the causes of the appearance of a wen on the body Wen (lipoma) - a benign tumor,which very rarely turns into a malignant form. Neoplasm in the skin, which usually does not cause any symptoms or problems, can be a wen: the reasons for its formation are associated with a metabolic disorder in the body. Is it dangerous for life and health? If the mass formed in the form of lumps under the skin is set by the doctor as a fatty gland, it can deliver a lot of trouble to the patient. Soft domed lumps under the skin are located next to the internal organs and squeeze the vessels and nerves. The causes of the appearance of the wen are diverse and not fully understood by medicine. Appearance on the skin of a person of a variety in shape and size of the wen became a noticeable cosmetic defect. Inside the body, the adipose can also begin to develop; he appears in the esophagus, on the mammary gland, even in the brain. In most cases, it is impossible to determine whether a patient has a wen. Many types of Wen do not bother the patient, do not hurt, do not itch. correct treatment of a wen in the home

What are the causes of the appearance of the tumor?

At any age, taking care of your health is very important. To understand what a WenWorld is, you need to understand the reasons for its appearance. Otherwise, how can you find out which treatments to choose from in order to get rid of the disease? The appearance of a tumor is possible under certain conditions that create a metabolic disorder in the body. If the tumor is mobile, does not hurt, does not itch, perhaps it formed a fatty, the causes of which are diverse: an important role is played by a hereditary factor and a decrease in the immune status. It is unsafe to injure the skin, organs and tissues. Benign tumor, adipose (lipoma), occurs with the same frequency in both men and women. Where do lipomas most often appear? The most vulnerable to the appearance of a tumor, such as the adipose, are the areas of the body where there is not the largest fatty layer. According to statistics, one in 1,000 patients develops from one to several tumors on the skin. Education can occur on the head, the mammary gland and in any other part of the human body. Most patients note the absence of any discomfort as a result of its appearance. The form of the tumor attracts attention: round or oval. The consistency of the tumor is mild; it is not connected with surrounding tissues, moderately mobile. When you feel, there is no pain. Significantly pendulous skin on the face or body indicates that the fatty gland has increased in volumes, the causes of changes in tissues are due to edema, stagnation of blood, necrosis. Tumor in the face affects the patient's psyche negatively, changing the shape of the face. If there is a group of limes, the state of discomfort is aggravated. The lipoma can be located in the esophagus; in this case there are: coughing, nausea, difficulty swallowing. The adipose, located in the mediastinum, causes hoarseness of the voice; the patient's face becomes pale, puffy. Especially dangerous is the adipose in the brain: meningeal symptoms develop; there is excruciating vomiting that does not bring relief to the patient. The mammary gland causes pain in the chest, restriction of movements on the affected side.

Folk methods of tumor treatment

Folk methods of lipoma treatment are based ona powerful base of ancient knowledge. In the process of many years of research, the scientists found out that in about 20% of cases, it is not necessary to promptly treat the adipose tissue, it is enough to take advantage of the advice of traditional medicine. The facts of recovery of patients with a lipoma are known. The folk remedy for zhirovikov contains in its composition extracts from herbs that have fat-dissolving properties. In people who have normal or even excess body weight, the adipose is treated with a method of drug-free treatment with biologically active liquids (BAJ). Folk methods are not a panacea for this tumor, but in many cases get rid of it. Lipoma (adipose) is well suited to folk methods of treatment. If treatment is planned to be carried out at home, an affordable folk remedy for zhirovik is celandine juice. It is used to lubricate the lipoma according to a certain scheme. Some people use other folk methods to get rid of the unaesthetic kind of tumor. The grease is treated with an antiseptic, followed by lubrication with castor oil and 9% hydrogen peroxide. Treatment causes a ruptured skin; the contents are removed and the initial wound treatment is performed with a sterile dressing applied. There are certain folk methods for getting rid of lipoma with the help of iodine. Tumor after lubrication resolves, but before the procedure for the night, put a bandage with baked onions. Wen can be processed with a dark soap and soap balm "Asterisk". If the symptoms do not disappear, the treatment is carried out for a month: the ointment is fully capable of extracting the liquid from the capsule. You can treat with ointment from laundry soap and onions, taken in equal parts. Thanks to such bandages, the wen completely disappears. Folk recipes provide for the consumption of some plants inside. Cinnamon, as an antiseptic, is useful for 1 tbsp. spoon several times a day. It is best if the wen will be removed by a specialist. When correctly performed, the operation excludes the possibility of infection of the wound. If zhirovik causes only a cosmetic defect, it is not dangerous. treatment of wen by surgical method

Medicinal treatment of lipoma

The formation of tumors that exceed indiameter of 5 cm, provides for medical intervention in their development. To treat a grease is necessary, if there is pain, redness, discomfort in the place of its location. With severe symptoms of suppuration, it is necessary to remove the adipose; treatment is only prompt and urgent. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination of the patient and start treating a large adipose after confirming the diagnosis with ultrasound. As a rule, specialists in plastic surgery or medical practitioners are divided into three stages: therapeutic, surgical and folk. A large fatty can not be left untreated: it causes a lot of discomfort to the patient, sometimes causes sudden sharp pain. With a careful study under the microscope formed lipoma, you can make sure that the best remedy for the wen-driers is surgical removal. The surgeon focuses on fast-growing lipoma. There is a failure in the organs located next to the lipoma. Treatment is necessary with general weakness, fatigue, depression. In time, the prescribed therapy promotes a favorable outcome of an unpleasant disease. baked onions for the treatment of wenroot folk method

Operative treatment of benign lipoma

The grease is removed during an operation that isthe most radical way to get rid of the tumor. The doctor makes a puncture of the lipoma and determines its contents: most often it is a liquid of yellow color. If the adipes turn red and hurt, medical intervention is necessary to avoid complications. Perhaps its infection and suppuration. The grease on the face is removed by means of a laser device: it pulls out the capsule of the tumor. Drug therapy after the appearance of lipoma is the use of resorptive drugs. It is important to remember that any remedy for zhirovikov can be used only after consultation with an oncologist. Seizure of sebaceous ducts leads to the formation of a tumor - lipoma. It can disappear on its own. If the neoplasm does not disturb the patient, a special medicine is prescribed in the form of applications, which resolves the tumor. Surgery to remove the tumor is necessary if the lipoma (adipose) squeezes the internal organs. Very often such operations are conducted in clinics of plastic surgery. If necessary, you can remove the wen yourself at home. This method deserves attention, although possible negative consequences after its application. At home, it is difficult to observe the sterility of tools and materials and, therefore, infection of the wound is possible. To remove the wen, it is smeared with ointment from hemlock. At home, it is good to use broths of herbs: elderberry, plantain, nettle. A tumor that results from inadequate functioning of the liver requires the use of herbs that improve the functioning of this organ. Reduce the concentration of fat in the tumor decoctions of herbs, such as ayr, ginger, wormwood. Wen in the home is treated not only with drugs. Patient needs patience and careful execution of all manipulations.