wedding hairstyles with a veil Wedding.... How many worries to be experienced in the preparation for this event. Dress, veil, makeup, shoes. And also music, drinks, treats, lists of relatives and friends ... Do not forget anyone, all fit in. Yes, I also need to run to the hairdresser, but I have not decided on the haircut, all my friends advise absolutely opposite options .... Magazines are full of variety: wedding hairstyles with veil, without veins, diadems, rhinestones ... The head goes around. But there is still a choice to make. The main thing will calm down and approach this case with all seriousness and responsibility.

How to choose a wedding hairstyle

First of all, you need to know the three basic rules that any hairstyle should match, be it with a veil or without a veil, on a long or short hair, on a straight or curly hair.

  • Wedding hairstyles with a long veil shouldfit the whole image - the length of the dress, make-up. If the long veil will be made too creative short haircut, then it will not be appropriate. And if the dress is short, then a long veil will cause bewilderment and laughter. Of course, you can and poskativit - but this is for quite outrageous persons.
  • Hairstyle should be comfortable and durable. After all, brides are constantly in motion - accept congratulations, dance, kiss, hug, take pictures. Be sure to be confident in your beauty and hair.
  • When choosing a hairstyle, it is necessary to take into account some of the shortcomings of the person - they should be tried to hide.

One more thing to consider: if you have a wedding in one day, and an official ceremony in the registry office, then you should make a modest haircut, and do not dismiss curls or make a mind boggling. In the church, one must adhere to traditions and customs. Curly hair has always been considered a symbol, embodying tenderness, grace and femininity. That is why in the bride's hair should be attended by careless curls that will gently and unobtrusively frame the face. Also, the hairdo can be decorated with a diadem made of stones imitating diamonds, weave artificial or live flowers into hair, apply hairpins and hairpins with beautiful stones - here you can fantasize. Now silk flowers are very fashionable accessory for hairdress - beautiful, original and very feminine. Even if the bride has short hair, then silk flowers can become a wonderful decoration, they will simply have to be fixed on the head with hairpins-invisibles. wedding hairstyles without a veil

How to make a hairstyle with a long veil

In the old days it was believed that the veil kept the bridefrom a malefice or even a curse. Of course, now this tradition is a little gone, but the long veil is still the main attribute of the wedding. Let's consider an uncomplicated version of a hairstyle, to which a long veil is ideal:

  • Wash hair well and thoroughly comb;
  • To put on damp hair fixing means for packing, and in this case it is possible to not save - the hairdress should keep longly and reliably;
  • We separate the bangs - strictly along the line. Now we divide it into an oblique parting and fix it with hairpins;
  • The whole bunch of hair is tightly tightened on the back of the head and brushing, combing, lifting up. We twist it into a "muzzle";
  • Now we need to decide: if your bride's hair is thick and long enough, then it will be enough to make a beautiful hairstyle. If your hair does not "shine" with the data, then apply overhead hairpieces;
  • Gently fix the hair with hidden hairpins and hairpins.

Now you can decorate your hair - tiaras, silkribbons, artificial flowers. And note that for a luxurious veil fit more modest accessories, but if the veil is single-layer and is fixed from below, then you can improvise. Wedding hairstyles with a long veil look very elegant and original, personify the very femininity, love and tenderness.

If the veil is not provided

Some brides completely refuse thiswedding accessory. And this has its advantages. Wedding hairstyles without veils give an opportunity to experiment, to show oneself in all its glory, to come up with any image - to decorate the hair with flowers, diadems, ribbons, plaits braids - the choice of accessories is simply huge. You can build up the hair before the wedding or use overhead curls and hairpieces. In addition, you can pin hair with hairpins with an interesting design decision, or use rhinestones to decorate them, by performing a romantic pattern from them, for example, a heart or an asterisk. For example, consider a very unusual and at the same time a simple hairstyle, in which weave is applied:

  • We carefully comb the hair, beginning with the tips;
  • Separate the side of a small strand of hair and begin to weave a braid, gradually adding to it new strands. We do not tightly tighten;
  • All this is done on the other side;
  • Now we need to give the hairstyle volume, for this we carefully pull out some strands, but not to the end. You will notice that the hair became more magnificent;
  • Now we give the will of our imagination and add a pattern of braids, for example, a rose, which we fix with the help of invisible;
  • Next, take the hair under the rose (right) and begin to braid another braid, gradually weaving into it the thin strands and on the other side of the head;
  • All is ready! Now you can decorate your hair with flowers or rhinestones, and you can leave it in its original form. She looks very original without jewelry.

wedding hairstyles with a long veil

If the veil is short

This option is also appropriate in the attire of the bride. If the veil is magnificent, then it's better to make the top of the hairstyle smooth, but down to lower the curls. If the veil will be lowered by a small wave on the shoulders, then you can poke the hair up and use additional accessories. Here is one example of such a hairstyle:

  • The hair is combed on an oblique parting and is carefully smoothed;
  • Lateral strands are gathered on the back of the head and secured with hairpins.
  • The lower strands are wound on curlers or stretched out with iron (here only you can choose);
  • We distribute the lower locks on the shoulders and abundantly fix the fixing means.
  • The veil is attached to the top of the head, its waves descend on the shoulders. She should not cover all the curls, let them look a little, and the veil itself is behind.

It is worth noting that wedding hairstyles with veilalso look great with decorations. Moreover, the image should be liked not only by relatives or guests, but also by the girl herself - only this is a guarantee of her fine mood on her wedding day. Glitter in the eyes, a smile on his lips, red cheeks from compliments - for the bride the most important thing. To create wedding hairstyles with a veil is a delicate and painstaking work, especially if you want to create something unusual and stylish. In this case, the best solution will be to contact the stylist. And it does not matter what hair style will be - lush or smooth, with curls or short curls, it is important not to miss with a choice. Visit the beauty salon before the wedding and make a trial hairstyle. Look how you will look in the image, how appropriate the chosen jewelry, how the hair goes to the veil and the overall along. Do not spare your time for the "training race" for the masters, and then on your wedding day you will be sure of your irresistibility. And nothing will overshadow this happiest day in your life! We advise you to read: