exercises for the legs and thighs What first of all pay attention tomen, evaluating the lady? Of course, on his feet. And are they so impeccable? Yes, it is difficult to achieve ideal forms, and sometimes it is impossible. But do not rely only on nature - you have to work on yourself, and then you can draw not one fan! A lot of exercises have been developed for but also all of them are aimed at different zones. Therefore, it is important to approach training with knowledge. More often problems with forms arise in the field of the hips - from them and work will begin. Exercises should be performed under good rhythmic music - this is an important point. First, the music itself will create a pleasant atmosphere. Secondly, it is easier to perform exercises under the bars. And, thirdly, training should be fun, and not in a half-asleep state. So, let's get started ...

Forming the hips

To create the perfect hip form, remember onea simple truth: we must work on all the muscles - both internal and external. This is the only way to achieve good results. So all the exercises must be done necessarily, even if it is difficult and difficult.

  • Everyone knows the "scissors". Do these flies should be 15-20 times. Of course, at first it will be almost impossible. So, start small - let the starting point be the number 5, and every day increase the "turnovers", adding at least one swing;
  • Lie down on your side, as if you were going to seeTV, and raise the free foot of centimeters by 10. In this position, it must be kept for 30 seconds. Then slowly lower it to its original position and turn over. A chic exercise for the hips - you yourself will feel how muscles strain on the inside;
  • Sit on a chair, on its very edge and betweenHips clamp some object. For example, a small ball, an empty book. Now, try to keep this thing with your hips alone. Let it pass at least 30 seconds, and you can relax. After 10 seconds - a new approach.

All the above exercises have a strong andeffective impact is on the inside of the thighs. You will not only be tightened muscles, but also the possibility of sagging the skin will be lost. And now pay attention to the outer side of the thighs - there may not only be excess weight, but also cellulite.

  • Lying on the floor, we make a "half-stitch": the heels are pressed to the buttocks, and with the help of the hips we tear off the trunk from the floor. Lock the gap and hold for 30 seconds;
  • Position - lying on the stomach. At the same time, try to press the chin as much as possible against the surface of the floor. Hands should be stretched along the trunk. And now we turn the legs of the legs up one by one. Well, mahi - it's probably said a lot, just try to lift the leg as much as possible;
  • Lying on your back, bend your knees. Pay attention to the correct position of the legs - exactly 90 degrees there should be a corner. Now let's lower our bent legs. First left, then, without changing the position, to the right.

If you do such exercises in full complex, then very soon you will feel how your muscles are tightened and how more accurate your hips form. exercises for the hips and legs

We work with caviar

Exercises for the hips are, of course, good and useful. But you also need to take care of your calves - here all of the above is useless. And for calf legs it is good to apply the following:

  • Squats. And, you can do a variety of exercises of this type. At full amplitude or half-squatting, on two legs or "pistol" on one, with and without support, on the socks and on the full foot. Any squats are very useful for the shape of the legs and give tremendous results;
  • Jumping on the rope. Simple and effective! Only pick up the rope individually - stand on it and pull out the ends - they should be in the area of ​​the armpits. Jumping can also be done different and countless times;
  • Climbing. Simply put a bench or some box and start doing the exercises: once - we put the foot on the substrate, two - the second there, three - we lower one leg, four - we return to the starting position. We work on the principle of walking the stairs. For legs, especially for calves, a very good and effective occupation.

Do not forget about the banal race - for the legs it is notjust training, but also one more exercise for giving beauty to forms. And running can be any - fast and slow, sprint and cross. Get a habit of doing morning runs in the nearest park or square. At first it will be very hard, you have to get up an hour and a half before the usual time, but for your feet it will be a real salvation:

  • First, muscles are strengthened, and a beautiful shape of calves and hips is formed;
  • Secondly, if you have thrombosis or varicose veins (in the initial stage), running will ease the condition;
  • For the feet, a constant load is important, and not sudden movements - running helps it.

You can enroll for a dance - then all the load goesnamely for the legs. You will feel both pain in the muscles, and pleasant languor after training. All exercises must be done regularly, constantly and do not interrupt training. The fact is that the body and muscles are able to respond quickly to any action. And if you quit abruptly, then in a very short time you will start again all over again. For the feet is very useful and just walk. By the way, in the gyms, even in a complex of exercises include exercises in the form of walking. Well, to walk along the embankment or to the place of work in good weather is also a pleasure. And do not forget about the stairs! And go upstairs, and go down on foot, do not need to use the elevator. And remember - the earlier you start training, the faster you will get the result. Create the right mood, prepare for temporary difficulties, hang a beautiful photo of your legs over the table, invite your friends to join classes - this will be a great motivation! And then you will get the result that you expect. Your beauty is only in your hands! We advise you to read: