type of face and hair How many different hairstyles are there in the world? Thousands or even hundreds of thousands. And how to choose something suitable for yourself? To begin with, remember that the type of face and hairstyle are inextricably linked. If the hairstyle does not fit your face type, then it will look ridiculous and rude, and after all every girl wants to look beautiful.

Types of hairstyles:

    Asymmetrical drop-down hairstyles

In these hairstyles, hair is directed from the top of the headin the direction of natural growth. Asymmetric hairstyles can be worn on hair of any length, they are suitable even for men. The only drawback of such a hairstyle for long hair - they have to be shortened from the front, as an asymmetrical hairstyle implies the presence of a bang.

    Concentrated hairstyles

This hairstyle is suitable only for long hair. All hair is combed to the vertex, including the hair of the lower back of the neck and neck. To keep the hairstyle longer, it is necessary to use fixing means. Otherwise, you risk losing your hair style very quickly.

    Inverse hairstyles

This is one of the most popular types of hairstyles asamong women, so among men. Perform a reverse hairstyle can be on hair of any length, but it looks more spectacular after all on short ones. With the back hair, all the front and side hair are combed back. You can do it yourself on your own at home, and you can also go to the salon to the master.

    Front hairstyles

Front hairstyles require a certain lengthhair in the lower back of the neck and neck. The fact is that in such a hairstyle all the hair is combed forward, on the forehead, which means that the length of the hair should suffice at least to the parietal zone, from where they pass into a small short bang. By itself, the hair is beautiful, but requires daily styling and therefore is not common. types of face and hairstyles

Shape and silhouette of a hairstyle

Form and silhouette are important characteristicshairstyles. You can choose a fashionable and actual hairdo for any person, regardless of what type of face and hairstyle they initially have. It can be an asymmetrical hairstyle, the reverse or even concentrated, the main thing - to give it a fashionable shape. People with perfect and regular facial features are extremely few, as are people with pronounced shortcomings of appearance (for example, strong asymmetry of the face). But every person has minor shortcomings. Sometimes they are so insignificant that it is difficult to see them. But an illiterate hairdo can easily stress the shortcomings of appearance, while a skilfully selected haircut will smooth them and emphasize the dignity that any of you have. Well, in order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to know your type of face. hairstyle and type of face

Hairstyles for different types of face

Masters of hairdressers, as well as make-up artists, withThe creation of your image is distinguished by 6 types of face: oval, round, square, rectangular, rhomboid and triangular. Proceeding from this, they offer certain haircuts and styling that will suit you and favorably emphasize the natural beauty.

    Oval face

It is the oval shape of the face that is considered idealfor absolutely any hairstyle. The master's goal is to create an ideal oval with the help of a hairstyle. For this, hairstyles are used with bangs and without it, naps, haircuts opening the ears or vice versa, symmetrical and asymmetric hairstyles, etc.

    Diamond face

The diamond face or face "diamond" is the easiestbring to an oval shape. Girls with this type of face are characterized by a narrow forehead, broad cheekbones and narrowed chin. The main task of a hairstyle for a diamond-shaped face is to hide cheekbones and make them visually narrower, or as an option to "broaden" the chin and forehead. For a diamond-shaped face, haircuts without bangs are recommended, only a small thin bangs are combed on one side. In short haircuts, the hair at the level of the cheekbones is better for combing a little forward to mask the wide cheekbones. But combing your hair back, revealing your face, is not recommended. This only emphasizes the shortcomings of the shape of the face. Experts do not recommend owners of a diamond-shaped face to wear too short haircuts. It is optimal to wear medium-length hair and avoid direct cuts, as well as hairstyles with volume on the crown. This will spoil the whole impression of the hairstyle, and it will look ridiculous.

    Round face

A face of this type is characterized by soft linesthe transition from the chin to the cheekbones, which then also smoothly pass into the line of hair growth on the forehead. The round face seems perfectly flat. Therefore, choosing a hairstyle for a round face, it is necessary to give it a slightly elongated shape, which will bring the shape closer to the oval. This effect can be achieved with the help of a lush and rather high hairstyle, preferably with a small bang, which can be either straight or oblique. The ears can be left open (if the hair is short) or completely covered with hair. If the ears remain open, then the hairstyle should be voluminous from above and narrow to the chin. Another way to hide excessive roundness is an oblique semicircle. Experts recommend for a round face hairstyles with oblique bangs covering most of the broad forehead. It is important that the bangs were exactly oblique. Thus, you will make the hairstyle asymmetrical, which is very common for chubby girls. Also suitable for a round face shape hairstyle with a curl of medium length hair. But in this case it is necessary to avoid direct parting, giving preference to the oblique. Do not open the cheekbones - on the contrary, they should be covered with curls of hair to hide the protrusions and create the illusion of an oval face. But from hairstyles without bangs it is better to refuse, as well as from smoothly combed back hair, which opens the whole face, thereby emphasizing all the shortcomings. Low, non-removable hairstyles with closed ears, straight prodruses and all sorts of horizontal lines only further emphasize the roundness of the face.

    Rectangular face

The rectangular face has an elongated shape, a highforehead, long chin. All this creates the effect of a narrow and long face. To bring this face closer to the ideal oval shape, it is necessary to disguise the forehead with a long straight bang that reaches the eyebrow line, and the length of the hair is optimally left to the level of the cheekbones or just below to cover the ears. People with a rectangular face are ideal for straight lines and styling of hair tips inside. This will smooth out the sharp protrusions and make the face visually a bit shorter. Excellent will look volume at temples hairdresses, framing an oval of the face and hiding lateral parts of a chin. Experts recommend that owners of a rectangular face wear a semi-straight, thick long bang. If you want to wear long hair, it is better to make a haircut, which will smooth out the straightness of the cheekbones and create an oval shape of the face. Also, sport style haircuts will fit, provided that the forehead is disguised with a long bang. But too long straight hair can spoil everything and strengthen the elongation of the face. To the same effect will result in a too short haircut, in which the ears remain open. It is necessary to abandon high naches and hairstyles, in which there are a lot of vertical lines.

    Triangular face

The triangular face is characterized by wide cheekbones andvery narrow chin. To bring this face closer to the oval shape, it is necessary to make a softer transition from the cheekbones to the chin and emphasize the contrast of the sharp transition lines with an emphasis on the jagged protrusions characteristic of the Slavs. To solve this problem, you need to choose a hairstyle, in which the widest part will be just below the level of earlobes (1-2 cm below). To mask the broad forehead, you should give preference to high hairstyles with a rather thick bang. The ears can be left half-open or completely hidden. Experts recommend people with triangular type of face long oblique bangs to the eyebrows, covering most of the forehead. Even if you choose a short haircut, the hair must certainly cover the upper part of the ears. Hair during laying can be slightly combed, thereby visually stretching the face. For a triangular face, a good hairstyle with a thick straight bang will do well, provided that the side hair is combed back. Combed curls and a straight fringe will give contrast to details and lines of a hairdress, and contrast perfectly is combined with a triangular form of the face. But short bangs and smoothly combed hair only accentuate the angularity of this type of face, so it is not recommended to make such hairstyles.

    Square face

People with a square face stand out very broadand a heavy chin and the same large, broad forehead. In general, the entire face seems coarse and angular, so when modeling your hair, you need to hide the corners. The asymmetrical haircuts and styling are best for this. Experts advise contours with light waves that hide the rough lines of the face. The fringe is best separated, slightly receding from the imaginary vertical line of the face. To increase the asymmetry of the hairdo, you can at the expense of the difference in the length of the hair - both from the right and from the left. Crossing lines in different directions of the hairstyle details completely hide the angularity and roughness of the facial features. But the straight, thick bangs underline the wide chin and angularity of the face as a whole. As you can see, the hairstyle and type of face are very closely connected, so before you go to the salon to make the most fashionable haircut, think about whether it suits your face type. After all, even the most fashionable hairstyle will look ridiculous, if it does not suit you. We advise you to read: