beautiful high hairstyles for long hair One of the signs of femininity can be rightfullytake long hair. Many girls dream of long hair, understanding what a variety of hairstyles and styles can be made of them. But often the owners of chic long hair are lost in choosing a hairstyle, they can not choose from a huge variety exactly that hairstyle that would fit all the features of the face, emphasize its dignity and carefully conceal its shortcomings. High hairstyle looks great on any hair, but on long it will look especially impressive, solemn and attractive. High hairstyles on long hair can be very diverse, but, as a rule, they are all a kind of basic style. It should be borne in mind that not everyone goes to high hairstyles. Not all girls are the owners of beautiful clean skin, someone does not like their ears, face oval and much more. This suggests that such people will not get a haircut that opens the face, emphasizes all these shortcomings. Of course, every girl has ever felt the need for a beautiful, elegant, but also comfortable hairstyle. The reason for such a need could be the forthcoming event, whether corporate, going to a cafe with girlfriends, an official meeting or something else.

Stacking in the form of a beam

Beams can be diverse: it can be like a stern, smoothly combed bun, and carelessly assembled, giving the girl even more romantic and spontaneity. Based on the goals of this hairstyle, everyone will choose what he likes. To create this kind of laying, you need to comb your hair long. Over the entire area of ​​the head, we comb our hair. This will give the hair an effect of lightness, visually make them even more voluminous. Next, you need to select one strand of hair in the front-parietal part of the head. The isolated strand is twisted once in a bundle, then it is fixed with the help of the invisible in the center. Next, a strand is taken from the left side and exactly in the same way is twisted into a flagellum and fixed by invisibles just below the previous one. The lock of the right side is similarly twisted, stacked and fixed. The remaining hair of the occipital part of the head is twisted into one large bundle, pointing it toward the center of the occipital part. The tourniquet should not be tight, otherwise the hair will lose the effect of lightness. Collected hair is recommended even a little to stir up, creating the effect of light disorder. This will give you even more sexuality and mystery. The ends of the collected hair are also twisted into a bundle and laid spirally into a bundle. We fix the finished hairdress with the help of invisible and studs, fix if necessary varnish. A ready bunch can be decorated with any accessories, be it a flower, ribbon, hairpin, diadem. trendy high hairstyles

High pony tail

This unmasked at first glance pilingwill, nevertheless, your image of sexuality and personality, will revive your everyday image. Correctly assembled tail can serve as an excellent hairstyle for the upcoming party. There are at least two ways to collect the ponytail: pre-brushing the hair, thereby creating a volume. Or, on the contrary, you can make a tight tail on perfectly smooth hair. This tail is rather more casual, although it will emphasize your rigor and brevity. To collect a conventional ponytail, you must first carefully comb the hair, to avoid the formation of unevenness. Combed hair combed up and collected with one hand in a dense smooth tail. Then it is necessary to fix it with a rubber band. Ideally, the elastic should be wide enough. The wider the rubber band, the higher the tail is fixed. To complicate the hairstyle and give it some mystery, you can take a small strand from the tail and wrap it around the base of the tail (around the gum), the ends should be carefully hidden inside. To create a pony tail with fleece, you need a round or any other flat brush. With her help, you need to carefully comb your hair. After the hair is brushed, the same comb is to be neatly smoothed from above, thereby not damaging the hair. Next, the hair is collected neatly into the tail, which can then be combed in the same way, or twisted in any convenient way.

High styling in the form of curls

Sometimes there are situations when without curls simplynot do, because they are able to give your hair a festive and solemnity. To create one of the locks on the basis of curls you need a hair curling iron or an ordinary curl. The first thing to do is fix the hair on the top of the head with an elastic band. The tail should not be very tight, you can make it fairly loose. The strands of the tail are alternately wound on a curling iron or iron. Twist hair as carefully as possible, do not allow creases, otherwise the styling will look careless. If you decide to leave the curls just to fall down, then the styling can be considered complete. But you can also make a styling of the finished curls. To do this, you need to turn the strands alternately inwards, fixing them with invisible ones. As a result, a wide, light and voluminous beam will be obtained. It looks very feminine and even tender. elegant high hairstyles for long hair

Seashell Styling

Such a hairstyle, undoubtedly, is a reflection offemininity, combining austerity and minimalism. The image will be very refined, but not very smooth. To create a styling, you will need mousse to create the volume. It is necessary to apply it over the entire length of the hair, allow to dry. Then strands need a little scratching. This is done so that our future hairstyle better kept. The hair is collected in the tail (not very tight), after which a free beam is formed from them and stacked vertically in the center of the occipital part. One hand will have to keep our "shell", and the second to fix it with the help of pins. As a result, we have a not so smooth, but textured, styling. The hair on the vertex is combed back over the frontal part. Finished hair is fixed with varnish. Decorate it with accessories is not necessary. This styling is perfect for corporate evenings, and for any other celebrations.

Stacking in the form of a bow

This method of hair styling is, perhaps,one of the most interesting and simple. After the hair is well combed, it is necessary to collect them in a high tail, while not completely pulling out the hair. The remaining tip of the hair should be in front. With the help of the invisible, you need to fix it at the base of the tail, exactly where the elastic band is. The resulting loop from the hair should be divided into two equal parts, while trying not to pull the hair out of the tail. The remaining tip of the hair is thrown exactly in the middle of the received loop, fixed with the help of invisible and hides under the bow or under one of its sides. Each side of the bow is also neatly fixed from the inside by invisibles. If necessary, lacquer can be used for better fixation. A ready-made bow can be decorated with a ribbon, but this is not always necessary because the laying itself is very interesting. It is able to give your image a romantic and youthful. A beautiful and feminine hairstyle, of course, is considered an adornment for any woman. Every day, the fair sex spend a lot of time creating an attractive appearance. And hair is no exception, because the beauty of the hair depends on the image as a whole. The choice of hair, in any case, is yours. Do not be afraid to try and experiment with your hair. Your beauty is in your hands.