how to choose the right foundation Since childhood, little girls are taught to think thatevery woman should be an excellent hostess, an obedient wife and a wise mother. All this is certainly true, but for some reason, few people are taught to dress properly and apply makeup. Like a good looking girl is not necessary, and cosmetics - and completely from the evil one. Here also young adolescents walk along the streets with painted faces, and a foundation cream is applied to the skin, like butter on bread. Meanwhile, if you can correctly choose a tonal product, you can be sure that make-up will be a success, as a foundation is not just a unique opportunity to hide small skin defects, but the basis of the whole image.

When it is better not to apply a foundation cream

First of all, let's look at the cases when the use of foundation is undesirable.

  • Cosmetologists advise to be more careful withtonics for girls under 25 years. Their skin itself is very young and fresh, so it's not necessary to put a tone on a person who is already shining with health.
  • Women with dilated pores can use a foundation lotion, but with great care. Too fat structure of the cosmetic product can clog pores and cause skin irritation.
  • In the summer, a greasy foundation can alsoto serve badly. With inept handling of cosmetics, a person risks becoming shiny, and all the beauty can "flow". What to do? Just just choose the right foundation in accordance with weather conditions. Remember that in the summer, makeup should be easier.
  • Do not use a foundation sowomen, whose face for some reason is inflamed. It can be like a common acne, as well as all sorts of scratches and allergic reactions. When exposed to a tonal product, the skin can become inflamed even more, and instead of the expected beauty, you will get an exacerbation of a dermatological disease.

how to choose the right foundation for your skin

How to choose the right foundation

If the desire to purchase a foundation is not yetgone, let's learn how to choose it correctly. In the shops there is a whole range of creams of all kinds, and sometimes it's very difficult to decide. Many girls make the mistake of buying a tonic in the same shade as their skin. As a result, the cream, instead of merging with the owner's skin into one, works exactly the opposite way, and the girl's face begins to resemble a lifeless mask. In order that this does not happen, you need to adopt several tips:

  • Do not try the color of the tonal remedy on your wristWhatever the sales consultants say, the skin color of the face and hands is very different, so it's better to go to the store without make-up and tone the face than to make an unsuccessful purchase and then think for a long time where to attach a practically new foundation.
  • The next mistake is to consider the sampletonal cream on your face under artificial lighting You, of course, can argue and say that you spend much more time in the office than in the open air, but you still have to go out into the street. In addition, if you properly choose a foundation in natural light, it is guaranteed to look good and with the light of a conventional light bulb.
  • Possessors of a skin of a pink shade adviseSelect a beige toner It balances the shade of the skin, making it more natural. Girls with yellowish skin, on the contrary, will approach a tonal cream of a pinkish shade. Only apply it needs a thin layer and carefully shade, otherwise the border between the face and neck will be very noticeable. Dark-skinned should choose a powder and tone beige-apricot or dark beige shades, and girls with pale skin face is quite suitable tonal cream with the effect of light tan.
  • It's easy to say - "choose the right shade" And howto determine which particular foundation is the most suitable? Very simple. Apply a few favorite shades of toning on the face and wait a little (you can watch for yourself mascara or lip gloss). After 5 minutes, the cream "settles" on the skin, and you can objectively evaluate the result. That shade that is less noticeable is yours.
  • Do not forget to check the expiration date of the tonalcream and package integrity. You understand that a self-respecting manufacturer will not sell money without a box. Check the tube for a hologram. If the authenticity of the product is in doubt, you can ask the seller for a certificate of this type of product. It is better to be reinsured once than after a long time to treat the skin from rashes.
  • Price also plays a big role. Good cosmetics cheap does not happen. Think about yourself: the more in the foundation, the better. Whereas each component of a cosmetic product costs money, hence its original cost and the final price. Therefore, try not to choose a foundation on the principle of "the cheaper, the better."
  • A well-known brand is also a certain guarantee of successDo not choose a foundation from the manufacturer whose name you hear for the first time. Who knows, maybe their production facilities are located in a local basement? Of course, a bright label and the name of a well-known firm also does not guarantee the quality of the products, but in the second case the risk of stumbling upon a bad foundation is considerably less.
  • how to choose a tonal cream correctly

    Choose a foundation for the skin type

    What else depends on the correct choice of tonalfacilities? Of course, on the type of skin. And be prepared for the fact that you will have to buy the cream at least twice a year, since any skin behaves absolutely differently in the winter and summer seasons. Frost, as a rule, dries the face, whereas the sun, on the contrary, makes the skin fatter. Many beauticians are even advised not to use cosmetics in hot weather, because they know perfectly well how a woman can look after a two-hour stay in the sun. However, back to the definition of the type of skin and selection of foundation.

    • Girls with dry skin should choose a remedy withmoisturizing effect. If the foundation is still bad on the face, before applying the make-up, use a normal day cream, let it soak in, then continue applying makeup to the skin that has already been prepared. Just do it right not with your finger, but with a sponge soaked in water.
    • Women with oily skin face a lightweightfoundation oil-free cream. The structure is more dense than the previous one, however, the special particles that make up the cream will help not only hide fatty gloss, but also absorb excess fat.
    • Those whose skin is of a mixed type,you will have to learn how to apply the tonal remedy correctly. On dry areas of the face, you must first apply a nourishing cream, and only after that apply a direct tone.
    • It is more difficult to do makeup for mature women. Their skin to everything else is also fused with fine wrinkles that can not hide any foundation. Therefore, be as accurate with cosmetics. Her surpluses can get into wrinkles and further emphasize them.

    Finally, I would like to advise the girls firstlearn to feel the measure, and only after that experiment with a foundation and other decorative cosmetics. Do not impose on yourself all the shades of shadows and powders that are just found in the cosmetic bag. Otherwise, no matter how good your foundation is, it can not save the situation.