beautiful eye makeup Beautiful eyes that are skilfully summed up in blackpencil, are the dream of every woman. Elegantly drawn eyes attract the admiring glances of men. This art of make-up is subject to every woman, and the recommendations of experts in this will help. In this case, it is necessary to take into account many nuances, for example, the shape of the eyes, their color matters. You should first apply on the face a means for make-up, which will give the skin moisture and necessary protection. Then, under the lower eyelid, several dots are applied by the concealer, which should be immediately grinded, and care should be taken to ensure that the product does not get into the eyes. The function of the concealer is very important, because it helps to mask wrinkles and circles under the eyes. Then you should use powder. As for the eyeliner, it should be of high quality. It is best to use a medium-soft pencil, since it does not cause damage to the skin.

How to paint your eyes

Soft pencil (it should be preliminarilysharpen sharp) at the base of the eyelashes in the upper eyelid a smooth line is drawn, which should be identical to the natural contour of the eyes and go from the inner corner to the outer one. In this case, do not draw a wide line, but it is better to first draw a thin, and then shade it. It should be remembered that you need to dye your eyes in such a way that there is not the impression that there are many cosmetics, this is the main sign of quality make-up. At the end of the line a small bend is made with a pencil, which gives the eye some openness. The lower eyelid can also be dyed with a pencil, but it should be done in such a way that the drawn line does not reach the inner corner of the eye. It is possible to be painted in this way only if it is an evening make-up. If the eyes are closely planted, the line from the pencil begins in the middle of the upper eyelid. The arrow in this case turns out softer, it is not necessary to try to allocate it. If the eyes are closely planted, then it is not worth painting the lower eyelids. If the eyes are large or widely planted, then it is necessary to draw a line to the temple, which contributes to a visual change in the eyes, so they become more almond-shaped. Do not draw a line too long in the direction of the temple, since this makes the makeup caller, so the line should be omitted. The eyeball visually becomes smaller, all lines are softened, which looks very attractive. The line drawn in pencil should not be very narrow, it should be drawn by capturing the entire edge of the eyelashes. eye shadow

How to choose a pencil

Some girls are not too carefulrefer to the choice of a pencil, which is completely unacceptable, since if you paint with a poor quality pencil, it can cause an allergic reaction. When choosing a pencil, which will have to dye your eyes, you should give preference to products from solid wood, since pencils made from sawdust are not only of lower quality, but also badly grinded. When choosing a pencil, you should carefully inspect the lead, if it has a white coating, then there is no place for such a pencil in the cosmetic bag. The line that the pencil leaves on the skin should be uniform and clear. Too soft pencil is not worth choosing, because it is badly applied. When choosing colors, it's best to give preference to black pencil, which is the classic of the genre. In order to win men's hearts with expressive and passionate eyes, you need to paint them correctly. It should be painted with a black pencil line of eyelashes, then they will visually more magnificent. Then the arrow is drawn and gently blurred. Under no circumstances should you paint over the eyelid with such a pencil, since the look in this case looks aggressive and heavy. The lower eyelids can be brought only slightly and then only to those who have large eyes. If you do not want the line drawn in pencil to be clear, you should shade the applied line with the applicator for the shadows and try to keep it up. For brown-eyed, a black pencil is perfect, for gray-eyed suits gray, green-eyed should be chosen brown, and blue-eyed girls are perfectly suited to all shades of gray.

How to make up eyeliner eyeliner

In addition to the pencil, the eyes can be dyed with a liquidthen the color will be more saturated, and make-up - more resistant. The contour line looks more attractive if it is located close to the line of growth of your eyelashes. If the eyes are large or planted close, then you should choose a very intense eyeliner and wind it beyond the outer corner of the eye. Eyes should be dyed very carefully, then you can avoid the effect of slanted eyes. The line of eyeliner should be very thin, you can also draw a lower eyelid. If the eyes are not very large, then the line should be wider, but it should be invisible. Lower eyelids with small eyes should not be painted, otherwise they will look visually even smaller. When choosing a shade of eyeliner, the type of skin should be considered. If the skin is swarthy, then it is better to choose a blue, brown or green eyeliner. The blue, bluish-green and gray color matching will perfectly suit the light skin. application of arrows to the eyes

How to make up eyes with mascara

In order to beautifully paint your eyes with mascara,need a comb for the eyelashes. With her help, eyelashes are not only separated properly, but they also rise, which looks very nice. To comb the eyelashes should be when the mascara has not dried up, so you can get rid of the remains of mascara, different lumps. The eyes thus acquire a natural appearance. Needed and eyelashes, which will make the look more open, and the eyes will seem bigger. Mascara should be started with a few strokes of the brush, starting from the line of growth of the eyelashes up. When the ink slightly dry, you should paint the tips. Then, when the ink dries completely, you should dye your eyes again, from the base to the tips.

How to paint brown eyes

In order to beautifully make up the brown eyes,you must first find the right shadows. Such eyes will look more expressive if a complex shade is used. You should start with an olive shade, and finish with bronze or coal-black, and chocolate, gray and violet shades are also excellent. Pink and orange shades here are completely irrelevant. Technique of application

  • First, a lighter shade of the eye shadow is applied throughout the eyelid;
  • Apply a dark shade, you need to start from the outer corner of the upper eyelid to the center;
  • It is allowed to apply a small amount of dark shadows on the lower eyelid in a similar pattern, that is, from the outer corner to the center;
  • The brush is gently shaded by dark shadows at the edges;
  • Now you should paint your eyes with mascara. For brown eyes, it is best to choose black ink.
  • How to paint the green eyes

    Green-eyed girls in the make-up of eyes can safelyexperiment with shades of brown (sand tones fit perfectly, you can choose from a shade of deep chocolate). Shadows of blue color will give the eyes an incomparable depth and emphasize the incredible beauty of emerald eyes. Excellent shade shades of purple shades. To create a daytime make-up, shade of light shades will perfectly suit you. In order to make a daytime make-up, green-eyed girls should apply shadows with a slight shade of mother-of-pearl to the upper eyelid, and shadows of a more intense shade should carefully shade from above. The technique of a more contrasting make-up is this: light shadows are applied between the middle of the eyelid and the line of eyelash growth. The dark line is applied by extension, starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

    How to make blue eyes

    Shades of silvery, tender pink, purple andgold shades are perfect for makeup of blue eyes. The make-up technique for a girl with blue eyes is different in that the less make-up, the better.

  • The eyelids are applied to the eyelid and shade carefully.
  • Now shadows of a more saturated color are being applied (lavender color is perfect), but it is done in such a way that the transition between the shadows was invisible.
  • The outline of blue eyes is emphasized by a dark gray pencil or eyeliner.
  • Cilia in the conclusion should be painted with dark gray ink.
  • How to paint gray eyes

    In order to make up the gray eyes,Use shadows of gray, gray-beige or gray-blue shade. In any case, the shade of the shadows should be slightly darker than the color of the eyes. In order to make up large eyes, you should choose only dark shadows, black or dark gray. Perfectly suitable so-called smoky make-up. Small eyes are best painted with light shadows. Even more important is the fine work with a contour pencil. It is best to choose the shades of a pearl shade, but without strong shine. Those women whose eyes are narrow, it is important to visually expand them. It is done this way: a contour pencil draws a strip just below the eyelids, and then just above the eyelids, then you need to gently blossom everything. If all the above recommendations of specialists take note, then one can be sure that the eyes will become absolutely fascinating, incredibly attractive and will drive many a man crazy.