils. Who likes electrified strands with split ends ?! Oh, the beauty did not know, that the hair grows little - they need to be taken care of! And if you do not want to get into the same position - take care of yourself urgently and start making masks for split hair.

Why do the hair "get sick"?

And why do hair cut? After all, sometimes it's just too lazy to take on all these medical masks from splitting hair! Why should they not peacefully grow up to themselves and not pester their mistress with the need for constant care? Maybe it would be so if it were not for one fact: every millimeter of our hair lives its own life, and on what conditions it "grew up", its "behavior" will depend in the future. Think for yourself: the roots of hair are always healthy and strong, those that go further in growth are thinner, but the tips generally split and break. Is it because they (the tips) have the "honor" to take on a maximum of a wave, dry it with a hair dryer, straighten the ironing and so on, and so on? Of course, masks for split ends of hair would help, but most of us ignore such care, considering that the usual shampoo, along with the balm-rinse is quite enough. What is surprising is that over time, each of us can have a problem of brittle hair. After all, despite the desire to have beautiful, healthy locks, we simply can not give up all these folds and regular stains, and there is simply no time and no desire to do all kinds of masks from split hair. And from here we proceed smoothly to discuss the reasons "how we brought the hair to life like this":

  • Frequent washing. First, having normal or dry hair, frequent washing can increase the work of the sebaceous glands, making the hair become fat. You know, it's like a vicious circle: the more you wash, the faster they become greasy and untidy. Of course, no one encourages you to walk with a dirty head, but we also do not recommend washing it twice a day. Secondly, not all shampoos sold in stores are equally useful. You can buy well, very expensive shampoo and look with horror at yourself after drying - hair dull, naughty, electrified. And you can pick up a tool with which daily washing your head is not a problem (thank God, now there are such). A little secret: if you are too lazy to do creativity and do homemade masks for split hair, then you can buy it at a pharmacy or a shop ready. Just apply them after washing instead of balm.
  • Frequent staining and discoloration. Of course, many coloring agents can be found on the market, which do not cause any damage to the hair. That's just the demand for permanent paints with peroxide content does not fall, many ladies can not deny themselves the pleasure of the combination of "cheap and angry". And "angry" - not in the sense of "qualitatively". And what about the discoloration: how many owners of dry, brittle hair over and over again painted in blondes? The best way to destroy the structure of the hair and you can not imagine!
  • Continuous use of hot dryer for dryingand stacking. Well, why all the best in life (in this case, a beautiful blow-drying) is harmful, and unpleasant (long drying and lack of form hair) is useful? High temperature disrupts the integrity of the scales of hair, from which they acquire the appearance of dry, split and untroubled curls. Reconcile with the need to give rest to your hair: in the end, you also have a weekend! Why and your curls at least sometimes do not translate the spirit, drying up without a hair dryer and dispensing with ploek-irons. A beautiful stowage save for a special occasion.
  • Rigid combs. Oh, how many beautiful hair was torn out by awful stiff combs, especially after washing your head! And how many will be! Sometimes it seems that only a girl with very thick hair can afford such a "luxury": tear tangled hair from the roots of a frequent hard comb. Nevertheless, the owner of thin, and to dry hair, too, are lazy to disassemble their curls on strands and use the "right" comb. Hence the result - an eternally sliced ​​fringe, groomed ends, thin, thin hair. Urgently save your locks, do homemade masks for split hair, otherwise you will soon run to the store for a wig. Do you want it?
  • Frequent beginnings. There are a lot of lovers of lush hairstyles that simply can not imagine life without serious hair loss, and do it every day. That's where the expression "hair stood on end" becomes meaningful! Why does hair damage the structure of the hair? Here comments are superfluous: it is obvious that hair loss is simply an outrage over the health of the hair, the best way to make it cut and break. And if you have such rare hair that you can not create hair without napping, then reserve this "knight's move" for the most exceptional cases. Do not you want to lose even what nature has not so generously given you?
  • Diseases, weakening of immunity. In a healthy body a healthy spirit, and at the same time healthy hair. You probably know the saying: "A talented person is talented in everything." The same can be said about health. If a person does not get sick and feels great, his hair and skin are in excellent condition. And if the immunity is weakened, the state of health leaves much to be desired, then the hair hangs with dull, lifeless locks. If so, then immediately take care of your health, and at the same time do not forget to make masks against split hair - in your case, they are necessary! After all, any woman, even if she is sick, wants to remain attractive.

Hair mask for split hair

Mask, mask - I know you!

It's hard to make a beautiful hairstyle and surprise everyoneYour exquisite appearance, if you have weakened, split hair. The best thing you can do for yourself in this position is regular masks from split hair. Do not complain about the lack of time and the fact that in the purse of money "a cat cried". Homemade recipes are simply created to spare your family budget and not to take away from important things for a long time.

  • Egg yolks and vegetable oil

If you are the owner of dry hair, then forgive them a healthy shine, try to "cajole" them. Just rub one egg yolk with two tablespoons of your favorite vegetable oil, add there a teaspoon of honey and cognac, and you will get a perfect mask for split hair. With light massaging movements rub the mixture into the scalp, apply the entire length of the hair, put on the hat and wrap the head with a towel. Thirty-forty minutes can be washed off.

  • Egg yolks and onions

This mask is also perfect for dry,traumatized hair. To one egg yolk, add a tablespoon of onion juice and whisk the mixture well. Now add one tablespoon of vegetable oil and one teaspoon of honey. Apply to scalp and hair, cover with a cap and towel, rinse after forty minutes.

  • Herbal mask for split hair

You will need six fresh or driedleaves of raspberry, black currant and mint. Grind the leaves, pour half a cup of cream into the mixture, add two tablespoons of potato starch. Stir well and apply the mask to the scalp and hair. Keep at least an hour, wash off. The effect you will simply amaze: the hair will shine, as after the "salon" care.

  • Kefir mask

The following mask for split hair is appliedin the evening before going to bed and left until the morning. In order to get rid of the cut ends, it is enough to do this mask for two months, once a week. All we need is a warm kefir, which must be applied to washed hair. In the morning, wash off the mask and dry hair naturally.

  • Masks for especially lazy

If you can not stand making all kinds of mixtures, andsit with a package on your head just too lazy, we can please you: and for you there are home masks for split ends of hair. They not only do not take much time, but they will also allow you to leave the house without a funny towel on your head. Just find the strength to acquire burdock and castor oil, they are sold in any pharmacy. Every day, apply a little oil on the tips of the hair, alternating them daily, and within a month you will be pleased with the first results. Needless to say that beautiful hair is, above all, healthy hair. And it does not matter how steep your shampoo is and what is said about it in advertising: "the brilliance and strength of healthy hair" will be given to you by daily care and care, and not just beautiful bottles with foaming remedy. Reduce the amount of chemicals used, stop hurting your hair, make masks from split hair - and you will forever forget about the problem of dry, brittle ends. And then nothing will prevent you from walking along the street, driving all the representatives of the male crazy - your hair will help you in this! We advise you to read: