wedding makeup for blondes Blondes - the girls are spectacular. In men, they are associated with tenderness, fragility and femininity. Effectiveness largely depends on properly applied makeup. Especially this fact relates to the most important event in the life of any girl - a wedding. Wedding makeup for blondes (as well as for girls with a different color of hair) is much different from the evening or everyday makeup. It's about these differences that we'll talk about today. And also consider the types of wedding makeup, based on the color of the eyes, the general image and, of course, the wishes of the bride. Modern wedding is not just a trip to the registry office and a feast. This is a kind of theatrical performance: with dances, disguises and competitions. The bride is always in the center of attention, so you need to apply makeup so that it lasted from the moment you leave the house to the very end of the holiday. How to do it? First, you need to use only persistent cosmetics. Do not be stingy and get quality products, because they will depend on your mood, self-confidence and well-being.

The main secrets of wedding makeup

So, your goal is to emphasize romance,tenderness and innocence of the image, to achieve an impeccable appearance. Make make-up, ready for passionate embraces and kisses, to change the weather conditions. What does that require?

  • The main emphasis in applying make-up is donenamely on the eyes. Correctly emphasized natural beauty of the eyes will give an opportunity to look perfect not only on wedding photos (corrected by the photographer), but also live;
  • Makeup and the bride's dress must necessarily be combined with the groom's outfit. All subtleties must be thought out in advance in order to create a solid image of a couple in love - bright and memorable;
  • In order to be completely self-confident intime of the holiday, practice doing makeup beforehand. Experiment with the shades, see how you look in different lighting: street, artificial;
  • When choosing colors, be sure to listen toyourself! Councils of relatives and friends are good, but I also play my own preferences. After all, you should feel comfortable. By the way, the same applies to the choice of dress;
  • Be sure to bring along with you on the appointed daycosmetic bag. If your outfit does not provide for the presence of a handbag, give it to a friend or mother. During the day, you will often have to adjust your makeup. And in the evening you can make it a little brighter: change the tone of lipstick, pick up other blush.

beautiful wedding makeup for blondes

Wedding makeup blonde - perfect image

  • Choosing cosmetics, prefer lighttones. Particularly carefully refer to a tonal cream - its composition should be easy. For the product to lie perfectly flat, you can mix it with a moisturizing face cream. To apply a foundation cream is better than a cotton swab (and not fingers), moving from top to bottom;
  • In order for the skin to look flawless,choose a good masking agent that will hide all the flaws and flaws. Remember - the masking agent is applied with a small brush and spread evenly over the face;
  • The color of the powder should ideally match your natural complexion. Apply a powder with a large brush made of natural hair;
  • Well-defined eyebrows can change the imagebeyond recognition. Take this matter with all attention. Blondes are not suitable for coal-black color, so thaw the preference for gray or brown pencil. And do not forget to correct the shape of the eyebrows;
  • The color of the shadows can be different: bronze, chocolate, gray, blue or blue. Here everything depends on the general image and the color of the eyes;
  • Wedding makeup for blondes should not betoo bright, so you can refuse to apply. The maximum that you can afford - a thin black line, neatly applied directly to the growth of the eyelashes. It should be practically invisible;
  • Light shades of shadows are applied only in the inner corner of the eye and under the line of eyebrows. Darker tones - on the outer part of the century;
  • If your eyelashes are not as long and fluffy as you would like, use curling irons;
  • Painting the cilia is strictly from the bottom up. The second layer of the carcass is applied as needed;
  • Blondes are best suited coral or peach blush. To tone evenly, apply them with a quality brush, moving from the bottom up and focusing on the protruding part of the cheekbones;
  • To lipstick lasted several hours, before using it lightly powder the lips.

So, we have studied all the secrets and subtleties of wedding make-up. Now let's look at the most popular images suitable for blonde girls.

Makeup "hude"

This kind of makeup is quite popular amongmodern brides. Its secret is simple - to look as natural as possible. In order to create the image of a porcelain doll (as it was called by the people), you will need a minimum of cosmetic products. The only drawback of this makeup is that it will only fit young girls who do not have obvious flaws on their skin.

  • Refuse from foundation. Just put on your face a thin layer of moisturizer, top covered with friable powder;
  • Shadows should be dry and matte. Choose the color based on your preferences. But remember, no bright and flashy colors. A more light tone is imposed on the entire mobile eyelid, the tone is darker - on the convex part of the eyelid and on the outer corner of the eye;
  • The line of growth of eyelashes draw in a light brown pencil;
  • Cover the lashes with brown lengthening mascara in one layer;
  • Line the cheekbones with rouge. If the skin you have a light shade, use a gentle pink tone. If tanned - peach;
  • Lip remover should be glossy, you need to create the effect of moist lips. It is best to use soft cream lipstick.

fashionable wedding makeup for blondes

Cat's eyes

Above we talked about the fact that the wedding makeup is notmust be caller. However, courageous and extravagant girls may not have enough of an innocent image. For them, stylists have reserved a special make-up - a passionate and languid "cat's eye". Such an image will not allow the groom to doubt the correctness of the choice. He will not be able to take your eyes off you for a second! The main condition for cat make-up is that all the brightness should go to the eyes. Lipstick you choose a natural shade. So, are you a brave bride? Then prepare to conquer the groom with one glance!

  • We put on all the eyelid foundation, from above powder it with white matte shadows;
  • Now draw the eye with a well-sharpened black pencil. Stretch the skin at the corner and draw a clear line on the growth of the eyelashes;
  • In the same way we work with the lower part of the century, only the line should not be complete - start drawing from the middle;
  • Now you need to process the corner of the eye. Draw the arrow from the outside, bending it up;
  • Next, take the shadows (blue or gray) and shade them well, starting from the inner corner of the eye - this is where the color should be very saturated. The closer to the outer corner, the paler the color;
  • We apply black mascara, twisting eyelashes - the image is completed.

Makeup for brown-eyed blondes

Among natural blondes it is difficult to meeta woman with brown eyes. It is difficult, but possible. Brown-eyed and fair-haired girls are so attracted to men that they can do without any make-up at all. But today we are talking about a wedding, which means we have no right to dump cosmetics from our accounts. So, what is the highlight of the makeup for the brown eyes? First of all, to smooth the contrast between blond hair and dark eyes.

  • We use a tonal tool, suitable for the color of your skin. It is better to apply the product with the help of sponge, shaving it well throughout the face;
  • Further we put friable powder in tone;
  • Blush we use light brown or yellowish-pink color;
  • Since the brown eyes have completely different shades, there is no point in stopping at any one color of the shadows. Try the gray, purple, brown, blue tones. Do not overdo it with brightness;
  • Mascara is better to use brown, with an extension effect. If necessary, we apply a second layer;
  • Particularly attentive to the eyebrows. They should not be too bright and wide. After correcting the form, give them the desired form using a brown pencil;
  • Lips are dyed with pink pearly lipstick. If the skin is tanned, coral or orange tone is better.

Deciding to make wedding make-up,be sure to practice. Do not wait for a solemn day to learn all the lessons. In this case, you do not have the right to make a mistake! If you do not get something, or if you feel that you have incorrectly chosen the image, trust the professional. Yes, you have to pay, but after all your peace and good mood on the wedding day is much more expensive than the services of the stylist!