causes of hemorrhagic gastritis Hemorrhagic gastritis is a diseaseorgans of digestion. This disease is called an erosive gastritis and is a lesion of the gastric mucosa. Timely treatment allows you to eliminate the defect without the formation of scars.

The concept of hemorrhagic gastritis

Erosive gastritis is divided into two forms: acute and chronic. The acute form, as a rule, develops at a shock state of an organism, at a trauma, extensive burns, loss of a considerable quantity of blood, in case of hepatic or renal insufficiency. The patient's rather difficult condition makes it difficult to diagnose, because the symptoms are almost not expressed. The main symptoms in acute gastritis are vomiting with blood impurities and tarry stool. Erosion-chronic lesions of the stomach appear with the abuse of alcoholic beverages, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, viral infection. This form of the disease is called idiopathic gastritis. It should be noted that in this case the symptoms are practically absent. The only sign may be weak attacks of nausea. The appearance of bleeding is already quite a serious degree, which requires immediate hospitalization and effective treatment. symptoms of erosive gastritis

Detection and treatment of erosive gastritis

Of course, it is necessary to pass regularlyexamination of the body, which allows us to identify in time the erosively changing organs of digestion. This is necessary because the symptoms may not manifest themselves in any way, as a result of which the patient's condition is aggravated. Gastric bleeding is dangerously serious complications, up to a lethal outcome, if you do not provide medical assistance on time. An accurate diagnosis is determined after examining the tests, analyzing the signs, conducting clinical studies. It is necessary to exclude the presence of other diseases of the digestive tract (peptic ulcer, tumor formation, motor and secretory function disorder). This is due to the fact that these violations have quite similar characteristics. As a rule, the main examinations are endoscopy, x-rays, gastric juice acidity, histological examination. It is recommended to treat gastritis in an outpatient setting, strictly observe the intake of the selected medications. Of great importance is the right diet, which depends on the form of the disease and on the individual characteristics of the organism. In addition, hemorrhagic gastritis can be treated with folk remedies, before which it is advisable to consult a doctor. If the hemorrhagic gastritis manifests itself in an acute form with serious exacerbations, you must immediately hospitalize. During this period the strictest diet is shown, which consists in fractional feeding in small portions. This is necessary for the normalization of metabolic processes and restoration of the function of the stomach and digestive organs. Only after the exacerbation of exacerbation does the diet become less strict, restrictions only in the use of table salt and high-carbohydrate foods. To prevent a relapse, the diet should be constantly observed and become part of the lifestyle. In this case, the erosive-chronic form of the lesion of the stomach rarely shows itself and does not interfere with the activity of the person. treatment of hemorrhagic gastritis with folk remedies

Treatment with folk remedies

Erosive or hemorrhagic gastritis is treatedfairly simple folk remedies. Drug treatment or restoration of function by folk remedies helps not only to remove unpleasant symptoms and painful sensations in the stomach, but also to normalize metabolic processes in the body. Some drugs are designed to increase the acidity of gastric juice, others - to lower. The same prescription is not suitable for two people with different forms of the disease. Erosive gastritis is effectively treated with herbs. The best known is the sowing salad or lettuce, for the treatment of which leaves are used. For the preparation of the infusion it is necessary to crush a tablespoon of lettuce, then pour a glass of boiling water and strain through two hours. Take half a glass twice a day. Thus, every day you need to prepare fresh infusion. Infusion of thyme. To make it, you need 100 g of grass and 1 liter of dry white wine. Wine pour the grass and insist 7 days, then bring to a boil and leave for 5-6 hours in a warm place. Take infusion of 50 ml before meals 3 times a day. Decoction for better digestion. Take in equal proportions a yarrow, a centipede, trefoil and peppermint. A glass of boiling water will require a tablespoon of the mixture. Broth put on a slow fire for 10-15 minutes, then strain and take a third cup 3 times daily before meals. Aloe. Rinse the leaves of a medicinal plant and pass through a meat grinder. The resulting juice boil. After cooling, take inside 1-2 teaspoons for half an hour before meals twice a day. Regular reception helps to eliminate erosive gastritis and peptic ulcer of the digestive system. To improve the vksovyh indicators can add a small amount of honey. Propolis. Chronic erosive gastritis is effectively treated with propolis. Every day on an empty stomach it is necessary to chew a small piece of propolis within a month. But it is contraindicated in the presence of an allergic reaction to the products of beekeeping. Thus, drug treatment, a properly selected diet, a healthy lifestyle can cure erosive gastritis in a short period of time.