arrows on the eyes Fashionable arrows were always. The skill to draw them accurately and beautifully comes with experience. Arrows on the eyes make the eyes more visible and expressive, and if desired, with their help, you can make adjustments and change something. Fashion to draw arrows came from ancient Egypt. They had a religious meaning, because they resembled the cross-section of the eyes of cats, which the Egyptians worshiped. Therefore, both pharaohs, priests, and rich Egyptians tried to repeat the cat's magic look with the help of cosmetics. In those days, to make a dark paint for the eyes mixed clay, henna and silt from the bottom of the river. Makeup with arrows for the eyes is a chance for a woman to attract attention. And the elements of such make-up will make it possible for the woman's gaze to show a riddle, sensuality and temptation.

How do we draw arrows in front of our eyes?

Arrows in front of you can be portrayed with all sorts ofways, using various cosmetics for this. It is necessary to determine for yourself which means for drawing beautiful arrows is suitable for you. In the cosmetic departments of many shops you will find a variety of tools for drawing arrows for the eyes. There are some preferences in using this or that means in order to make arrows for the eyes. There are a lot of options:

  • pencil usual or with waterproof effect
  • liquid eyeliner
  • helium liquid
  • dry eyeliner (shadow)
  • podkonka-felt-tip pen

The main thing is to learn how to properly and profitablyuse this or that tool to achieve the ultimate goal. To podkonka or pencil lay easily and evenly, it is necessary to put a foundation on the upper eyelids. Some tips: for daytime make-up, you need to select shadows of pastel tones. Well, and evening make-up should look bright and even defiant. Therefore, boldly choose a bright palette of colors, using a metallic or pearlescent shine. Experienced makeup artists advise, first try to make arrows with a soft pencil, which can be shaded. To make the line clear and thin, sharpen the pencil. But do not overdo it, the skin on the eyelids is very tender, it can easily be injured. Draw the arrow begin from the middle of the upper eyelid and further we draw it clearly to the outer corner of the eye. When we draw an arrow, it is better that the eyelid (on which we draw) be open, then there will be less errors. Depending on the makeup arrows can be made with both light and dark pencil. Pencils come in a variety of colors, but in favor, of course, the classics are black. The most difficult in the application of arrows is liquid piping. In this case, you will need patience to master this process and learn how to correctly guide the arrows in front of your eyes. There are liquid podvodki with a brush and a tip. The color scheme is not as saturated as in pencils. Liquid podvodki draw black, brown, blue and green. In fact, you can use several colors at once. To learn how to bring a shooter beautifully and without blots, you need to release the brush from the lumps and excess paint, and only then start drawing. If you are afraid to spoil, you can help yourself. For this, first draw a thin line with a sharpened pencil, then on top you can draw a beautiful arrow. The arrow to the eye with the help of piping draw directly on the line of growth of the upper lashes, gradually lifting it to the outer corner of the eye. And in general, remember that you need a combination of the color of the liner with the color of the shadows, your eyes, skin and even hair. Mascara should not be lighter than the eyeliner. There is another version of the liner - gel, it combines the properties of a pencil and liquid liner. Doing arrows with her eyes is easier, and it is applied with a beveled brush. On the brush we type the gel remedy and draw the arrows, pressing it to the middle of the century, the more means, the wider the arrow. It has a feature, it dries faster. It is a pleasure to paint your eyes with this eyeliner. The arrows are drawn beautifully, you can say perfectly. Dry piping is applied easily, for this we use either an applicator or a brush. Makeup artists are advised to work with baked shadows. If we want the shooter to be bright, then you can wet the brush with water, lower it in the shade and hold it in the eyelid. And, if the muted tones, then this is not necessary, just cover the entire eyelid with shadows. Padding - the felt pen is very convenient to use and it dries faster. It is convenient in that you do not need to dose the paint and it saves your time. When drawing with a felt-tip pen, lift the corner of the eyelid with your fingers and apply a clear line and draw a confident line to the outer corner of the eye. You can repeat it again, having drawn the arrow, from this the look of your eyes will be more expressive. If you draw the arrows correctly, then you can experiment with the help of the piping. The main thing to do so that you do not look ridiculous and do not emphasize your shortcomings. Make a beautiful make-up - then take into account all the nuances of drawing arrows. How to draw arrows correctly depends on many features. Consider the shape and cut of the eyes, you can correct them, which will give your look of expressiveness. Arrows go to everyone, the main thing is to find your own option when you paint them. The times of Cleopatra have long since sunk into oblivion, and makeup for the eyes with arrows, as before in fashion. The arrows make the woman's face look younger, and the look is open and expressive. Use some tips when drawing arrows on the eyes. how to draw arrows in front of eyes

Variants of arrows for different types of eyes

Small eyes and arrows for themsmall eyes visually increase, you can use a light thread. And to draw arrows in front of you need only in the upper eyelid. We start to bring the arrow somewhere from the middle of the eye and the line is carefully and smoothly led to the outer corner. Do not forget, if the line of the arrow does not lead beyond the outer corner of the eye, then it will reduce the visual eye. Arrows for round and large eyes In this case, it is recommended to draw an arrow, both on the upper and lower eyelids. To change the shape of the round eyes, you can use in the make-up marksman podvodku, ideal for large eyes will be black. With the help of her lengthen the corners of the eyes, the line should be made slightly above the corner, visually as if rounding it. The line of the arrow for the eyes should be made soft and shaded. Arrows for close-set eyes If you have close-set eyes, the arrow should be started thinly from the middle of the eye, then make the line thicker to the outer corner. If there is a desire, the same arrow can be made in the lower eyelid. Then you get the effect of the opened eyes, which visually widens the eyes. Arrows for wide-set eyes To make such eyes appear closer together, the arrow is drawn by an even dense line along the entire length of the upper eyelid, drawing a beautiful line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. At the same time, the inner corner must be drawn. Narrow eyes and draw arrows for them To make the narrow eyes look more open, a line is drawn along the entire length of the century. And in the middle it should be made thicker and the corners of the eyes make up a shade of light palette of flowers. Eyes of the ideal shape and options for arrows for them If you are the owner of such eyes, then you are lucky, in your make-up you can afford a variety of arrows. There is an option in the power of Marilyn Monroe. The arrow is painted in the upper eyelid closely to the eyelashes, leading the line beyond the outer corner of the century and slightly tapering it upwards. The lower eyelid is not stained. Such hands in the eyes create a sexy look. There are such kinds of make-up that are very popular not only among movie stars and pop stars, but also enjoy special demand among women in everyday life. This makeup smoky eyes "smoky eyes" and "cat's eye" Makeup "smoky eyes" has long topped the rating of the most famous makeup techniques. It arose at the beginning of the last century. Women took the example from the stars of silent movies, they adopted the skill to imitate the image of "female vamp." It is the face of a fatal beauty with bright expressive eyes and natural lips. The basis of this makeup is dark shadows, but it's not necessarily black or dark gray. The color scale should be selected according to the shade of your eyes, skin, hair. In order to get a "smoky" effect of makeup for the eyes to successfully use a pencil, it gently paints and it is easier to shade. The pencil should match the color of the shadows. The arrow is drawn closer to the growth of the eyelashes, the thickness of the arrow should narrow from the outer edge of the eye to the inside. And when we paint the lower eyelid, we choose a pencil of the same color, but only lighter than the shade, the line of the pencil must be shaded. On the upper eyelid, we cast light shadows, perhaps even with a pearl luster. And the darker basic tone of the shadows on the upper movable eyelid, then shade the shadows so that they blend uniformly with the liner. To achieve the "smoky" effect of your eyes, it is necessary that the transition from a light base tone to a basic dark one be smooth, but at the same time noticeable. The final chord for eye makeup is to apply two layers of black mascara. Lips should look natural, so choose the natural color of lipstick: beige, peach (we can take even a transparent shine). After all, the main emphasis is on the eyes. Makeup "cat's eye" was popular in the middle of the last century. Many famous women choose a cat's style in their make-up. The main element of this make-up is the arrows, with which you can change or emphasize the shape and cut of the eyes. Try the arrows in the style of Audrey Hepburn. It will be a wide, clear line with a tail in the upper eyelid of your eye. So the eyes failing look mysterious. The means for performing such a make-up need to be selected based on many factors. It is necessary to consider why you are doing this make-up: for going to work, for an official appearance or for attending a party. We need shadows of three shades (for example: dark brown, brown, light brown), soft pencil, eyeliner and mascara. First, prepare the eyes. On the upper eyelid should be applied a foundation that mats or light shadows. We start by taking the darkest shade of the shadows from what we have chosen, and continuing to apply them closer to the growth of the eyelashes and shading. Next, we lighten the tone closer to the corner of the outer edge of the eyelid, and the light color of the shadows is taken out of the eye. At the top of the light shadows, we draw the line with dark shadows and it must also go beyond the edge of the eye. But on the center of the mobile part of the upper eyelid, you need to put the lightest shadows. Pay attention to the lower eyelid, we will make the details of the eyeliner with dark shadows. Now proceed to the main element of the makeup "cat's eye" - the arrows. For this purpose, take a soft pencil and begin to draw slowly and very neatly the arrow, very close to the growth of the eyelashes. The arrow line should be raised, and then extended beyond the edge of the eye. The next stage may seem difficult for you, but do not worry, everything that did not work right away can be corrected with a tampon or a napkin. Take a waterproof pencil and draw an arrow from the inside of the upper eyelid. Then you can use a liquid eyeliner and make up your makeup. We begin to draw a line through the inner corner of the eye. Then continue gently and gradually go to the lower eyelid, draw a line to the outer corner of the eye and connect them. To complete the image, you need to tint your lips and apply black mascara on your eyelashes. And now choose where to go ... how to draw arrows in front of eyes

Tips on how to draw arrows in front of eyes

  • In order to draw arrows beautifully and accurately you need good lighting and a successful large mirror. At the same time, it should not be kept on weight, but rather placed on the table.
  • When we draw arrows on the eyes, the skin of the eyelid should be pulled upward with the help of fingers, eyes should be half open at the same time.
  • First, try to make the arrow thin, you can always make the contour fatter from above.
  • Do not forget that the area between the eyelashes and the arrow itself must be filled.
  • To keep the arrows with a clear beautiful line during the day, it is desirable to apply shadows of a shade close on the top.
  • The best will be make-up, when the tip of the arrow is pointing up.
  • It is better to draw an arrow in parts, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.
  • Both hands should be made exactly symmetrical, otherwise it will look strange,
  • as if a woman has a defect in appearance.
  • It is better not to lower the eyelid with liquid eyeliner, it may seem vulgar to others.
  • Arrows in the lower eyelid will always be painted with a line thinner than on the upper.
  • To look more deep and expressive, you can paint the inner lower eyelid with a white cosmetic pencil.
  • A little trick, if you want to visually open your eyes, you need to paint the upper eyelid with one color, and the lower one for a few shades lighter.
  • The final stage of any successful make-up is thoroughly stained with mascara eyelashes. If you have a desire, you can apply false eyelashes in makeup.

Look at movie stars and celebrities. It seems that creating such a makeup as they will not be difficult. But we do not always realize that make-up artists work on the image of the stars. And simple girls will have to apply persistent efforts to learn how to draw arrows correctly. It is not difficult to acquire skills and knowledge in drawing arrows. Just for this you need to find your style, method and means to achieve fashionable makeup with arrows. You will need patience, diligence and creativity in achieving the goal. With this nothing can be done - beauty requires sacrifice. And the ultimate goal for us is beautiful and expressive eyes. We advise you to read: