haircut for short hair To date, fashionable are bright andUnconventional color schemes for coloring hair. Dull colors, inconspicuous, faded and even natural colors, that is, those that went to the hostess from birth, have long been out of fashion! Female haircuts for short hair - this is an ideal option to go one step further with fashion and not bother yourself with the heavy daily work of caring for long hair, spending a lot of time and money on it. It's not for nothing that the hairdo should be selected individually for each girl. Since everyone has different facial shapes, different head shapes, eye color, size of forehead, ears and so on. Thus, it can be concluded that not every one is suitable for this or that haircut. The model series are designed to make a woman feel confident and beautiful. It depends on her success, her behavior, mood, and, in the end, her future. Since nature has endowed a person with individual facial features, then the hairstyle, accordingly, must be chosen with this in mind.

Choosing a hair style according to the shape of the face

  • For a round face shape

Women usually complex because they haveround face. But this defect can be corrected by means of a hairstyle which visually will make the face extended. To do this, you need to create a hairstyle that will create a volume on the top of the head, and to the bottom, the hair will be cut and fall on the cheeks. Another option is asymmetric types. This is a stylish option and very fashionable for today. You need to make a torn bang, you can slant.

  • For an oval face shape

The oval face is considered the standard of beauty. It's the perfect face. However, it can be too elongated. In this case, the parting in the haircut should be made oblique and this will distract the view from the too long face. Oval face shape is suitable for almost any short model variations. A long straight fringe will complement the elegance and will give even more beauty. beautiful haircuts for women

Short haircuts for women with lush forms

Ideal for full girls. Moreover, now the fashion for short haircuts has reached its peak. It is a short version of the power to hide a plump figure. Such an element will make the image complete and attractive. If the hair is naturally curled, it will play into the hands of women with magnificent shapes. If straight, then the length should be just below the shoulders, and if they are shorter, it is better to make curls.

Modeling haircuts without bangs

The bangs are the main hairstyle corrector. From the shape of the face depends on what to choose a haircut and bangs. Whether the bangs are necessary or not, too a question not from simple. Not every woman it will fit and not everyone can do without it. Types of bangs:

  • long,
  • short,
  • fringe, laid on its side,
  • symmetrical,
  • thinned,
  • beveled,
  • graduated,
  • elevated.

For a woman with rare hair will suitprofiled bangs. It will add volume. If the hair quickly zhirneyut, then bangs in the form of an arch - the best option. Also, the arch is suitable for a woman with an angular face. A thick fringe goes to those women with a high forehead and a round face. Short bangs - for young girls, it gives youth and mischievous mood. Ragged bangs are considered the most fashionable, it is a good taste of fashion and style.

  • Kara

Kare - is a universal option, suitable forany type. Hair can be thin, thick, sparse and thick. Based on the square, you can create haircuts that are suitable for chubby women, with an oval face and an elongated face. The main thing to consider all the nuances. There are different kinds of quads. For example, for full and round-faced, a graded square will do. A square in the shape of a ball will cover wide cheekbones, and for an elongated face a haircut - a square with an oval contour - will do.

  • Short bean

Suitable for extraordinary personalities who loveexperiments in style and image. Bob fits all regardless of the structure of the hair. Corner bean is suitable for girls with a rounded face. With an oval face, the short, straight bangs look good. Now more and more women prefer a short bean.

  • Lesenka

Plus it is that it gives the volume anddynamism. A scaffold means strands of different lengths that fall carelessly. "Cascade" will make the hairstyle light and airy, and the thick curls will be slightly detached. It is recommended for people with thin and rare hair. Fashion haircuts for short hair

Curly short haircuts

It's amazing that people with straight hairThey constantly try to twist them, making curls, locks in many ways. These are curlers, and various corrugated ploys. And people with curly hair from nature - on the contrary, try to straighten with ironing, hairdryers and other accessories. All this because monotonous haircuts bother, and to constantly change the style - you need a lot of time and money. Therefore, it is better to choose at once style of a hairdress, length and the form approaching under individuality of the person and to stop on the given choice. This will save time on the constant search for the right hairstyle.

  • If the hair is slightly curled, then the ideal hairdo for them will be a cascade or a ladder.
  • Short length, as in men. Not everyone will take this style. You need the right facial features, so that the model "under the boy" looked spectacular.
  • "Hedgehog" and "Garzon" are the most fashionableToday, short hairstyles for girls. Garzon is easiest to pack. You can comb back, you can lift up, and you can make small curls. It does not take much time and effort.
  • Short for thin hair For such momentssuit hair and bean. The hair should not be shorter than the midline of the ear. The length should be from the ear to the shoulders. It is better to use a cascade and curlers for volume.

How to lay a short haircut?

A simple option for styling is the application of moussefor hair. Curl can be of medium length, but not shorter. For fine hair, it is not recommended to apply gels, varnishes, and naps to the hair. It is better to dry it lightly with a hair dryer and use a curler to shape it. To be lush and voluminous, the hair roots of short hair should be sprinkled with varnish and, lifting up, dried or pulled out with a wide brush of round shape. The main thing is not to overdry and do not burn with a curd and hot hair dryer.