wedding makeup for green eyes Every girl wants the most joyful andexciting day of his life - on the day of the wedding - look especially beautiful. A bride's bouquet, a dress, shoes, a veil, a hairdress - all this is considered and selected especially carefully. And, of course, make-up. Here it is necessary to take into account many nuances, and first of all - the color of the eyes. Well, with gray, blue and brown, everything is more or less clear, a lot is written about makeup for eyes of this color. And what should be the wedding make-up for green eyes? There are many different shades of green eyes, and these shades can differ significantly from each other. Therefore, most of our councils will have the character of only general leadership. Depending on which of your eyes is a shade of green, you will need to choose the appropriate shades and colors of makeup. Fortunately, the range of colors for green eyes is very wide.

What makeup colors to choose for green eyes

For those of you who want to emphasizecharming and delicate color of their eyes, our little tips will be useful. You must use colors that are in the color circle opposite the green color. It can be purple, pink, red, purple, violet, violet shades - the warmer and softer the shades, the better will be the green color of the eyes. For the sake of justice, it must be said that some pink and purple hues will not emphasize green eyes too well, and some, on the contrary, noticeably enliven and open their eyes. Find out which particular shade of pink or purple color suits you the most, you can by trial and error. Of course, you need to do this in advance, so that you have enough time to determine the most suitable for you the color range of wedding makeup. Shadows for green eyes A very good choice can be the use of various shades of brown. The combination of copper and gold with green will always look very harmonious! Here, it is very important not to overdo it with color saturation, otherwise attention will be focused not so much on your eyes as on the makeup itself. But it is better to avoid all shades of blue green-eyed brides, since the contrast between the color of the shadows and the color of the eyes will be disadvantageous for them. Again, this is just a general rule, and you will have to make sure that it is right in relation to you specifically in an experimental way. Therefore, make a trial make-up a few days before the wedding, to be sure of the flawlessness of its color range. Green eyeliner In order to further distinguish the eyes, it is possible to use liquid eyeliner (it is desirable that the liner is water resistant), drawing the line as close as possible to the line of eyelash growth - both on the upper and lower eyelids. In order to make the makeup more gentle, it is better to use a brown or dark gray liner. And, of course, it is worthwhile to practice in advance applying the line in order to choose your style and play with the colors of the liner. beautiful wedding makeup for green eyes

What else needs to be considered while choosing makeup

In addition to eye color, it is also necessary to consider the coloryour hair, the shape of the eyebrows, face and even the shape of the chin, nose and eyes themselves. It is very important to consider the color of your skin. In women with green eyes, often the skin has an olive tint of this or that intensity. This shade of the skin in choosing a make-up is no less important than the actual shade of the color of your eyes. Remembering this, let's consider what the color scheme of the wedding make-up should be. Green-eyed brides who have fair skin and light or red hair should adhere to pale purple, gray-brown, peach shades of eye shadow. Those who have an average skin tone, and hair of brown, dark red or maroon hue, can safely choose deeper shades of purple, brown, dark blue, copper and saturated color of the sea wave. And, finally, the bride, whose skin is darker, should choose the following shades: dark purple and plum, medium or dark green, dark brown and even charcoal black. Whatever color of shadows you choose, it should be applied, gradually reducing the intensity of the color towards the eyebrows, and near the eyelashes, on the contrary, causing a darker shade. You can apply a white or brown eye pencil and brown mascara, except for those who have a darker skin tone. Girls with such skin can use a black or green pencil to enhance the dramatic effect. If you decide to use a white pencil on the bottom line of eyelash growth, be sure to lightly blend it, creating a "smoky" effect. To enhance the dramatic effect, you can add a little gold or bronze shimmering shadows on the outer corners of the eyelids. To emphasize the make-up of the eyes, it is important to choose the right blush. They should be peach or coral shades, and the most successful decision would be if you made only a hint of the presence of blush. It is best to use a creamy blush. They lie better, which facilitates their application, when you need to achieve the lightest shade of color. In addition, you can mix several different colors of blush to achieve the desired shade. Blush should be applied over the corrector and foundation. By the way, the basis for make-up should be selected especially carefully, so that it exactly matches the tone of your skin. Lips should not distract attention from the eyes with too intense color, so use the best lipstick colors of peaches or corals. Over the lipstick, apply a little shine on the lips, this will give your appearance an additional attraction. And at the end of the eye makeup do not forget to brush your eyebrows carefully with a special brush, which will give them a well-groomed appearance. Well, if you have the opportunity to consult a professional who will tell you how to take into account all the nuances of your appearance or he will make you a wedding makeup. If you do not have such an opportunity, then you should not despair either. Just experiment a few times, trying out different options. unusual wedding makeup for green eyes

Smoky Eyes Wedding Makeup

Traditionally it is believed that wedding make-up canbe simple - soft eyeshadow, light rouge and light lipstick. But modern brides more and more often try to emphasize their eyes with the help of the beautiful, dramatic make-up of Smoky Eyes. This makeup is universal, because it allows you to create both a classic and fashionable image. If you want to make such a make-up yourself, then first practice several times, making such a makeup before the wedding. And remember that for makeup Smoky Eyes you need to use only quality cosmetics. Traditionally, for smoky eye make-up, shades of gray or black are used, but variations are also possible: you can take shades of dark green, purple, chocolate or dark pink. It is important to remember that you must adhere to the color scheme that is in harmony with the color of your eyes. Select the shadows of two or three colors; Perfect blending of selected shades is an important factor. By the way, you can take different shades of the same color. The technique of applying the wedding makeup Smoky Eyes After applying the eyelids based on makeup and powder, start applying shadows. Apply the shadow on the eyelid with a special eyelid brush (with a small head). The darkest tone is applied to the lower part of the mobile age, from the line of growth of the eyelashes to the fold. If you use three colors, then apply an average tone along the fold line of the eyelid. Then paint over the fixed part of the upper eyelid - up to the eyebrow line - in the lightest tone. After this, take a clean brush and carefully blend the places of transition of one color of shadows to another. You can dab a brush in a soft blush; this will help to make the transition of one color into another more smooth and inconspicuous. Only blush on the brush should be quite a bit! It will be very effective, if on the lower eyelid under the line of eyelash growth you will put the darkest shadows. Now take the black eyeliner and process the line of eyelash growth in the upper and lower eyelids. And be sure to carefully blend the liner so that it blends with the dark shadows. In smoky makeup, you can use liquid liner, if you know how to apply it thin and precise lines. To complete the make-up, take a black waterproof mascara that gives volume and lengthens the eyelashes, and apply it in two layers on the previously curled eyelashes. In the middle of the upper line of eyelash growth, several separate ciliated eyelashes can be applied. light wedding makeup for green eyes

Wedding makeup: wishes and bans

Large, shining eyes, especially of such a beautiful color as yours, always attract attention. Want to look perfect at your wedding? Then remember our tips: What is necessary

  • Seriously think about the need to turn to a professional make-up artist;
  • Take time to try and evaluate the services of several different make-up artists, and choose the one that best understands your personal tastes;
  • Use eye drops if your eyes look tired or reddened (but do not forget the main rule - you also have to try the drops beforehand in order to avoid unpleasant surprises!);
  • Try to get a good sleep, especially this is important the night before the crucial day;
  • Do not forget to use the corrector to hide the dark circles under the eyes;
  • Give preference to matte shadows (they will not reflect the light and look too shiny, especially in photos);
  • Use white shadows to apply under the eyebrows, if you have fair skin, and shades of peach color, if the skin is swarthy. Such shadows will open your eyes even more, lighting your eyes;
  • Shade eyebrows in a pencil, the color of which corresponds to the color of your hair;
  • Ink apply at least two layers;
  • Use the device for curling eyelashes before and after the first layer of the carcass;
  • For wedding makeup use a fresh, better new mascara. Do not forget to test it beforehand!

What you should not do

  • Apply too much make-up on the eyes. You will look vulgar;
  • Change the color of the eyes with lenses, if you do not usually wear them;
  • To experiment on the wedding day with any products that are used for eye makeup, if you have not used it before;
  • To put shiny shadows - they will blink from flashes of the camera, and in memory of the wedding you will have photos that you do not want anyone to show;
  • To pull out eyebrows at the last minute;
  • Apply false eyelashes if they are not 100% comfortable and you are not two hundred percent sure that they will not begin to get unstuck and fall at the most inopportune moment.

And in conclusion, we want to give you two more tips: be sure that you are really waiting for a fabulous wedding, and do not doubt for a moment that you will be just gorgeous! We advise you to read: