Qigong - cheerfulness, good mood and excellent health Every year, the number of people who seek to know this art increases. Gymnastics becomes an integral part of everyone's lifetook this path. And in this there is nothing surprising, because we all want to be energetic, mobile and healthy. And such Chinese methods as this one are just designed to increase vitality, prolong your cycle and improve your well-being. Everyone comes to the chi kung classes independently. But someone starts to practice on the advice of friends or learn a lot of interesting facts from the Internet. Sometimes people want to go to a trial lesson and understand how interesting and useful it is. Either way, there are a lot of ways, but those who decided to practice health gymnastics, note that it gives vitality and helps to improve the body.

What is Qigong in practice?

So, according to Chinese philosophy, everything is fullthe energy of qi, which is both in living organisms, and in things. Flows circulate around the world, interacting with the energy of other objects and objects. In the human body, chi accumulates in vdantany. These are the three energy centers of the body - head, chest, abdominal cavity. In fact, qi is a generator of energy, so necessary to maintain a tone, vigor and mobility. Classes assume the normalization of flows and the uniform filling of the centers. They help to strengthen the circulation of chi and fight against illnesses. By deep breathing and complete relaxation, energy moves through the body with the power of thought. This is not a complex of some breathing and exercise. , where there are experts, will help to learn how to do itcorrectly. Because the movements should be precise, and the thoughts work in the right direction. It is important to concentrate on your own body. You should throw away all the worries and worries, plunging into a state that will allow you to relax and achieve what you want. Clothes should be free so that they do not impede movement in any way and do not interfere. It is better to include quiet music, for example, melodies of the East, in order to plunge into the right state. This will help to improve the body not only for men, but for women. Age does not matter, because with each activity you will feel better, improve mood and normalize the work of all organs. Enjoy the lessons, breathe deeply and enjoy life.