causes of bronchial asthma In Greek, the word "asthma" means"Suffocation", it is also called "dyspnea", coming from the bronchi. Bronchi and bronchioles resemble a tree with branches that extend from the trachea. Bronchiols are called vessels with a diameter that reaches a tenth of a millimeter. How to cure bronchial asthma?

What is bronchial asthma?

When diagnosed as "bronchial asthma" is not worth itdespair, since it can be cured if complex treatment is applied. Bronchi and bronchioles are an air-conducting zone. In the respiratory bronchioles there are alveolar courses responsible for gas exchange. Blood is saturated with oxygen through air, which moves along the bronchioles. The smallest bronchioles are air pores, where it heats up, getting rid of excess particles. The internal surface of the bronchi is covered with cells with cilia, which together with mucus interfere with harmful particles, prevent them from penetrating into the internal filter of the bronchi and lungs and direct them into the pharynx, protect the bronchi from chemical burns. The presence of antimicrobial substances helps protect the bronchi from viruses, prevents the development of infection. The mucosal mechanism of the mucosa cleans the air so that a person can breathe normally. Muscles (smooth muscles) regulate the flow of air. Reducing, the musculature causes a spasm (contraction) of the bronchial tree, which prevents the entry of various particles into the lungs and reduces the pollution of the air flow. With asthma, the clearance of the bronchial tree decreases, the flow of air decreases, and exhalation becomes difficult. Possible violation of patency of the smallest bronchi and bronchioles. When there is an attack of suffocation, the body begins to defend itself from the influence of aggressive factors. If a healthy person comes out into the cold from a warm room, then the temperature of the inhaled air changes immediately. Bronchi will begin to narrow with a reduction in the lumen between the walls. If dust gets into the respiratory tract, the excreted sputum will absorb it and withdraw it, without damaging the alveoli and preventing foreign matter from entering. In asthmatics, the body will react to external changes with greater force. Sputum will be allocated much more. It is more dense in composition and contains more cells of epithelial tissue (eosinophil), which make the vitreous phlegm. This makes it difficult to remove it from the respiratory tract and interferes with the exhalation of air. respiratory gymnastics for the treatment of bronchial asthma

Types of asthma and medications for treatment

Asthma is divided:

  • on atopic (allergic);
  • infectious-dependent (due to viral infections, chronic bronchitis or repeated pneumonia);
  • asthma of physical effort (when an attack of asthma occurs after physical exertion);
  • dyshormonal (with menopause);
  • psychogenic (due to prolonged psycho-emotional overstrain or mental shock).

Asthma is manifested by a paroxysmal cough andshortness of breath, even asphyxiation. This leaves vitreous sputum. Before this, mucus from the nose is abundantly allocated with sneezing and coughing. When asthma is characterized by a short breath and an extended exhalation. Attacks occur more often at night or in the morning, the body temperature rises. It is necessary to undergo a checkup so that the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment that can last a long time. If the attack is delayed and not stopped by drugs from asthma, only the "first aid" will help. It is convenient to use medicinal forms in the form of aerosols for inhalations. Epileptic seizures Berodula, Ipratropium bromide (Atrovent), Orciprenaline, Salbutamol (Salamol, Ventolin), Fenoterol hydrobromide (Berotek), Formoterol (Foradil). By showing patience and following all the recommendations, taking only those medications prescribed by the doctor, you can get rid of asthma forever. To stop and prevent seizures, drugs are used only if necessary or by short courses. Drugs that are taken continuously will not relieve the onset of an attack, but decrease the readiness of the bronchi to spasm. These drugs are prescribed for prolonged or continuous use. Most often the doctor prescribes hormonal drugs. Glucocorticoids in aerosols (Beclethamethasone, Budesonide, Fluticasone propionate, Fliksotid) are inhaled. Alternative medicine believes that asthma can occur because of a chronic decrease in energy potential. It is difficult to breathe in, which lasts longer than a more light exhalation. The asthmatic attack begins because of hyperventilation, oxidative stress and the resulting spasms of small vessels of the limbs, stagnation in the central venous system and sweating of blood plasma through the porous membranes of the alveolar capillaries.

Treatment of asthma with essential oils

Complex treatment includes drugs fromherbs and essential oils. To say "no" to asthma, it is recommended to take up to 3 drops of pure essential oil inside for a month. Treatment of essential oils should be monitored by a physician. You can add them to any vegetable oil (1 tbsp.) Or honey, moisten a piece of bread and put it in the crushed bread, swallow and wash down with water. Get a delicious tea from asthma, if mixed in a teapot with a capacity of 200 ml of essential oil (8-10 drops) and dry brew. The mixture should be infused for 3-5 days, after which hot water is poured into the kettle. The action of such a drug favorably affects the bronchi and the general condition of the patient. Anti-astatic essential oils are: cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, mint and rosemary, pine and bergamot. Preliminary it is necessary to make a test for allergy. This can only be done by a doctor. These oils are added to the baths (up to 12 drops), used to rub the breasts, add to the massage oil. It is useful to perform massage and use biologically active points. It will be easier to breathe, and asthma will be curable if you use aromatic or aromatic lamps and add essential oils 2 drops per 5 m³. Aromatize bed linen with fingers, oiled with essential oil. Helps with seizures wrapping wet flavored sheets. They are covered with dry blankets, put on a shirt or robe and rest for about an hour. It is useful to take a respiratory gymnastics course by the method of KP Buteyko, a course of paradoxical breathing according to the system of AN Strelnikova, to learn how to perform economical breathing. For economical breathing, you need to relax the muscles of the body and inhale air without noise, without straining, to do a thin trickle through the nose, slowly expanding the thorax and stomach. The exhalation is arbitrary without a pause, it takes the same time as the inhalation. Breathing must be calm, peaceful and focused. treatment of bronchial asthma with essential oils

Useful recommendations for the treatment of asthma

That there was no allergy - "provocateur"an asthmatic attack, the attending physician can advise you to stay away from dust collectors: fur coats, carpets, canopies, curtains. All sorts of soft toys, figurines and books must be kept on glass shelves. Pets, pillows and mattresses, feathers and feathers, woolen and cotton blankets are excluded, it is recommended to use synthetic ones. They have high airiness and maintain a moisture regime. Bed linen must be made of natural material, which does not cause allergies, does not attract dust and has no smell. Bed linen must be washed more often so that the tick does not accumulate. A five-minute wash in water, the temperature of which is + 25 ° C, is the most effective and easy way to combat allergens. Treatment of asthma will be successful if you dry your bedding under direct sunlight in the summer and frost it on the street in winter. There is no asthma in those who are engaged in daily wet cleaning, using for cleaning vacuums with a dust collector having thick walls and a valve system, or with the presence of aqua and non-filters. For washing vacuum cleaners special anti-allergenic additives are used. You can defeat asthma with the help of a three-phase breathing course. It trains the breathing apparatus and develops control over the muscles that carry out the process of breathing. Breathing three-phase is based on the use of the resistance of the jet, which is exhaled through the mouth with simultaneous pronunciation of hissing combinations of sounds. It is necessary to fix attention on the pause before inhaling after exhalation.

Bronchial asthma in choleric and sanguine

Asthma is treated according totemperament of the patient. The choleric ("bile") constantly feels dryness in the nose and bronchi, there are sinusitis and acute frontitis. Therefore choleric people can not wash their noses, even if it is advised by a doctor. Washing may cause allergy or bleeding through the nose, the temperature will appear. Choleric patients are recommended the following treatment with folk methods. Before taking medication, you need to clean the large intestine with a decoction from the bark of the buckthorn. It is necessary to say "yes" to hirudotherapy and purification of the blood with a decoction of burdock root or dandelion, and "no" - hot and spicy dishes, salted and fatty foods, citrus fruits, sour fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and fermented products. Treatment is carried out with clay compresses on the chest and a delicious medicine from elecampane root powder or licorice mixed with honey. It is necessary to take in the mouth an agent (1 tbsp.) And long to make sucking movements. For choleric patients, asthma will be curable if they begin to wear curative minerals. Medallions of tiger eye, sun stone, lapis lazuli, carnelian will remove irritation in the throat and nose. There are no holes in medical medallions. The leather lace is inserted into the glued ring. Beneficial effect of the treatment is infusion of herbs. Blend flowers of calendula and chamomile, fruits of anise ordinary, leaves of peppermint, wild marshmallow, plantain, mother-and-stepmother, licorice roots are naked, elecampane high in equal proportions by weight. Collection (1 tbsp.) Is steamed in a thermos (250 ml) with boiling water. After insisting (2-3 hours), they drink 50 ml after meals three times a day. Sanguine ("blood") constantly complain of flushing. The physician ascertains the increased blood filling of this or that site in the peripheral vascular system. The patient is often feverish with dryness in the mouth and throat, burning in the chest, bitterness in the mouth due to waste sputum with unpleasant taste, he wants to drink, he often has bronchitis and ARI, so the doctor will prescribe a treatment for relief of symptoms. There are no contraindications for such a composition of herbs for infusion: mixed in equal parts by weight fruits of anise, fennel, flax seed, thyme. For steaming 1 tbsp. l. the mixture needs boiling water (250 ml). After 15-20 minutes after infusion under the lid, all is filtered and take infusion warm three times a day for 50 ml. Treatment is performed with soothing and relaxing means. They wear medallions from lapis lazuli. herbal infusion for the treatment of asthma

Bronchial asthma in phlegmatic and melancholic

Phlegmatic ("slime") is not necessary oftento be in the cold. The mucus will become dense and will be poorly excreted from the body. The disease is manifested by sticky saliva, swelling, heaviness in the head, irregular blood pressure, apathy and loss of appetite, inflammation of the tonsils and frontal sinuses, filling with the moisture of the lungs, which causes hoarse sounds, the appearance of transparent or white sputum. There is shortness of breath, coughing with vomiting, the face turns blue. The doctor will prescribe treatment for strengthening the lymphatic system and treating problems in the throat and frontal sinuses. The treatment is carried out with the help of therapeutic vomiting, conducted every day (two weeks) in the morning. For this purpose, drink tea (3 items) from licorice and drink with sea salt water (1 tsp per 0.5 l). Filling the stomach, mechanically cause vomiting. Contraindicated in hypertension and hypotension, with diaphragmatic hernia, ulcerous, cardiovascular diseases, the elderly and children. You can not overeat and sleep much, so as not to provoke an asthma attack. It is necessary to cleanse the body, taking linseed oil (1 tsp) up to 3 times a day, eating dry food, excluding cow's milk and cottage cheese, starch, unripe and sour fruits, sugar and cucumbers, watermelons and wheat. Often the doctor recommends to stop and prevent an attack with passive breaths through the nose and active exhalations with effort. First you need to breathe at a slow pace, then gradually increase the speed, making 30 exhalations and minute breaks. It is useful to inhale the smoke of wormwood and rub your chest with rough gloves, gently rubbing a little sea salt or soda. You need to wear a medallion from the tiger's eye and put a warm compress on the breast with sea salt and clay (you can not heat it). It is useful to insist (3 hours) flowers Mullein (1 item of boiling water - 5 pcs.) And drink warm by 1/3 st. three times a day before meals. Melancholic ("black bile") is hardest to endure asthmatic attacks. They are always disturbed by external stimuli: traffic jams, sharp sounds, unpleasant odors, and lack of sleep. They sweat a little, quickly get excited and get tired. The disease manifests itself in wheezing and coughing. They often suffer from constipation, anxiety and the need for warm drinking due to constant thirst and dry mouth. The doctor can prescribe treatment with cleansing micro-enemas (in the mornings and at night) with warmed sesame oil or decoction from aire, fennel or ginger with sea salt (1 teaspoon per 1 liter of broth). The medallion should be worn out of sun stone, to drink tea or hot milk with mullein flowers. You can not eat raw food, peas, beans, beans, foods that cause fermentation. You can eat warm, fatty and moist food, sour juices from lemon, cornel, melon, pumpkin and watermelon, goat milk, grape juice mixed with aloe juice and sesame oil (1 tsp).