Preserving the Beauty of Hair In summer, many girls face a problemdryness and brittle hair. After a rest on the sea or a hot sunny summer in the city, even owners of luxurious curls often note dullness and cross-section. The thing is that in summer, hair is losing a lot of moisture.

Why do hair lose moisture?

"The level of total hair hydration varies from3% to 25%. The thing is that a waterproof lipid layer on its surface is responsible for retaining moisture in the hair structure. Over the years, this layer is thinned, and the hair loses moisture. Weakening of the protective layer is also promoted by various stress factors, which in summer become especially numerous: these are the sun's rays, and salty sea water, and cooling appliances, and dry room air. As a result of loss of moisture, the hair splits, becomes thin, brittle and dull. "Dr. Natalie Sozs, Head of the NIVEA HAIR Expert Laboratory, Byersdorf, Germany With dry hair, properly selected waste materials will help to cope. Selecting shampoos for the summer period, it is necessary to pay special attention to several ingredients.

  • Aloe Vera Extract

This natural ingredient has a uniqueability to retain moisture. He absorbs it and seals it in the structure of the hair, effectively moisturizing and compacting it. Shampoos with aloe vera extract help to get rid of dry hair.

  • Argan oil

It is a rich source of fatty acids and vitamins. Vitamin E in it contains 3 times more than in olive. Argan oil nourishes the hair, strengthening them from the inside. It restores the structure of the hair, relieving them of tarnish and cut. If in summer your hair becomes dry and lose shine, try a new shampoo "Pure & Natural" from NIVEA. Two natural components in its composition - bio-aloe vera and bio-argan oil, grown in ecologically clean corners of the Earth, will make the hair incredibly soft, obedient and smooth.