hair straightening in different ways Beautiful hair is an ornament of any girl. But they do not always look the way we would like. There are many problems associated with their appearance. Often this is related to their health, and in this case it is better to do their treatment. However, many girls just want to change their appearance. At whom dark hair, want light, at whom direct - dream about wavy, and on the contrary. A variety of modern tools to change the appearance of the hair can change at least every day. And all have long been accustomed to and learned to masterfully transform themselves with a hair dryer, curling iron, hair curlers, or using a straightener and other equipment. However, also all noticed that all this after long use begins to harm curls and spoils their appearance. Therefore, more often girls began to be interested in ways by which you can achieve the desired effect with the least damage to your curls. Now you will learn about several options, how to straighten hair without a straightener.

Cosmetical tools

The cosmetic means include the followingmeans: cream, masks, whey, sprays and shampoos. These remedies are the most sparing of modern methods for straightening hair. In addition to chemical elements that smooth them, they contain various natural components. It can be proteins of silk and wheat, extracts of medicinal herbs, various oils - olive, castor, avocado oil. These substances perform the restoring function, give shine and make them well-groomed. Well, if the composition of creams, shampoos and masks for hair include creatine and silicone. They weight and smooth the hair. With the task of weighting, creams for straightening hair that are applied to washed and dried curls are good. But an important drawback of this remedy is that after applying creams the hair quickly becomes dirty. As an alternative to creams, balms are used after washing. You need to know that these drugs work well against slightly wavy hair, and if you are the owner of luxurious curls, then you will need more serious means. hair straightening by cosmetic means

Special chemicals

As is clear from the title, straightening is carried out withusing chemical ingredients. The procedure for chemical straightening is best entrusted to specialists. The essence of the procedure is the application of sodium hydroxide on the hair. Sometimes it is used with Vaseline cream, which prevents skin burns. To fix the effect, the neutralizer is applied, and the procedure is completed by air conditioning treatment. For the maintenance of hair in proper form, the treatment with chemicals should be carried out somewhere in 2-3 months. It should be noted that the chemical correction greatly damages the hair, since it softens their upper layer. Do not forget to feed them.


This method is also good for not very curlyhair. The procedure for biolamination resembles the staining procedure. The hair is applied a special product, which contains only natural ingredients. The composition envelops each hair, covering it with a transparent protective "film". The whole procedure of biolamination takes about half an hour, and then the hair is treated with standard cosmetics. After that, the locks become heavier, become silky, acquire shine and elasticity. Today, the means for biolamination are sold in many drugstores, cosmetic stores, which allows you to do this procedure yourself at home. But think about your beauty and trust professionals. The specialist will do everything right and with a quality product. Straightening hair with a hair dryer and a brush

Using a hair dryer and a brush

The most accessible and popular way of straighteningis the use of a hair dryer and a brush. Everyone knows that it is better to lay and straighten wet curls. First, comb their comb with large teeth. Then, to fix the effect, you can apply a fixing varnish, mousse or gel. For protection against hot air, it can be treated with a thermal protection spray. Now take a round brush - brashing - and slowly combing individual strands, as if drawing them out, dry with a blower with a special nozzle. The hair dryer should be kept so that the air blows from the roots to the tips. Such manipulation should be carried out with each strand, separating the rest of the wet hair with a clamp. The main disadvantage of this method is its fragility. After a while and with increased humidity, the effect is reduced.

Try folk remedies

Folk remedies not only do not harm the hair, buteven on the contrary, they heal and give shine. The most popular methods are masks made of oils, gelatin. Olive, castor and burdock oil heavily weight and nourish the hair, giving them a healthy appearance. A mask with oils should be done for 15-20 minutes, wrapped in a thermo-pack and towel. In the gelatin, many proteins that have a positive effect on the structure of the hair. Gelatin has enveloping properties, prevent their cross-section and puff. For a gelatin mask, dissolve about a tablespoon of gelatin in a glass of warm water, add a little water and a few drops of oil. Apply the mixture to the hair without warming, and rinse after 20 minutes with water. Now that you know how to straighten your hair without a straightener, choose the one that best suits your needs. Let your curls shine with health and beauty.