laying quads Few know that such a popular hairdokare came in modern fashion from the distant past, it appeared in ancient Egypt. And then the smooth transitions, brilliance and beauty of the hair that appeared due to this hairstyle were preferred not only by women, but also by men. But among the fair sex hairstyles for short hair became popular only in the 20-ies of the last century. And since then they do not cease to be fashionable, except that the technique of execution and ways of packing change. The variants of the quads today are most popular among those women who can not boast of long hair. different hairstyles for short hair

To whom does the haircut of the square fit?

It should be noted that such a wonderful hairstyle,as a penalty, is suitable for very many women. Admittedly the stylists, such an option is simply ideal for those fine ladies who have straight, thick hair with a straight bang. However, do not get upset to those of the fair sex who do not go bangs. As you know, the penalty looks great without a bang. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of this haircut - its versatility. It should be noted that the hairstyle of the square is excellent for both women whose strands are twisted, and for those with straight lines. Very popular with beautiful ladies with short hair are hairstyles with elongated front strands and a short back of the head, square with curved tops. Young girls often prefer asymmetric quads, middle-aged women choose a variant with an oval contour. If a fair-sex woman does not have a very long neck, and her face looks like an oval, then the best option is a square with an open neck; today it is in great fashion. With this option, the woman always looks attractive. At the neck level, the strands are cut short, and then formed with a toe. Such hairstyles are suitable for those girls who have straight, short curls, and if they are slightly curled, they can be straightened without difficulty with the help of ironing. Beautiful women with wavy ringlets from the above option, it is better to refuse and choose something more suitable. Women with curly curls and a narrow face perfectly fit the square in the form of a ball. Such a hairstyle is not difficult to do, but it looks very attractive. The outer strands are treated with thinning scissors, and thus the haircut becomes lush, dynamic and even somewhat pompous. For girls who have short, thin hair that does not hold the shape well, the most appropriate option is a full-graded square. The volume and structure of such a haircut are carried out due to neat steps. If you choose a classic square, you can make several options for styling. So, curls can be stacked with a hair dryer and a round brush inside. You can also comb your hair back, you can make romantic waves, pin the strands at your temples. The invention of the ancient Egyptians is ideal for a successful business woman, whose employment does not allow her to take care of long hair, so she prefers short hairstyles. Sports girls like this option also fits perfectly, because it does not take much time. But women who prefer short hairstyles, but have not yet decided to make a haircut for the boy, just fit the square on the leg. It should be noted that all this perfectly accentuates attention on the line of shoulders and neck. Such a hairstyle is most often preferred by those ladies who have subtle facial features - it looks simply amazing. beautiful styling styling

How does the haircut fit?

Short hair is good, above all, becausethey do not require a lot of time for packing, but the time today is most valued. Stacking is carried out with the help of a foam, which is evenly distributed throughout the length of the hairstyle. To do this, use a brush, and hair is dried with a hair dryer, and each strand is combed separately, and then all this beauty is simply fixed with a varnish. You can make a volumetric styling, which looks very attractive. Suitable for those who have thin hair. First, the head is washed, then wrapped in a terry towel and left for 5 minutes. It is necessary to apply volumetric foam, and distribute it evenly, you need to dry the strands separately, in turn, shifting them to the opposite side. Then you need to lower your head down and how to shake it, then make an oblique part, which is fixed with a varnish. You can still treat hair with mousse, dry them with a hair dryer, with a thin comb to make an oblique parting (only very carefully). The most part of the pry bar is combed behind the ear, then is smooth (for this purpose the gel is used). And the remaining strands should just fall down - it looks very beautiful. So girls who prefer to be cut short, you can always choose a hairstyle that emphasizes style, personality and gives the woman a unique charm. In addition, all this is perfect for many beautiful ladies.