hormonal failure symptoms Hormones play an important role in how muchwell and properly functioning your body and how you feel every day. If your hormones are in balance, you sleep well, are full of energy in the day, experience sexual attraction and have an ideally functioning immune and digestive system. A healthy body can produce all the necessary hormones that a woman needs throughout her life. But these hormones can easily fall into a "mess", opening a place for a wide range of hormonal disorders.

Causes of hormonal failure

Usually hormonal failures in the body in womenoccur during menopause or because of the characteristics of the menstrual cycle and the work of hormonal glands. However, there are other causes of such failures. They arise when the production of hormones in the body does not occur in the amount necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Most often, such hormonal failure occurs in women over forty. However, in recent years, such violations have also increased in young girls. Why? The fact is that today many women are too busy with their work and can not give their body due attention. Even in cases when the symptoms of the disease are obvious, they take it too lightly, without realizing the consequences, until the situation becomes absolutely critical. Women do not understand that at the very beginning of the illness a little treatment can completely get rid of the problem, whereas the longer the failure lasts, the harder it gets rid of. Hormones play a very big role in our body. They participate in the regulation of its functions, so even small violations of their balance affect the whole body. The most important female hormones are estrogen and progesterone. If their ratio is disturbed at least a little, there is a hormonal imbalance. Usually this is manifested with an increase in the level of estrogen, which is observed during puberty in girls. In young women with a hormonal failure, its causes can be different. This can happen with malnutrition, the early onset of the menopause period, the wrong way of life. In addition, hormonal failure can be provoked by the use of hormonal birth control pills, stress, fatigue and other negative factors. This failure can cause hormonal drugs. Hormonal failures in women over forty are usually due to the onset of menopause. During this period, the formation of oocytes ceases, in connection with which the intake of estrogen significantly decreases. Symptoms of impairment are expressed in night sweats, irritability, hot flashes, severe fatigue. In this case, the failure of the hormonal background is caused by natural factors, so it is useless to treat it. Of course, this state of affairs does not suit neither the sick person nor her environment, and they begin to cure the consequences of the malfunction, but all are ineffectual. As for young women, they have hormonal disorders - this is, as a rule, a violation of the body's activity, and it should be treated. Often such a disease occurs after delivery, but over time, the balance of hormones comes back to normal without additional intervention, and it can not be treated. But hormonal disorders after abortion require special attention - the consequences of it can be the most unpredictable. Abortion usually turns into a whole heap of gynecological diseases, and this does not happen immediately after surgery. Sometimes disruptions in the body begin several years after the abortion. Therefore, having decided on abortion, be ready to begin intensive treatment to get rid of the negative consequences of the operation and do not miss the first symptoms of a possible illness. Hormonal disorders in women can cause the appearance of diseases such as uterine fibroids, atherosclerosis, polycystic ovaries, fibrocystic breast formations, migraines, asthma and many others, whose treatment can last for years. hormonal disbalance

Symptoms of hormonal failure

In time to warn all seriousconsequences of hormonal failure, it is necessary to know its causes. In general, hormonal failure in women can have the following symptoms: irregular menstruation, irritability and frequent mood changes, weight gain, dryness of the vagina, headaches. Women who suffered a hormonal failure, signs of it manifested themselves in a decrease in sexual desire, insomnia and chronic fatigue, hair loss, the appearance of wrinkles and the growth of hair on the face. Determine the presence of hormonal failure a physician can by means of an analysis on hormones and a general blood test. If the results of these tests have confirmed a hormonal failure, treatment of it is assigned as to the causes of this failure. It usually consists of hormone therapy, the purpose of which is to regulate the level of hormones. As a rule, these are preparations containing natural or artificial hormones. In some cases, nutritional supplements, dieting and a healthy lifestyle are prescribed as treatments, resulting in a hormonal background in the body coming to normal, and a woman can live a full life. If you feel any symptoms of hormonal failure, immediately consult a specialist. They will be able to establish the causes of these symptoms and start treatment on time and regulate the hormonal balance by eliminating these causes. And then hormonal failure will not cause great harm to the body. hormonal failure in women

Prevention and treatment of hormonal failure

Treatment of hormonal disorders always requirestime. Often it must be carried out regularly. However, no matter how long it takes time, to conduct it, in order to avoid major health problems, it is necessary. Now many therapeutic technologies have been developed, including the use of various drugs that restore the hormonal balance of women. For the prevention and treatment of various hormonal disorders using mastodinone, restoring the menstrual cycle, climadinone, alleviating the symptoms of menopause, cyclodinone, regulating the menstrual cycle, and much more. Take any of these drugs without the appointment of a specialist is not recommended. Only it is possible to determine as precisely as possible which of them will be optimal for the treatment of a particular disease. We advise you to read: