gymnastics for feet "All take their places! Calculate in order! There is a charge for the tail and for the trunk charging! "- That's the way a song from a good Soviet cartoon about a restless monkey and her friends is sung. As you can see, dear ladies, even cartoon characters tend to lead a healthy lifestyle and know a lot about charging. And they, unfamiliar with the basics of fitness, it occurred to do exercises for specific parts of the body (trunk, tail). Well, we, for the lack of such exotic limbs, we will do gymnastics for the feet. Why for the feet? Yes, because it is one of the most problematic parts of the body (although, which one is not a problem?). Imperceptibly and insidiously our legs grow quite unnecessary extra volumes, and get rid of these volumes oh, how hard! However, we are not the first and we are not the last! The charge for slimming legs exists, and the exercises included in such charging are so diverse that any of us can choose something suitable for themselves.

Complex of intensive exercises

If your legs are really your problem, thenefforts for their weight loss will have to be done a lot. Naturally, you need to lose weight in general - then your legs will become slimmer. But to give hips and buttocks elasticity and relief is helped by charging. Try regularly and intensely engage - in a few months you will see the results.

  • A bike

Exercise known to everyone from school lessonsphysical culture. Note that the exercise is effective. Lay down on the floor and stretch your arms along the trunk. Raise your legs vertically upwards so that a right angle is formed between them and the floor. And now start to "pedal". Bend one leg at a time in the knees, pushing the hip to the stomach and straightening the leg. Turn the pedals until you get tired, and each time increase the time of your "bike trip".

  • Blacksmith's furs

Makhi feet, lying on his side - also enoughan effective exercise that allows you to return legality to harmony. Lie down on the floor (on your side). Place your hand under your head, and put your other hand on your belt or just lift it up. The leg that was on top, lift as high as possible and very slowly lower it down. Do not less than twenty such flies, and then turn over on the other side and make flies with the second leg. Another variant of this exercise differs only in that by lowering the leg, it must alternately be placed on the floor in front of and behind itself.

  • Stride step

Exercise is reminiscent of the movement of the military at the parade,or the solemn step of the guard of honor. Stand sideways against the wall and gently lean on it with your hand. Put the other hand on your waist. Slowly lift the knee straightened in the knee as high as possible and lower it. Repeat ten times forwards, and then ten steps back. Do the exercise for the second leg, sticking to the wall with the other side. When lifting, keep the body straight and watch for the trunk to bend forward or backward.

  • Squats

Yes, prosaic squats are also useful forslimming legs. Crouch, first bringing together the feet and knees, and then put your feet to the width of your shoulders and squat again. By the way, many actresses with their help sit-ups support their legs in shape. True, sometimes for a day they have to do about a thousand sit-ups. Impressive! gymnastics for slimming legs

Exercises of the ballerina

The secret of harmony of ballerinas lies inprofessional need. And do not think that their legs are always slender in themselves. Sometimes dancers need to quickly lose weight inappropriately weighted. Then they do an intensive exercise every day, giving it at least twenty minutes. Such charging for fast slimming of the legs is performed on an empty stomach or three hours after a meal. And for such exercises you will need a rope, a chair with a backrest and a bra that supports the breast well.

  • First perform simple jumping ropeon two legs for at least three minutes. Pay attention that for weight loss of feet to land it is necessary on full stop. If you jump on your socks, then pump up the muscles, and the effect of weight loss will not.
  • Continue jumping. But now jump, exposing forward then the right, then the left leg, as if walking through the rope. Do this exercise for two minutes.
  • The next three minutes jump, alternately lifting each leg and landing only on one, making a jump with one foot, and the second bending at the knee and holding on to the weight.
  • Now rest. Restore breathing, pacing around the room, raising on inhalation and dropping hands on exhalation.
  • Stand behind the chair, lean backhands. Put your feet on the width of the shoulders and perform slow squats, bending the knees to the right angle (you do not need to squat below). Do three sets of ten sit-ups.
  • Take the original position (as in the previousexercise), socks spread apart. Do a shallow (to the right angle of bent knees) slow squats: twice fifteen times. If desired, alternate this with the previous exercise.
  • Repeat the cycle of jumping rope, but if you are already tired, then you can finish charging.
  • Important conditions for such charging for slimming legs: after the exercises you can not eat for another two hours! If during the jumping rope you will be hard to breathe, palpitation becomes noticeably quicker, then stop the exercise - after all, some physical preparation is needed for such charging. Reduce the time of jumping and gradually increase it, not leading yourself to exhaustion, but enjoying the exercises.

    Corrective stretching

    This complex is recommended to those ladies whotry only a little to remove excess fat from the legs. Strictly speaking, this charging will tighten the muscles and make the calves and hips more embossed, but it is also useful for slimming legs.

    • Lazy cat

    Squat down, resting on the floor with your toes and hands. Slowly straighten your legs, lifting your hips and lowering your heels to the floor. Return to the starting position. Do at least ten sit-ups.

    • Mermaid

    Imagine that you are a mermaid, and instead of your feettail. And now make a kicking-tail movement, as a floating mermaid would do. Lie on your back, combining your legs and stretching your arms along the trunk. Then quickly pull up the knees bent at the knees to the chest and slowly straighten them, lifting them vertically upwards. Now start also slowly lowering your straightened legs to the floor. Repeat the exercise ten times.

    • Crane

    Stand on the floor, spreading your legs to the width of your shoulders. Begin to bend forward, trying to touch the toes with your hands. Perform at least ten slopes. With the acquisition of experience and increased stretch marks, place your legs closer to each other and increase the number of slopes. Ideally, you should lean toward the jointed legs, touching the forehead with knees and the hands of the floor behind your heels, at least fifty times. Important! When tilting, do not hump your back, but lower your body, bending at the waist.

    • Giant Steps

    Lie on the floor face up and stretch your legs. Begin lifting one leg, wrapping it around your calf and drawing it to yourself. With the second hand, fix the knee, not allowing it to bend. Raise your foot to the highest possible height for you and stay in this position for a few seconds. Slowly lower your foot to the floor. Similarly, lift the second leg. Do ten to fifteen approaches for each leg. Doing such a corrective charge, be prepared for the fact that with unaccustomed muscles will hurt - this is normal. To the muscles do not hurt too much, immediately after charging, soak in a warm bath. And over time, the need for water procedures will disappear, and after training you will experience only pleasant sensations. correct charging for feet

    Charge for slimming the inner thighs

    The least when walking and running are involvedmuscles of the inner surface of the thigh. Therefore, even with intensive loads, this part of the legs for many women leaves much to be desired. However, charging will help to cope with this problem.

  • Begin to walk properly. It is best to take a walk in the fresh air or workout on the treadmill. Correct walking for weight loss is a step with elasticity of the hip, knee extension and stopping of the toe when pushing away. The hands should be bent at the same time and move back and forth in time with the step. If you are training on a treadmill, put on a strong regime, if in the street, then take small dumbbells with you. This training should last at least half an hour.
  • Stand on all fours and straighten your back. Do swings back with knees bent at first with twenty legs with one leg, then with another one. When swelling, strain your muscles, lowering your leg, relax.
  • Lie on your side, bending your knees so thatThe thigh with the trunk and the shin with the thigh formed right angles. Now lift that foot that was on top so that the leg from knee to heel was parallel to the floor. Fix the heel at one point (this is difficult, but quite feasible) and begin to raise the knee up, and then lower it to its original position. The main thing is that the heel remains motionless: it does not fall and does not go up with the knee. You will feel the muscles of the internal surface of the thigh straining (you may even feel these muscles for the first time). Do at least twenty such swings for each leg with a knee.
  • Do not be lazy! Do exercises to lose weight every day. Only regularity of lessons will give tangible results. Good luck! We advise you to read: