beautiful hairstyle for long hair At all times, long wavy hair wasan ornament of any woman, after all curly hair is a real wealth. Although the styling and care for such a length of hair - a matter of painstaking, but they look chic. To give these hair a beautiful look, you can make some haircut for long curly curls. However, before you cut your hair, you need to take into account the structure of the curl. Women with elastic curls will suit only certain haircuts, and owners wavy ringlets to face almost all hair. Girls who have long wavy hair, always attracted male attention. And there is nothing surprising in this, because such girls are associated with romantic and kind fairy-tale characters. Having a head of this length, you can create a real masterpiece on your head that will attract the attention of all around. Stunning hairstyle for long wavy hair will easily pay for all the troubles and efforts that have been expended to create such a hairstyle. haircuts on curly hair

Haircuts for curly hair

Haircut for long hair that curl, canpick up not only a hairdresser, having a special computer program - you can choose your hair yourself. Most often, the haircut of long curls consists in trimming the split ends. However, if desired, a special form of hair can be given, resorting to a variety of techniques. So, for example, in order to make the hair look lush and luxurious, the curls are cut with frequent and deep steps. With this haircut, the curls are neatly stacked separately. Curly hair, which is trimmed with a ladder or even, can simply be disheveled, creating a fashionable mess on the head with the help of foam for styling. The tips of the curls must be cut at least once every three months. Thanks to this, curly locks will only benefit. Cutting hair, it is desirable to use "hot scissors" that seal the tips of curls, which will not allow the curls to lose moisture and start the cross section. A haircut for long curly hair is recommended to be selected in such a way that you do not need to lay it for a long time. To do this, it is necessary to focus on the fact that visually the shape of the person with such a hairdo looked perfect. Cascade Some stylists believe that the cascade is outdated, but it is on the long wavy ringlets that it looks luxurious. Also, with this haircut, hair can easily be laid in braids or Greek hairstyles. The hairstyle will not look very neat if the hair is the same length. Although, of course, on curly hair, the difference in the length of the strands is invisible, but if you use "ironing" to level the curls, it is better to take care of the cut line beforehand. Cascade can and seems a lot boring and banal, but this haircut looks pretty impressive. With the help of this hairstyle, you can easily identify each curl, emphasizing its uniqueness and beauty. Choosing the hair style for wavy ringlets, you need not forget that you need to regularly maintain the appearance of your curls. Graduated haircut Such a haircut will give curly locks a shape. With the help of such a hairstyle the silhouette will turn out to be soft and oval. For such a hairstyle will need:

  • straight scissors;
  • thinning scissors;
  • comb.
  • Before you cut your hair, your head needs to be washed and combed, taking into account the direction of the natural growth of the curls.
  • Then, at the level of the upper points of the ears,A horizontal part that divides the back of the head into the upper and lower parts. The second such parting must be done from ear to ear through the vertex. The hair, which is located in the upper occipital and in the frontal-parietal areas, must be twisted into a flagellum and clamped with clamps.
  • Start the haircut from the bottom of the nape. To do this, you need to set the line of the classic square, that is parallel to the edge of the growth of the locks, you need to comb the horizontal strand near the neck and trim it to the desired length with zero pull. This prjadka becomes control. Then the hair must be combed with parallel prorings and cut them on the control strand. It is necessary to make sure that the cut line is clear and even.
  • Then the upper occipital zone needs to be processed using the "strand to strand" method. This haircut should be done with a small brace. The length of the curls can be any.
  • Temporal-lateral strands need to be leveled according to the level of the occipital cut. It is important to remember that the cut line must be made smooth. At the given hairstyle sharp differences in length of the next strands do not arise.
  • Hair on the front-parietal zone must be combed back, correcting the length along the length of previously trimmed strands. The cut must be conducted in a straight line, directing the scissors perpendicular to the growth of the curls.
  • Next, you must perform a thorough edging throughout the head.
  • Then with thinning scissors it is necessary to finish the tips of the curls. In the event that the curls are very thick, then the thinning should be done 5-6 cm deep.
  • During the haircuts on long curly hair, imperfections are not always immediately visible. In order to see them, you need to dry your head with a hairdryer, and then eliminate all the shortcomings.
  • styling of wavy hair

    Laying of long wavy hair

    Unfortunately, there is not always the time and opportunityin order to do the laying of the curls in the salons. But do not get upset, because you can put long wavy locks in your home. And you can do it in such a way that the hair will stay for a long time, and it will look good in this case. And in fact, there is nothing complicated in this. For styling you will need:

    • hairspray light fixation;
    • shine for the hair;
    • brush;
    • flat comb;
    • hairpins.


    • It is necessary to wash your hair and gently dry it with a hairdryer. They must be completely dry.
    • Then you need to make a haircut on the back of the head and on the top of the head with a flat comb.
    • With the help of a brush, you must carefully align the upper part of the curls so that the combs are inside.
    • Brushed hair must first be twisted into a bundle, and then bundled into a bundle, fixing it with hairpins.
    • Remaining hair can be placed asymmetrically, laying on the shoulder. Hairstyle is ready.

    Simple rules for the care of curly hair

    The structure of curly ringlets is quite complicated andrequires compulsory care. Wavy curl forms curls, in which the folds are very vulnerable. And so improper care can damage your hair. In order for this to happen, you must follow a few simple rules:

    • Long wavy hair no need to washvery often, as daily washing can harm the curls. Shampoo should be used only for your type of curls. It should be applied only to the roots of the curls, and the tips will be washed away when the shampoo is washed off.
    • You can not abuse hot styling, becauseyou can dry your hair. It is best to use a hairdryer with a diffuser, which in addition will help also to form elastic curls. In order to keep the hairstyle longer, at the end of the styling the hair dryer needs to be switched to cold mode, so that the curls cool. Once a week, the hair should be allowed to dry itself.
    • Also, the hair must be regularly moistened. To do this, you can use ready-made masks for curly locks or cook them yourself using the recipes of our grandmothers.
    • For laying curly ringlets it is not necessaryuse a brush with a frequent bristle. It is better to buy a comb with sparse teeth. Long curly curls can not often be combed. In order to give them the right shape, you can use your fingers. And of course, that hair always looked stylish and well-groomed, it is necessary to choose the right haircut.