how to style your hair Hairstyle is the main decoration of a woman. After all, the first thing that attracts attention is the appearance. And what immediately catches your eye when you look at a girl? Of course, hair. And in order to make them look well-groomed and healthy, you need to use various means: masks, balms, foams and gels. In addition, you need to have a whole arsenal of devices: forceps, ironing, curling iron, brushes and combs. But the most important assistant of the woman in this difficult, even jewelry business - a hair dryer. Styling hair with a hair dryer is the main stage of care that every girl should know.

Choose a hair dryer

First you need to choose a hair dryer - and here is not important brandor country of origin. The most important thing is its functionality. First, you should "try on" the hair dryer to your hand - it should lie comfortably, make sure that the wire does not twist when turning. Secondly, in the kit to the fen should go and attachments. And, thirdly, the hair dryer should have several options for air supply and temperature.

How to use a hair dryer

Of course, in order to properly and tastefully lay your hair simply by having a hair dryer in the house is not enough, certain skills are needed here.

  • Before styling, wash your hair well - the procedure will be more effective;
  • If you have thin hair, then you should use only cool air - hot has a destructive effect on their condition;
  • The distance of the hair dryer from the hair should be at least 10 cm - this is the rule for hot air;
  • Immediately after washing, use a hairdryer is not desirable - first give a little dry hair, pat them with a towel;
  • In order to lay hair without electrification, you should use special lotions;
  • Technology of hair styling should be carried out both in a hairdresser's - on separate strands, then the hair will be neat;
  • It is not necessary to hold the styling every day - the hair will be brittle and dry, the ideal variant - every other day.

hair styling with a hairdryer

Styling rules

Sometimes styling a hair professionally seemssimply unreal without the help of a specialist, but with observance of simple rules it is quite possible. If you have curly hair, then it is better to use a hairdryer with a special nozzle (diffuser), it creates a whiff of light stream that does not allow hair to be much ruffled, and they will look as if they were just disheveled by a slight breeze. This fact applies to both short and long hair. Whatever hair you have - short or long, curly or smooth, remember: always a stream of air should go from the roots to the tips, only so it will be correct. If you apply various fixing agents (foams or mousses) for laying, then they should be applied to damp hair.

If you have short hair

There are several rules that apply only to short haircuts:

  • Strands should be raised from the roots and it is inThe roots of short hair should be blown by a stream of air. But do not forget that you can not use hot air, use warmer and keep hair dryer away from the hair;
  • Apply the fixing agents before laying, the hair must be moist at that - just in case of short hair you can achieve perfect styling;
  • First, you need to dry your hair the way you see it at the end of the procedure. Then, under a stream of air, ruffle them, put on your head "creative disorder" - then the hair will be voluminous.
  • For combing, use a comb with sparse teeth, at the end apply a little lacquer or gel to secure the laces.

Do not forget that for short hairlaying is required - only so you will look beautiful and well-groomed. Otherwise, instead of an attractive hairstyle, you will have a haystack on your head or worse - stuck together strands hanging with icicles. how to style your hair

Styling for the volume of hair (medium and long)

You look at the work of a master stylist and you aska question - how to stack hair a hair drier so that they were beautiful, well-groomed and attractive, that the hairdress has accepted that volume which it would be desirable? But everything is not so difficult:

  • The purpose of stacking is volume, so first dry the hair a little, then you can apply the medium for volume;
  • Want to lift the roots of hair? Then separate the strand, strongly pull it up and apply some mousse to the roots. Then, with hot air, dry this area. Do the same procedure with the following strands. This option is suitable for long hair;
  • If you have medium-length hair, the technology will be as follows: tilt your head down and in this position, dry your hair. Then go up and comb the hair with a brush - the volume is guaranteed.

Hairdressers use not only hair dryer,but ploits, and ironing - these devices are much more difficult to use, but you can learn completely. Using an ironing iron, you can straighten your hair and direct the strands in the right direction - by the way, they are sold in regular stores and you can buy not only a professional but also a household appliance. Knowing how to properly style hair with a hairdryer, it's not difficult to master other devices. Hair care should be able to every woman - because the beauty depends on ourselves. Remember - hair only then will look beautiful and well-groomed when they are absolutely healthy. Do not neglect daily care for them - nourish scalp and hair with balms and masks, drink vitamins and visit the beauty salon. Only a specialist can suggest how to properly carry out therapeutic and preventive measures for hair restoration. Nature does not give anyone sick, thin, brittle, dry or oily hair. All these troubles happen under the influence of the environment or malnutrition. There is even a specialty of a doctor - a trichologist, he will find out the causes and types of the problem, and prescribe competent treatment. Love yourself, look after yourself and enjoy your beauty - you deserve it! We advise you to read: