how much are the hair extensions For today to become the owner of longand fluffy hair can almost every representative of the fair sex, it is enough that the length of his head of hair on average is ten centimeters. In any beauty salon where real professionals work, the master will examine your head in just a few minutes, determine if you can build, advise the most suitable and gentle methods for your hair type. But here's what's best to choose - completely depends on your financial capabilities and the expected effect. And if for you the primary role is played by the result and how long it will last, and not the cost of the procedure itself, then there is something to think about.

Italian technology

First, it should be noted that this methodis considered one of the simplest and safest. Kerotin, with which artificial strands are attached to your hair, does not contain harmful and dangerous components. As for the effect of thermal forceps forming fastening capsules, it is so insignificant that it can be compared with one procedure for leveling cunnies or curling hair curlers. If you go to a good hairdresser and do not try to save on the material, the embroidered strands will not differ in any way from the natural ones. Duration of wearing As for the question of how much the hair extensions are stretched, everything depends on the skill of the person who does this, the quality of the keratin and the artificial strands themselves. If you used inexpensive materials, then you can wear such a head of hair for a long time - from one to two months, but no more. At the end of this period, you will have to return to the salon for correction, which will not be much cheaper than the procedure itself. This option is suitable for those who decided to make hair extensions for a wedding, birthday or any other holiday, to make a smart hairstyle for a few days, and then soon all of this quickly removed. How much are high-quality strands? Those who will do everything in accordance with all the rules and requirements, and also ensure proper care, you can wear hair up to three months. But even if at the end of this period your head of hair looks good, you still need to go to the salon to remove strands. The correction procedure looks simple: in a special solution, old capsules are soaked, after which they are very easily and painlessly removed. If you during this time get used to the long spit and do not want to part with it, you have to undergo the procedure of building anew.

English technology: qualitatively and effectively

In this case, the build-up occurs with the help ofA special pistol that heats the keratin resin to the desired temperature. Despite the fact that this technique is hot, there is no harm from it either. The length of your own hair should be from six centimeters, otherwise the binding points will be visible. The only thing you need to remember is that after visiting the hairdresser you can not go to baths, saunas, use ironing, thermalbags, because if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, the capsules begin to melt. Duration of wearing If initially the procedure is performed poorly, strands in a week may fall out with the capsules, which does not look very aesthetic. In case you find tatters on the pillows every morning, contact a specialist immediately for correction, which is completely free. On average, hair extensions last for three to four months, after which the strands are removed with a special liquid. If you want to walk with a chic hairstyle for as long as the master has promised you, do not forget about the proper care: wash your head while standing, braid at night, use only special cosmetic means. If you comply with all the requirements, after building up you do not have to treat your hair. how much can you wear extruded hair

Spanish technology: painless and safe

Blonde blondes and fair haired girlsthis method will be very useful, as the places of connection of your and artificial hair will be light and hardly noticeable. The unconditional advantage of the curls, introduced by the glutinous method, is that you will not harm the masks, balms, shampoos and conditioners that you used before. Also you can go to saunas, baths, experiment with clarification, painting. However, care should be taken, because in some institutions masters use fakes instead of special expensive glue, which can lead to the loss of your native hair. Duration of wearing You are interested in how much you can wear strands of Spanish technology. As experts say - up to six months, but after three to four months it is recommended to go to the salon for a small correction. This method is characterized by low cost and fairly good results, since during the entire period of wearing, hair will not practically fall out. In addition, you will not need any special or complicated procedures for the care of braids. The only condition that is not discussed by hairdressers is one hundred percent health of your own hair, otherwise it will not be long to be a long-nosed beauty.

Tape build-up, accessible to everyone

Those who are not particularly patient and do notlikes to wait, you can stop on this method. Only forty minutes - and you are the owner of luxurious and long hair! Strands are fastened to your hair with a special adhesive tape that does not contain any dangerous or harmful substances for your health. In addition, this technology is recommended for those who have their own hair is rather weak, rare, thin, dry, brittle or damaged after unsuccessful painting, chemistry. As for naturalness, the bonding site will not be completely visible. Duration of wearing The way you can wear extruded hair, depends on the characteristics of your head of hear, but the correction will have to be done every two months, at least. The tape is removed with the help of solvent solution, in which the strands are soaked, after which it is possible to start again the procedure of gluing. But even here there are disadvantages and drawbacks. For example, you will not be able to do some hairstyles, as in the sun the strips can shine too much, be dyed, do waving. However, if you want to grow your own hair, but do not want to walk with a short or unsuccessful haircut, this technology will be the most optimal for you. The most important thing is that you can build up as many times as you need.

Korean technology or how to safely extend the braid

Do you have tight and dark hair? Then you can try to increase hair in a special way, which has been used for a long time in the east: through special cermets, special artificial hooks are passed through your special hook, then they are clamped with forceps. You can resort to this procedure even with very short hair, as the rings are attached almost at the roots of the hair. However, you should be very careful, since if your master overdo it, pressing your strands too tightly, then in the future you may find yourself with broken and lifeless tips. Duration of wearing In this case it is very difficult to talk about how much time you can wear embroidered by Chinese technology hair, as some representatives of the fair sex can grow roots in just two months, others - for four. In order to accurately determine the date when you will again have to go for correction, you should visit your hairdresser several times after the procedure. In addition, after two weeks he should examine his hair to make sure that everything was done correctly and without errors. The strands themselves are removed by expanding the rings with forceps, which is not only painless, but also safe, since any chemical or thermal impact is completely ruled out. how much one wears extruded hair

Modern build-up by ultrasound

Time does not stand still, people tryuse advanced technologies, apply novelties and achievements in all spheres of life. For example, not so long ago (to be exact - in 2006) it became popular to build hair with the help of an ultrasonic device that melts keratin to the desired temperature by ultrasonic waves. This technology came from Hollywood, where the stars constantly experiment with the style, appearing on the carpet paths, with long luxurious curls, then with short haircuts for the boy. The unconditional advantage of this method is that the hair extensions can be painted, grinded, collated, and the strands will look like natural. Duration of wearing In this case, girls wear hair as much as with English build-up - up to four months, after which they will have to make a full correction. Due to the fact that ultrasound affects keratin in a special way, when fastening strands of hair is not damaged, while the capsules themselves are very strong. You can do any hairstyles, be in the sun, but no one will notice the junction. The only thing that can embarrass you is the rather high cost of the procedure.

What you should know about building up

On how much you can wear artificialhair, affect your attitude to the hair. Do not think that by increasing twenty or thirty centimeters, you can not deny yourself anything, while always looking at the fullest. If in the salon you are convinced that the next two to three months will not differ from the others, immediately go to another institution. Before starting to work, a specialist must tell you that you will have to constantly follow certain rules of washing, drying, use only special shampoos, combs or scallops with sparse and thick teeth, otherwise you risk losing your hair beforehand. We advise you to read: