how to get a man to marry Very many women are trying to find an answer to this question.the question of how to get a man to marry. Is it worth it? Marriage is not only an official ceremony followed by a grand celebration and a honeymoon on exotic islands. Marriage is first and foremost a daily confirmation of one's feelings, a test of everyday life and life troubles. Unfortunately, many women do not understand this and do not want to understand it. For them, a wedding is a beautiful, breathtaking feast, on which she is the center of attention. But remember that the holiday is over and start a normal life - with dirty socks, unwashed dishes, scattered things and petty insults. Ask yourself honestly whether you are ready to get married without a wedding dress and a magnificent celebration, without admiring glances girlfriends and without gifts? Simply and casually raspishetsya received an official piece of paper indicating that you are now husband and wife. Perhaps you did not imagine your marriage that way? Many believe that the marriage takes place in the registry office or in the church, but in fact it is in your hearts. Discuss with your chosen one whether he is prejudiced before marriage. If your young man is not in a hurry or refuses at all to move to the next level of relations, most likely he will never make you an offer. Therefore, you have every right to part with it. But if you do not want to, you can try to change the situation.

Why does not he want to marry you?

Pushing a partner to a marriage makes sense onlyIn the event that you are ready for this step, you should not try to do it earlier. Ready? Well, let's deal with it. If the partner is serious about your relationship, but is not yet ready to marry, ask him why he is not ready? After all, you have every right to know what to expect from your relationship. Calmly explain to him that it does not make sense to maintain a relationship that does not have a future. It also makes sense to ask your man a question: when, in his opinion, he will mature to solve this issue. Offer your chosen one to make a list consisting of several items, when exactly he will be ready for marriage, for example:

  • When will own house.
  • When there will be a large bank account.
  • When I'm completely confident in my partner, etc.

Often, those who havea sad example: an unsuccessful previous marriage or divorce of parents. Only having received exhaustive answers to your questions, you can judge the prospects of your union. If your fiancé is experiencing financial difficulties, try to explain to him that you do not need a magnificent celebration and expensive wedding trip. Tell me that if everything is in its financial situation, what can change after marriage, if you already live together and you are satisfied with this state of affairs, what else can you expect? If there is mutual understanding between you, then problems of this kind are usually easily solved. However, carefully watch your words - a partner should never feel pressure from you. how to make a man marry

What can not be done in any case?

To begin with, you must firmly grasp what you can not do in any case. If, of course, you do not want your potential husband to get scared and evaporate in an unknown direction. So:

  • Do not bother

The worst thing you can do isremind a man of his desire to go to the registry office for any successful and unfortunate event. If a man is 333 times a day to hear that you want to get married, at best he thinks you are a bore. And at worst - will think that you in any conceivable and inconceivable ways intended to drag him into the registrar, without taking into account his opinions. And what kind of man will like to realize that he is not being put in anything?

  • Do not be mercenary

The most important thing that a man should understand isthe fact that you love it. Not his money, connections, position in society, namely his. And your task is to convince him of this, even if in fact you are only interested in the contents of the purse of your future husband. Make big eyes and refuse expensive gifts, in restaurants choose the cheapest dishes and always casually tell a man that you do not need anything when he is around. The vast majority of men are melting away from such speeches and very soon you will be able to twist ropes from it.

  • Do not limit the man

It is not recommended to restrict freedommen otherwise make him marry will be almost impossible. He wants to go fishing or drink beer with friends - yes, to health! And do not need to call him every 15 minutes - you will cause only irritation. Yes, and the comments of his friends - "here's getting married, in general, life will not!". And such a "support group" does not need you at all. Incidentally, this applies to scenes of jealousy - in no case do not roll them to a man about and without reason, in any case do not allow yourself to delve into your men's notebooks, mobile phone and computer. If he feels "under the hood", you will have to puzzle a lot over the question of how to get him to marry. And not the fact that you will succeed - who will voluntarily agree to life imprisonment?

  • Do not blackmail a man

Another fatal error, which is very commonwomen commit blackmail. And they can blackmail anything - their weak health, complete helplessness, public opinion, unplanned pregnancy, in the end. Very stupid act, believe me. It is very likely that a man will simply become angry and leave. Or stay close, but only out of pity. But do you need such a marriage? Hardly, do not you think so? how to make him marry

What can I do to bring my happiness closer?

So, with what can not be done, more or lessfigured out. Let us now find out what can be done to make the man ripen and offer you a hand and a heart, with all the ensuing consequences.

  • Trusting relationship

First of all, you must establish with yourpartner relationship of trust, which, as a rule, are the basis of a happy marriage. Only in the event that a woman will win the trust of a man, you can count on the offer of the hand and heart. And it is important not only to gain confidence, but also to preserve it, if you want the marriage to be long and happy.

  • Comfort in home

Perhaps, after reading these lines, you will smile, butthat woman who knows how to create and maintain a cosiness in a house has a higher chance of getting married than a person who is afraid to look at semi-finished products, not to mention preparing dinner. Of course, a man can happily drive you to restaurants and engage in mind-blowing sex in a hotel room. But not for long. Constantly, he would prefer to return to a cozy apartment, where he smells delicious dinner. Take a little attention - the simple question "darling, what should I cook for you?" Or "darling, does not it blow from the window?", "Darling, what film should you include?" - they say a lot, they let the man know that they care about him, his love. And, most importantly, care allows you to place a man to yourself in the shortest possible time.

  • Good sex

Sex is also not in the last place -if you have sex in the dark, under the blanket, only on Tuesdays and Fridays, do not be surprised if your man sooner or later goes in search of thrill. Therefore, it is so important to become a really good mistress, sex with which a man will be afraid to lose. Of course, this does not mean that you need to completely forget about yourself and about your pleasure, but the guy should know that you are giving yourself to him entirely and without a trace.

  • Love yourself

Searching for a way to get him to marry is not worth it.forget about yourself - so that you are loved, you must first of all love yourself. Answer yourself honestly - are you worthy of lifelong love and respect for your chosen one? If yes, then everything is in order. But if you have any doubts, begin to improve. After all, any man wants to see next to a beautiful, successful and self-assured companion of life. So give him what he wants. And it is unlikely that your man will want to risk losing you and, in the end, will still make you an offer. If all means are exhausted, it is necessary to talk about parting. The ultimatum you have issued must be clearly articulated and understandable. After all, the partner must know exactly the reason for your departure from him, and under what conditions you can be together again. If after that he asks you not to hurry and give him time to think things over well, you can proceed to fulfill your threat. We advise you to read: