how to meet a guy on the Internet Virtual dating today is very popular. In the network there are a lot of sites on which people who just want to talk and those who hope to find a life partner are going to. What to do ... The pace of the present life is such that it is simply no time to search for a chosen one in the real world. And the Internet is always at hand. So why not try it? Everything can happen. And suddenly someone who is able to give peace and happiness, now rushes through the world wide web and is also looking for his soul mate? And then the girls sit in front of the monitor for hours, and they get upset if they are not answered, and cease to believe in their own attractiveness. But the thing most often is that they simply do not know how to get to know a guy on the Internet and keep in touch with him. After all, flirting on the web, like in life, also has some rules of its own. What are these rules?

Rules for dating on the Internet. Drawing up a questionnaire

People who register on dating sites,do not necessarily set as their goal the search for a person to create a family. Someone needs an interesting interlocutor, someone needs like-minded people, and someone is looking for partners for virtual or even real sex. Therefore, intending to meet someone online, you need to know exactly what we want from this person. If you just communicate based on mutual understanding, then this does not require any special techniques. It is enough either to find a site corresponding to the topic of communication, or to emphasize in your questionnaire the attention that a person is only needed for correspondence. Otherwise, you have to fight off different sexually anxious chelupony. Well, when a girl intends to find her half on the dating site, it is advisable to ask her some of the nuances of filling in the announcement and her profile. For example, to formulate a questionnaire in this case is better as follows:

  • Post a good photo on the dating site

It is desirable that it be madeA professional photographer who will be able to perfectly convey the image of the girl and emphasize his best features. Do not take pictures against the backdrop of luxurious interiors or in a chic outfit. All this will not allow the potential partner to properly discern the appearance of the young lady and may frighten him with his pretentiousness. You should be photographed in a good mood and smile in the picture with all your being. Such a smile puts men to her proprietress at the first glance. If we do not want letters of very unambiguous content to be poured into the profile - do not place in the questionnaire quite frank pictures. Although a certain amount of sexuality in them may be present. But only it should be not aggressive, but attractive, mysterious. After all, it is impossible to know exactly how the person who is looking for the sex appeal is related. And suddenly he does not like too liberated women? In the photo, you should try to look as natural as possible. Quite unpleasant and fake is the mannered posture of a girl imitating some photomodel from the cover of a glossy magazine. The best images are perceived in everyday life. It is desirable that they were made outside the house, somewhere against the background of a beautiful natural or urban landscape. But a good, nice home photography is also suitable. In the questionnaire, it's useful to post photos not only of your face, but also pictures in full growth. Then the man will have the most complete idea of ​​the appearance of the young lady;

  • The data in the questionnaire should be indicated most fully and write in the announcement of your hobbies and desires sincerely

However, one should not be too verbose. Men can decide that the girl is too chatty or prone to narcissism. At the same time, it is permissible to briefly talk about where we are currently working or studying, what are our plans for the future, what we love and why the soul does not lie. The questionnaire should specify the purpose of the meeting. Otherwise, we will start to respond to guys whose intentions are far from this goal. When drafting a questionnaire, it is highly undesirable to exaggerate or diminish one's own merits. You do not need to invent an exotic profession and an unusual hobby. It can happen that when communicating with a seriously tuned good person, it will be a question of the features of these activities. And there will be a risk of being caught in a lie. And this can negatively affect the further relations with the Internet interlocutor. The list of requirements for the candidate for acquaintance should not be made too long. First, it will resemble an ultimatum and is unlikely to be perceived by a strong half of humanity loyally. And secondly, it is impossible to understand whether a man meets certain requirements without communicating with him. He, having seen in the questionnaire of the girl a lot of claims to his potential partner, is unlikely to be flushed with the desire to talk. To answer the questions of the questionnaire is preferably original, interesting, with some humor. This catches the representatives of the stronger sex and includes their imagination. In general, the questionnaire should be taken seriously. If we are too stingy to tell in it about ourselves, we are almost no one interested. The lack of information about a person raises suspicion and suggests that he has something to hide. If we start to paint every little thing, we can create the impression of a frivolous or obsessive-looking person, deprived of male attention. Everything should be in moderation. The main thing - to awaken curiosity is precisely the category of men who are more sympathetic and close than others. And to force them to send at least a smiley for the correspondence to start. It also has its own characteristics. How correctly to get acquainted with the guy on the Internet, starting to correspond with him? how to get to know a guy on the Internet

Peculiarities of correspondence with a man on the Internet

So, we posted on the site of ourquestionnaire, she was interested in one of the guys and he sent us a message. How to get to know the Internet with guys in this case? When a man is not very attracted, you can just keep silent. But it is better to answer him with a pair of short sentences. People who conduct active correspondence, raise their rating and have the opportunity to be on the first pages of the site. This position of the questionnaire increases the chances of increasing the number of its views and the fact that we will be seen exactly by those we are looking for. As for the guy whose acquaintance does not appeal to him, you can just thank him for attention. If the young man insists on further communication, it is correct to make it clear that it will not take place. A normal man will accept the rejection of correspondence adequately. After all, this is a dating site, where everyone has the right to choose! And each of the users sometimes happens to be not accepted by someone. Nothing out of the way in this there. Well, when the guy seemed nice and the correspondence with him I want to continue, it must be done carefully. Do not immediately puzzle the interlocutor with insidious questions and make him be too frank. Not every one of us is able to talk openly about the purely personal with everyone in a row. In order for a man to tell all about himself frankly, he needs time. The staggering pressure from a still not very familiar woman is alarming and makes you close. Who knows what this will end. Perhaps the guy will just stop the correspondence. The reason for stopping the correspondence can be a long plaintive message of the girl with a detailed listing of personal problems. A rare guy is burning with a desire to be aware of the problems of a girl, whom he still does not really know. Therefore, it is not worth writing about troubles at work and conflicts with someone. We will keep our personal difficulties for ourselves for the time being. They are still very few people who are present on the dating site of men are interesting. To discuss such issues it is necessary that the conversation in the network become more penetrating. At first, positive, positive and positive again! Non-committal phrases, unobtrusive compliments and reasoning on abstract easy topics. But only. And for the conversation to be fascinating, you need to look at the guy's profile, find out what he is interested in and give more attention to these male addictions. If an active correspondence with a young person was established and common points of contact were found, one might think of a meeting with him in reality. Such a date also has its own nuances.

Meeting with a man from the Internet: what you need to know

Of course, the main task of finding your ownhalves on the Internet - not a correspondence, but a meeting. Many of us are afraid of dating with an online acquaintance offline. And not in vain. Because in reality a person may not be the same as he was when communicating with him through a monitor. And maybe we do not like. Just as we might not like him. And the jim for the first meeting with someone who already seems to be seen as the chosen one, is quite natural. In general, going to the first meeting of this kind, you should remember: often when communicating online people feel more confident and relaxed than with direct contact. And if a man on a date is shy and inactive, we must take this fact into account. There is a chance that, having become accustomed, he will reveal himself and become a charming and very attractive young man. Not at ease, the girl can feel herself. Strangely enough, but after the correspondence on the Internet we are much more afraid of meeting with a man than with a normal acquaintance with him. This is, apparently, because the communication on the network, one way or another, in the mind of the guy creates a picture of the image of the girl. This image really wants to match. Otherwise, disappointment is inevitable. So we begin before a first date, meticulously look for some inconsistencies in ourselves. And, of course, we find. It can be trivial stuff, but before meeting with a guy from the network in our eyes they get huge sizes. As a result, self-esteem falls sharply and self-doubt arises. In order not to behave with a man cramped and awkward, you need to take yourself in hand and remember that there are no ideal people. Even the stunning ladies on all sides can dislike someone. And then, after all, we are going to find our soul mate, and not deceive everyone! So let the guy take everything as it is, or disappear from our life. Why try to build a serious relationship with someone who initially does not suit them? After all, we are striving for the realization of dreams, and not for the collapse of all hopes. If the meeting with the Internet interlocutor disappointed, do not be upset. In the network there are a lot of other people, and getting to know one of them has every chance to be fateful. There are many examples of how men and women found each other through the network and then concluded successful marriages. It is possible that this will happen to us. In life, the most incredible things happen! But we must always remember our security and that there are many spiders on the World Wide Web. These hunters for gullible young ladies especially love dating sites. Therefore, we will be vigilant and not very naive. We advise you to read: