how to learn to walk on high heels I do not know who invented heels, but all women of the worldvery much to him they owe. (Marilyn Monroe) Each of us knows - it is necessary to put on shoes with high heels, as men's heads, like locators, turn after our movements. Floating gait, enticing rocking of the hips, coquettish long legs - all this raises both our personal self-esteem and the male libido. But what can we do for those of us who have not yet mastered the science of flaunting in shoes on a hairpin, not swaying in different directions and not stumbling at every turn? If you belong to this category of women, then you need to know urgently how to learn to walk on high heels! After all, the shoes on the hairpin can transform any, even the most ordinary appearance. And if you are a miracle how good you are, then all the more worth emphasizing your irresistibility and sexy shoes with high heels.

Century walk - learn

There is no sight sadder than an unhappy woman of fashion,hobbling on high heels on the Russian impassability. Bent legs, protruding priest, shoulders, fused with the chin. The attention of others to such poor fellows is assured; it's a pity that it is of a different kind! In order not to get trapped and not to be embarrassed in front of a respectable audience, you need to understand how to walk high-heeled long before "going out". If you do not have enough of this experience, then do not start training with the highest pins: choose a smaller heel. If we talk about height, then there are three types of heels: low - up to 4cm, medium - from 4 to 8cm and high - from 8cm and above. In your case, get shoes with a heel not more than 4cm high. First, walk around in such shoes around the apartment, then go to the nearest store, gradually increase the distance. In doing so, try to adhere to the following rules:

  • First, step on the heel, then on the toe.
  • Try to straighten your legs - a beautiful heel with bent legs looks funny!
  • The foot must be pushed forward, rearranging the legs as if walking "along the line". Take smooth, gentle steps.
  • If the gait turns out insecure, then try to make the step shorter.
  • Walk with your chin up and your shoulders straight. Learn from the models - it's unlikely you will see on the podium at least one stoop model, staring at the brilliant floor.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the legs with various exercises. Ladies with good physical training are much easier to walk on their heels.
  • Avoid complex surfaces - sand, ice,gravel. Even experienced women, who know how to walk perfectly on high heels, are not always able to walk gracefully along an uneven surface. In addition, it can spoil the shoes.
  • Special practice requires the movement of the stairs. When you go up, put the heel and the sole in the middle of the step at the same time. When descending, lean on the sole, not sinking to the heel (as if on tiptoe). And do not hesitate to use the railing - it is better to hold on to them than to get a serious injury.
  • If you could not keep your balance and startfall - do not try to straighten and restore balance! Having fallen, you will receive only a small bruise and a blow to self-esteem. An unsuccessful attempt to restore balance can cost you a dislocation or even an ankle fracture!
  • Do not hesitate to lean on the hand of your gentleman. It will look much more attractive than the uncertain "walking on stilts" alone.

how to walk high-heeled shoes

From the sandals do not stretch the legs

As soon as you feel more confident onlow heels, you can try the heels higher. But do not forget - even the most experienced girls, running on 15-centimeter heels, are not able to withstand such a load all day. Be that as it may, the legs are very tired; especially this will affect the beginner women of fashion. Therefore, it is important to think not only about how to learn to walk on high heels, but also about ways to relieve pain and tired legs.

  • Arriving home and taking off your shoes, massage your feet andmake a small foot bath. Do not worry, this procedure is quite easy and takes a little time. Simply pour warm water into the basin and add strong tea leaves to it. This procedure softens and perfectly deodorizes your feet.
  • In summer, be sure to keep ice cubes in the freezer. You can make ice from the herbs, and if you are too lazy to do it - simply drop lemon juice into the water and then freeze. Wipe your feet with this ice, and you will get rid of swelling and fatigue. This procedure is also useful for varicose veins.
  • If you have a small "bone" near the big toe, then follow the advice of all the dancers: just put a small cotton swab between the first and second finger.
  • If you are planning a long event and youplan to spend it on his heels, then by the end of the day you can practically "not stand on your feet". To avoid this, do the night before bedtime 10-minute foot massage, not too much will be a relaxing foot bath. This is how the experienced models act before responsible displays.
  • Do not walk all day in heels. As soon as your legs get tired, the gait from light and sexual will turn into an exhausted and heavy one. In the office you can take off shoes and properly stretch your feet - good, under the table you can not see anything. In extreme cases, carry a spare pair of shoes with low heels or flat soles. It can be a great help in a critical situation.

how to walk on high heels

Heels to be afraid - not to go out into the "light"

Despite all the warnings of doctors about the fact,that walking on heels is bad for health, the beautiful half of humanity is not ready to give up the habit of fluttering on stilettos. Still, a high heel not only allows women with low growth to seem taller, but also straightens their back, lengthens their legs and gives an exciting, attractive for men gait. It is only necessary to pick up a chic high-heeled shoe in the shoe store, like any of us with happiness comes the heart and we begin to feel even more beautiful, even more confident. By the way, scientists from the UK found that walking on high heels and serious leg diseases are not always interrelated. Noticing that women are twice as likely as men to suffer from knee osteoarthritis, they checked 111 ladies of advanced age. To their great surprise, women who regularly wore high-heeled shoes and danced in such shoes the night before, suffered from this disease much less often than others. But overweight, smoking and knee injuries are really capable of developing osteoarthritis. So, do not be shy about your desire to understand how to walk on high heels, and do not be too afraid of horror stories about irreparable consequences. If you follow the rules described above, you are unlikely to face health problems. And in most cases, horror stories are dismissed by those who are not given this wonderful ability - to walk with an easy gait, sexually swinging their hips before the look of shocked men.