thermal protection for hair The most natural and best decoration forwomen are beautiful well-groomed hair. But the condition of the hair also depends on the care of the scalp. Therefore, the health of hair and proper care for them should always be given due attention. And this means that traumatic factors should be minimized. There are three types of hair damage:

  • Mechanical - this is when the hair is often combed by hard brushes, subjected to scratches and the like;
  • Thermal - this is when the hair is heavily over-dried as a result of improper use of ironing, thermal hair, forceps, hair dryer;
  • Chemical - this is when the hair is often discolored or colored, perming.

If you often put your hair hotmethod, then use hair products with thermal protection. But when applying them, remember that heat treatment is especially harmful to damp hair, so you can start it only after the head dries. Exposure to hair by instruments heating above ambient temperature refers to hot styling. Without this, women can hardly do without. But how best to protect the hair from the effects of hot air and what will be the best thermal protection for the hair, let's try to find out in this article. Foaming is considered to be the safest, since it acts at a distance. Therefore, and keep it should not be closer than 15-25cm from the head. Previously, the problem of harmful effects on the scalp was solved only with the help of nutritious and moisturizing masks and balms, but now uses thermal protection for the hair. These cosmetics include ingredients that are activated by heating and successfully neutralize the harmful effects of heat. Thermal protection products are divided into those that can be washed off with water - they include air conditioners, shampoos, rinses and on indelible - sprays, balms, creams. Both these types protect the hair from the roots and up to the tips and attach more volume to the styling. Ingredients included in these cosmetics are vitamins E and B5, green tea extract and natural proteins. For dry and damaged hair, it is best to use nutritious and firming serums. Kerastas, for example, offers heat-active oils for protection and intensive masks. Thermal protection for hair is very effective, if you have curly hair, and you often use an iron to smooth them, thermal protection for the hair is necessary when using a hair dryer, curling irons or thermal hair. All these products are produced by various cosmetic companies in the form of sprays, gels and balms. When using ironing experts recommend to wash your hair, otherwise the hair can suffer more when interacting with high temperatures with the remains of cosmetics. After that, you should lightly dry hair with a hair dryer and apply a hair conditioner with thermal protection, which allows you to reduce the effect of heat on the hairline. But in any case it is not recommended to heat the iron above 130 ° C. Thermal protection for hair from ironing is produced in the form of such cosmetic products as smoothing emulsions, balms, special remedies marked "for ironing." In professional series of cosmetics, products with thermal protection for hair from ironing or hairdryers are also available in the form of styling creams with UV filters. Thermal protection for hair literally locks the moisture inside the hair shaft, preserving its elasticity and shine. But besides this, hair requires additional care, so regularly use moisturizing and nourishing masks, shampoos and balms for the head.

Thermal protection for Estel hair

Cosmetic company Estel producesspray-thermal protection for the hair series AIREX, which provides easy fixing and does not make the hair heavier. It contains silk proteins. The spray can be used on both dry and damp hair. It gives the hair a brilliant shine. The company also produces thermal protection for hair in the form of fluid-shine. It consists of active reducing substances, creating a microfilm on the entire surface of the hairline, perfectly protecting it from overheating. Hair gets excellent shine and silky. Before laying, apply a few drops of gloss fluid to clean damp hair and dry it with a hairdryer. Thermal protection for hair Estel will make your hair beautiful and obedient.

Wella products

Thermal protection for hair Wella Flat Iron Spray. Spray of strong fixation reliably protects hair when using iron. It maintains hydrolipid balance of hair and provides easy sliding of ironing during their straightening. The mild formula of the spray gently affects the hair, giving them flexibility and a silky shine. With the thermal protection for Wella hair, you are provided with good care, since the spray contains pro-vitamin B5 and UV filters. It is applied to dry hair along the entire length. As a thermal protection for Vella hair, the strong fixing cream of High Hair Sleek Wonder is also used. He tames disobedient locks from the roots to the ends of the hair, leaving them straight even with high humidity. The multi-active formula, which contains provitamin B5 and UV filters, reliably protects the hair from the negative effects of high temperatures during the hairdoing process. Thermal protection for hair Vella is also a spray for creating curls with forceps High Hair Curl Artist. It gives elasticity to the curl and is used in conjunction with forceps or thermobigues. The hair acquires a beautiful shine and firm fixation. The spray has an antistatic effect.

Cosmetics for hair company Loreal

Thermal protection for Loreal hair is provided bystowing tools from the series. They are used when laying hair with a hairdryer or ironing, give hair shine and volume, perfectly fixing the hair for a long time. Provides good thermal protection for hair Loreal Suprem Smus. It is a smoothing nourishing cream that gives hair shine and silky. Ceramides help to strengthen hair from the inside, and moisturizing ingredients spread out the cuticle. The new Force Vector series is the best thermal protection for hair, having increased brittleness and brittleness. After applying these products, hair is restored and become silky and attractive. They are applied to clean and dried hair.

Hair protection GA.MA

Company GA.MA, caring for women, produces thermal protection for hair GA.MA in the form of a spray Protect-ION, forming a protective film on the entire surface of the hairline. It also restores the structure of the hair and contains silk proteins. Used for frying, hair dryer and ironing. Thermal protection for hair GA.MA in the form of a spray can be applied to both wet and dry hair. It should only be remembered that with repeated use of ironing it is necessary to once again use a heat-protective spray for hair.

Types of hair

Thermal protection for hair from ironing Hair can be divided into three types: straight, curly and slightly curly. And how often it happens, the owners of curly hair dream to straighten their curls, and the owners of smooth hair sleep at night on curlers. And in this case, the thermal protection for the hair will be very welcome. Curly hair itself is quite dry - it is due to their structure, so to care for them, you should choose the right shampoo, conditioner and hair spray - thermal protection, which is designed specifically for this type. For curly hair, it is best to use creams or sprays, since mousses and foams contain alcohol, making the hair even more dry. Before you put the hair iron, you need to wash your head, and then apply a heat-protective hair spray. Dry hair and then use silicone, evenly spreading it over the entire surface of the hairline. And only after that start to level the hair with an iron. To strongly not damage your hair, use heating tools should not be more than once a week. The same applies to thermobigi. Straight hair in women are more common than wavy and curly. They have their advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage of straight hair is the lack of volume and complexity in styling. And they quickly get fat. Properly selected shampoo will improve the nutrition of the roots, enhance hair growth and improve the scalp. If the hair is damaged or dry, it is best for them to use detergents and thermal protection for hair with hydrolyzed keratin or wheat protein, as well as various minerals and vitamins. Owners of fine hair is better to avoid indelible balms, because they make the hair heavier, depriving them of their volume. Choose the right hair spray thermal protection, which is ideal for you or a nourishing cream with ceramides will help specialists in the beauty salon. They will also advise a medical shampoo, conditioner, masks, a styling aid, focusing on your hair type, their structure and condition. For more qualitative and less aggressive impact of auxiliary tools, use modern hair dryers, curling irons and ironing with ceramic coating and thermoregulator, ionizing hair. This will not so much overdry them, and the styling will look great. After you have decided on the thermal protection for the hair, you can buy these products either in the cosmetic shop or on the Internet. There you can read about the thermal protection for hair reviews left by other users.

Tools for hot hair styling

With the help of straighteners for hair (ironing), you cangive any form of hair. Iron can be with narrow or wide plates, and they resemble tongs. Most of them have a temperature regulator. The most effective are ironing with ceramic coating, which facilitates easy sliding. Cover plates can be tourmaline. When installing with rectifiers, use thermal protection for Estel, Loreal, Wella, GA.MA and other similar products. Stylers or hairdryers with a brushhead combine several functions. They are combined with a conventional hair dryer and a brashing machine. Stylers are indispensable in the case when fast laying is necessary. They have several speed and temperature modes, additional attachments. Before using the styler, apply a thermal protective agent and a styling liquid. In this case, any thermal protection for hair - you can buy it at the cosmetics store after consulting a specialist. Nippers for hair or curling iron are used by almost all women. They are an oblong hollow metal object with a heating element inside. Outside there is a clip for fixing strands. Plaitings can be of different sizes and allow you to get large, small and medium curls. In addition, there are single and double helical shuttles, triple ones with parallel rods and other varieties. They are also divided into English vertical and horizontal curling rods. All of them are equipped with several nozzles so that the woman could experiment with the hair. In this case, it is necessary to use a suitable thermal protection for hair reviews, which you can collect among your friends and acquaintances. Such an invention of mankind as an electric and thermal hair will save time when stacking. Heating of the elements can take from 5 to 20 minutes. Modern electric curlers have non-scorching edges. Ceramics can also be used in them. This allows the laying process to be more gentle for the hair. In the form of a supplement in the kit may be curlers that have a velor coating. We introduced you to different information, and which option is most suitable for your hair to solve, naturally, to you. But we hope that taking into account our recommendations, you will make the right choice. We advise you to read: