papilloma in the oral cavity In rare cases, the tongue and the oral cavitysmall papillomas can appear, usually they are pointed, flat, on the stem, multiple. The causes of such warts in the mouth may be different. The most dangerous can be called papillomas of leaf-shaped papillae, which usually appear in women. Papilloma in the mouth, as a rule, gives painful sensations, it can bleed, often breaks down and sprouts, as it is injured during meals. If there is inflammation, the warts begin to expand, cause pain. In children, papillomas are mild, they rarely turn into sores, often disappear themselves. In addition, neoplastic papillomas can form on the oral mucosa, they are a variety of nodal elevations, either isolated or simply fused.

Causes of papilloma in the tongue

The reasons for the appearance of papilloma on the tongue,can be different. The main one is a viral disease, therefore warts appear as a result of infection with human papilloma virus, or HPV. Today, about sixty types of papilloma are known, warts appear due to infection with 1-3, 16, 18 types of papilloma. The infection itself occurs in the following ways:

  • through ordinary household items (extremely rare, but possible);
  • with direct contact with the carriers of this virus (quite rarely, usually through saliva).

Calculate such a carrier of the virus is almost impossible, warts can not be manifested for decades. Factors that "make" papillomas wake up in the form of growths on the skin are:

  • non-observance of the rules of hygiene (most often these are small children who tend to pull everything they fall into their mouths);
  • malnutrition (lack of vitamins, nutrients, many trace elements, vegetable protein);
  • frequent stressful situations, overwork - all that leads to a decrease in immunity;
  • oral sex with HPV carrier;
  • presence of micro-traumas in the tongue.

Therefore, with an eye on possible causes, it is necessary to follow the rules of prevention, which will protect yourself from the infection with papilloma, further long-term treatment. reasons for the appearance of papillomas under the tongue

Types of papillomas of the oral cavity

Papillomas that affect the tongue can be of two types:

  • Pointed. Such warts are similar to small, very sharp papillae, which have a pale pinkish color. They are thin, small, usually quite strongly interfere, because they constantly cling to their teeth, cheeks. They are quite dangerous because they are easily torn off, they can grow very much, resembling cauliflower in appearance. Most often, such a variety appears under the tongue, greatly interfering with the conversation, eating. Treatment of their long, you must be careful, as close to the veins.
  • Flat papillomas are formed in the form of flattenedPapules that have rounded, clear boundaries. Such warts slightly protrude above the surface of the skin, they differ more vividly. Usually, there are no big problems with such a papilloma, there are no painful sensations either. If it does not expand, then there is no need for urgent surgical removal, usually symptomatic treatment is prescribed.
  • Symptomatic of the papilloma in the mouth is quite simple: on the surface of the mucosa, elevations are formed, which can cause discomfort, uncomfortable swallowing. If the location on the back of the tongue, then there are such phenomena as the appearance of a tuberous tumor with a size of 2.5 cm. Most often these are formations similar to small leaf-shaped papillae, which easily break, forming bleeding sores. In this case, a treatment prescribed only by a doctor is necessary. There are also "folk" methods of fighting the virus, but, as a rule, they allow only to remove the external manifestation, and the virus itself remains in the body.

    Alternative medicine against papillomas of the tongue

    Removal of papilloma is recommended only forthe supervision of a doctor, but there are also several folk methods of combating warts, many of which are quite effective. What to do in this case? One such method is potato juice, which is recommended to take two glasses a day about thirty to sixty minutes before meals. To taste the juice was not so unpleasant, you can add to it apple. But here it is worthwhile to make a reservation, first we must try a small amount of apple juice, the papilloma can react strongly to such an irritant. Prepare the juice from the potatoes in this way: the red varieties are cleaned, rubbed on a fine grater, squeezed through two layers of clean gauze. Drink juice for two months, incidentally, it helps with diseases such as gastritis, ulcer, adenoma and many others. Potato sprouts help in the case when the papilloma was unintentionally disrupted during eating. To do this, the sprouts are washed and poured into bottles with 40-degree vodka or alcohol. The wound is smeared twice a day: morning and evening. The irritation goes away after about two days, the growth of the papilloma is not observed. From sprouts you can make and tincture, which produces an excellent therapeutic effect, removing papillomas from the surface of the cheeks. In any case, before you start using the methods of traditional medicine, you must first consult with an observing doctor who will clearly draw out the treatment scheme, tell you what you can use, and what is not recommended. Also, it is impossible to replace the doctor's scheme entirely with folk methods alone, this can lead to a significant deterioration, inflammation, and proliferation of papillomas on the surface of the tongue. treatment with papillomas

    General treatment of papilloma

    Papillomas under the tongue or on its surfaceare treated quite difficult, which is due to their location. But simple removal can not in any way remove the virus from the body, so complex treatment is necessary. In addition, the possibility of recurrence of the disease is approximately 30%, and this makes it necessary to follow preventive measures, to adhere to the treatment regimen in accuracy. The treatment itself is quite complicated, which is connected with the location of papillomas. Here, such methods as moxibustion are excluded, although they have proved themselves quite well on other parts of the body. In the treatment of a permanent sanitation of the oral cavity. First, the safest methods are used, albeit not so effective, it takes more time, but finding a build-up in the mouth puts forward its demands. More aggressive methods are used only if there is no progress in treatment. When assigning measures to remove the warts in the mouth, it is necessary to take into account such factors:

    • independent permission of papillomas;
    • very high risk of recurrence;
    • location of the papilloma on the oral mucosa.

    Such decisions are considered reasonable:

    • treat warts symptomatically, that is, when there is discomfort in eating, painful sensations, sprouting warts;
    • The papilloma requires constant observation.

    Doctors often prescribe antiviral drugs,to remove the cause of papillomas formation; take them internally and externally, a permanent sanitation of the mouth is used. With strong pain, excrescences, it is necessary to use invasive removal under anesthesia. In the language of warts are rare. This is good, since it is in the mouth of the papilloma that they are subjected to the most intense effects when eating food, warts can burst, grow very much, deliver painful sensations when eating, talking. In addition, it is in the mouth that they are affected by a large number of stimuli in the form of food, saliva. The treatment of warts that have appeared in the mouth is rather complicated, usually it is more prolonged than usual. Do not use moxibustion, it is not advisable to tear off warts on your face, apply medication that the doctor did not prescribe. If you have papillomas in the tongue, it is recommended that you immediately consult your doctor, who will prescribe adequate, correct treatment for this disease.