why the hair is cut off Broken split hair - the picture is not pleasant. And with this problem most often encounter girls who want to grow hair below the shoulder blades. This is a regularity - the less often you trim the ends, the harder it is to take care of the head. Lack of vitamins, chlorinated water, aggressive environmental influences, improper care - sometimes the body simply can not cope with such a load.

How to break hair: determine the type of section

If the length of your hair is more than 30 cm orif you live in a dirty city, with this trouble you can be familiar not by hearsay. How can we cope with such a nuisance? The only way out is to cut the stratified ends. In the future, so you do not have to constantly get cut under the "hedgehog", you will need to find out why the hair is cut. It is much easier to eliminate the source of the problem than to treat the consequences. Determine the cause of occurrence can be done independently, by examining several problematic hairs. First, swipe your fingers over the surface. Do you feel any roughness, nodules, any processes? Then look at the ends themselves. Whether they are all slack, what is the length of the damage, etc. Perhaps you have trichoclasia. In this case, the cause of the cross section is the physical and chemical effects. As a result, the tips and the base of the rod begin to separate. However, it practically does not affect the bulb. In this case, you should stop experimenting with your hair (do nails, staining, chemistry) to put yourself in order. It will also be necessary to cut off centimeters of 10-15, since the cut hair can not be saved. It is not uncommon for cases of trichoptilosis, when the tips are split into 3-4 parts, representing a kind of brush. Sometimes the bulb itself suffers, then the stem begins to separate from the root itself. Do not hit all the hair at once, but only some areas. To my great regret, at first it is very difficult to notice a similar problem. After a couple of months, the condition of the head of hearing gets very bad. It loses its natural shine, it becomes dry and lifeless. This is mainly due to disruption of the sebaceous glands. Affect the failure could as diseases (tuberculosis, influenza, anemia), and improper hair care. This can be frequent washing, a bad shampoo, chlorinated water, a hard or an old comb. Also you can have a banal fragility of hair. Usually such a problem is faced by long-haired women. The tips of this hair is broken when combed, dried or screwed on curling iron, curlers. The remaining part begins to separate, cracks are formed along the entire length of the rod. As in the previous case, the general condition is also greatly deteriorating. The reason is a lack of vitamins or a serious illness. why hair cross

Why sekutsya hair and how to deal with it

  • Heredity

Most of these diseases, such as dry and brittlehair, bad skin condition, yellow teeth, we are transferred from our parents or grandparents. In this case, you should take yourself and your health more seriously. The main thing is to take all the precautions so that you do not show it.

  • Bad ecology and water

Exhaust gases, dust, cigarette smoke - this, toUnfortunately, today's fair sex can not be avoided. You can advise only one - to go constantly in the headdress. Also very badly affects our health of chlorine. It dries out the skin and hair. Therefore, put the cleaning filters on the faucet or defend the water, so that all the harmful substances escape from it.

  • Improper care

Coarse comb, drying with hair dryers on highpower, thermal impact irons and curling irons - all this can also lead to trauma to the hair. Try as little as possible to do naches, chemistry, waving. After washing your head, use a terry towel, as it absorbs moisture better. Do not braid or comb your wet hair. From time to time, go with loose hair. One and the same hairstyle can harm the transferred strings of hair or a barrette strands. Also, women should not use heavy and massive jewelry. Pulling hair down, they severely injure the rod and bulb. The same goes for African braids, when weave in foreign curls, dreadlocks and build-ups.

  • Dehydration

A person should use about 2 liters per dayliquid. It is desirable that it is purified or filtered water without gas. Not a bad thirst quencher green tea, sour juices home cooking. But with the store products should be careful. The sweet drinks contain dyes, flavors, flavor stabilizers and a host of other chemicals. Also, do not abuse coffee, black tea and alcoholic beverages.

  • Improper diet

Love fried food, you often look infast food establishments, and at home prefer to prepare instant food and use only semi-finished products? Then there is nothing surprising in the fact that your tips have started to be cut off. Reconsider your diet. Start eating fish (salmon, herring, tuna), nuts (cashew, walnuts, peanuts).

  • Poor haircut

Remember when you last visitedhairdressing salon. A month, six months, a year ago? The longer you delay with a trip to the stylist, the higher the probability of this problem. The tips should be cut at least once every 3 weeks. Do not necessarily shorten the entire length, enough to cut at least 5 mm. In doing so, pay special attention to the instruments of the hairdresser. Ask them to show you the scissors. If they are not sharp and barely cut a sheet of paper, then the reasons for the cross section of the hair are clear. In this case it is better to change the wizard. Such negligence is not permissible, especially for real masters. There is also a risk that this institution does not even sterilize equipment after previous customers.

  • Infectious diseases

After two to three months after the disease, the hair canstart to split up, break down and fall out. Usually this happens if you took antibiotics or you had a high fever. Continue to care for the hair, use nourishing masks and balms, cut ends. After 6-7 months your head of hearing will be fully restored.

  • Childbirth

Representatives of the fair sex, recentlybecome mothers, not by hearsay are familiar with the problem of split hair. In this case, it is necessary to temporarily stop making complex hairstyles using mousses, foams, ironing and hairdryers. About chemistry, staining and other similar procedures will have to be forgotten for at least the next six months. During this time the head of hear will have time to at least partially renew.

  • Disease of internal organs

Hair suddenly began to separate and fall out,The growing strands are very thin and brittle, but you are not healthy at the same time? Urgently go for a look! Possible problems with reproductive organs, glands with internal secretion, etc. Only after you are completely cured, you can take measures to restore hair.

  • Skin diseases

Dry seborrhea is one of the most commonThe reasons why hair begin to be cut. Itching, white dandruff, loss of shine, small wounds and lesions on the skin are the main symptoms of this disease. In the initial stages, treatment with folk methods is acceptable: masks from onions, garlic, butter, honey, herbal tinctures and herbs. In case of aggravation or deterioration of the condition, a comprehensive medical examination and supervision by a trichologist is recommended. He will appoint the right ointments, cream, pills, which will help you to get rid of dry seborrhea once and for all. On average, the treatment of this disease in patients takes from three months to six months.

  • Avitaminosis

Do not buy vitamins at random, thinking that theyequally useful and completely harmless. Only a doctor can find out what is appropriate for you. In addition, they need to be taken exactly as scheduled, as well as drugs, while adhering to a certain diet. Otherwise, there will be no benefit from them.

  • Stress

All diseases are from nerves. The more you get angry, worried, afraid, the less prolactin is produced in your body. But this hormone is necessary so that you can easily withstand stressful situations. But cortisol in this case is produced in a double, and even triple the norm. As a result, the fair sex begins to recover greatly. A very full woman with falling and split hair - it's unlikely that you would like to fit this description. The solution to the problem is very simple, it is enough to stop being nervous. In extreme cases, make a note to a specialist who will help you get rid of increased anxiety and hysteria. Then do not forget to look to the hairdresser, will be able to choose the means to care for dry, lifeless and puffing hair.

  • Hormonal disbalance

In the period of menopause in the body of beautiesthere is a hormonal breakdown. As a result, girls become more aggressive, they have frequent mood swings, pimples appear on the face, and hair hangs. Therefore, it is so important at this critical moment to be observed by a specialist who will help to cope with all the problems that have arisen. Usually a gynecologist prescribes a course of treatment and prescribes special medications, thanks to which menopause does not affect the health of beautiful women in any way. why the tips of hair are cut off

Rules for well-groomed and healthy hair

Become the owner of beautiful hair thatwill attract the attention of men, very simple. It is enough to follow the 10 basic rules listed below. So, regardless of status, age and financial capabilities, every self-respecting girl should:

  • Continuous medical examination;
  • Select high-quality cosmetics for hair care;
  • Make nourishing and moisturizing masks. You can use both folk beauty recipes and shop products. In the first case, you can save more than one hundred rubles. You will not notice a special difference between them.
  • Once a month to visit a hairdresser to do a haircut. If necessary, take a recovery course;
  • Do not wash your hair every day. Maximum - 3 times a week. The more often you do, the faster the hair and skin will become dirty;
  • Be careful with damp hair. If you still need to comb, use a scallop with sparse teeth.
  • Avoid permanent thermal, physical or chemical effects on the hair;
  • Buy a good comb. Old cogs can form cracks, grooves, chips that will cling to the hair;
  • Wearing a hat. Protect your head from direct sunlight, wind, frost and rain.
  • Give rest to your hair. Do not constantly build up, paint, curl, smooth your head. At least 2-3 months a year, take breaks between procedures.

And finally remember, it is better to have a shorta neat haircut than long, untrodden hair with marked ends. Do not think that men do not notice such defects. Simply, unlike many of the fair sex, they prefer to remain silent in such situations. We advise you to read: