Tibetan gymnastics What is Tibetan gymnastics?rejuvenation: the secret of longevity or a scam? Eastern medicine at all times was the object of irrepressible interest, especially among Europeans, who in the Asian way of life attracted literally everything. But first of all - longevity, a minimum of illnesses and active old age. The breathing exercises of the Tibetan monks, which, according to legend, give eternal youth and health, include a whole complex of psycho-physical exercises. However, in order to avoid unjustified hopes and disappointments, everyone, who decided to extend his life with this set of exercises, should understand that as such, eternal youth, as well as immortality, simply does not exist. As each person is individual, the organism of each of us has its own resource of life expectancy. Scientists have long known that the life of an average person of 75-85 years is far from the limit. According to the results of recent research in the field of gerontology, scientists came to the conclusion that the life of the human body is on the average 50-60 years longer than the average life expectancy of a person. Tibetan breathing exercises and various exercises certainly contribute to the prolongation of life, and even in old age can remain cheerful and full of energy.

Tibetan rejuvenating gymnastics eye of revival

Gymnastics of Tibetan monks of the Eye of Revivalbecame very popular after the publication of the book by the author Peter Kelder "The Eye of Revival" in 1938. The methodology, built on Buddhist philosophy, found at that time a huge number of followers and adherents, it is fairly well known in our days. Therefore, it requires some clarification. The miraculous complex consists of 5 special exercises, or rather even rituals, each of which is responsible for any energy state. The essence of Tibetan breathing exercises is as follows. According to Buddhism, the human body has nineteen energy centers called "whirlwinds," which rotate at a high speed in a healthy body. They are responsible for providing all systems of the human body with ethereal power. As a result of a disruption in the functioning of one of these vortices, the flow is weakened or completely blocked, and as a result, this is what we all are used to call sickness and old age. To remove this moment, there are five simple exercises that help maintain vortices in a working state. This set of exercises and make up a system of Tibetan rejuvenating gymnastics eye of revival.

Gymnastics of Tibetan monks: ritual actions

Tibetan gymnastics revival eye, like any system of training Tibetan monks, is a set of exercises aimed primarily at educating not so much the body as the spirit.

  • The first ritual actiongymnastics of Tibetan monksThis exercise of Tibetan gymnastics rejuvenationis performed with the aim of "untwisting" the vortices, as well as giving them speed and stability. To perform the first ritual action, it is necessary to stand in the center of a fairly spacious room with arms outstretched at an angle of 90 degrees: the left palm up, the right one down. After taking the starting position, proceed to the movement around its longitudinal axis in the direction from left to right. In this case, do not develop too high speed, it is enough 5-6 turns or until there is a feeling of light dizziness. Beginners are recommended to limit two or three turns. If, after doing this exercise, you have a desire to sit down or lie down, do not resist the natural requirement of your body. Also, do not bring yourself to exhaustion by grueling training. To stimulate vortices, only 10-12 times is enough. Therefore, always perform the exercises exactly as much as each particular case requires.
  • The second ritual actionTibetan gymnastics eye of revivalThe second exercise, which includesthe complex of gymnastics of the Tibetan monks, the eye of regeneration, is much more complicated than the previous, because it requires not only flexibility but also the endurance of the vestibular apparatus. To do this, you need a soft warm litter. Lying on such a surface it is necessary to straighten and press hands along the sides along the body line. After that, you should firmly press your chin to your chest and lift up perfectly straight legs. Raise should be until they form a right angle with the trunk. In this case, the limbs must necessarily be connected together. At first glance, this exercise is very similar to the usual exercise on the development of the abdominal press, the only difference in which in this complex it is recommended to repeat it no more than two or three times.
  • The third ritual action Tibetan gymnastics for weight lossThis exercise is much more complicated than the previous two. Like the second ritual action, it requires a rhythm of breathing and movements that strictly conforms. Exercise is performed while kneeling. Accept the starting position, put the knees one from the other at a distance of the width of the pelvis, while keeping your thighs in a strictly vertical position. The palms of the hands should be located on the back of the thighs, that is under the buttocks. Head tilt forward, press the chin firmly to the top of the chest. Then this exercise of respiratory gymnastics of Tibetan monks is performed as follows: your body should move like a crawling snake - bending the spine and alternately moving the chest and head. Repeat the exercise several times in a row.
  • The fourth ritual action gymnastics of Tibetan monksThe following exercise is visually very similara kind of bridge. To perform it, you need to take the following starting position: sit on the floor, straighten your legs and lean on your arms, located parallel to the trunk. Then, pressing your chin to your chest, bend and simultaneously raise the trunk upward until it assumes a parallel position relative to the floor surface. Sideways, this position should look like a table in which the legs and arms will play the role of legs, and the hips and trunk are table tops.
  • The Fifth Ritual Action Tibetan gymnastics rejuvenationThe last exercise of the Tibetan complexgymnastics, the eye of revival is carried out as follows: take the starting position "lying flat lying bent" with the head thrown back, with the knees and the pelvis not touching the surface. After fixing the position, begin to bend as follows: raise the pelvis upward, and press the head to the chest. Starting with a full exhalation in the starting position, take as deep a breath as possible by folding the body in half. After doing this exercise, it is important to return to the starting position, while doing a full exhalation. Although the breathing pattern for this exercise is not quite normal, in a few days, when you have mastered it well, this ritual action will be the easiest of the five for you.
  • Tibetan gymnastics for the spine

    Osteochondrosis is rapidly growing younger. Is it any wonder that today this disease affects even schoolchildren. This is due to the inactive way of life of modern people. After all, in our time most people have to spend several hours in a row in the office, sitting at the computer. Schoolchildren and students are no exception. They have no easier time, sitting out for 6 lessons, or even more at the school desk. Cartilaginous tissue and muscles of the spine without movement seem to "rust". To avoid this, take yourself 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening to do Tibetan gymnastics for the spine. After all, wise Tibetans knowingly consider the flexibility of the body and joints as one of the main signs of youth. That is why all oriental techniques, without exception, are aimed at developing the flexibility of the body. The Tibetan rejuvenating gymnastics of the eye of revival is now very popular all over the world, all thanks to its efficiency and undeniable advantage: it is very simple and takes no more than 15 minutes a day. It includes a whole complex of exercises that help improve the lubrication of the cartilaginous discs of the spine and the blood supply to the back muscles. With muscle overstrain, as well as clamping of nerve endings, it takes only a few days to do the exercises, as pain and discomfort in the back disappear without a trace. And all this is due to the fact that the Tibetan gymnastics for the spine is made in such a way that it allows stretching the spinal cord membranes.

    Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss

    According to experts in gymnastics andfitness, gymnastics of Tibetan monks - this is a very safe and effective set of exercises, strengthening ligaments, joints and the whole body as a whole. Moreover, it still promotes weight loss. Therefore, Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss is the best way to lose a few pounds of excess weight and at least lose weight by one size. To do this, it takes only every day to perform all the above exercises for 15-20 minutes, which includes this system. But whether this method prolongs life, the question remains open. However, in any case, this gymnastics has not harmed anyone yet. So, with Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss everything is clear, the results will not take long to wait, the main thing is to systematically perform a set of exercises. Start better with 3-5 repetitions of each exercise, bringing them gradually to 21: adding 2 reps each week. Perhaps, at first, the gymnastics of Tibetan monks will seem ridiculous and full of mystical meaning. However, Tibetan yogis are sure that this is the way a person receives the healing energy of the earth and the sky. We advise you to read: