types of shooters for the eyes The use of arrows has always been in vogue. Even in ancient Egypt, this element of make-up was paid a lot of attention and very often used. Remember only Cleopatra, in the make-up of which the elongated arrows of black were the main accent. The charm of the shooters lies in their versatility. With their help, you can both give the eyes a charming almond-shaped cut, add expressiveness, and visually increase. Makeup with arrows never goes out of fashion, because it fits absolutely everything, regardless of the shape and color of the eyes or hair color. If you decide on makeup with arrows, remember that there are a lot of types of shooters for the eyes. Before you start making makeup, decide on the shape of your eyes and choose the arrows appropriate for them. We, in turn, want to help you with this, so we collected all possible types of shooters for the eyes here. So dare! kinds of marksman in front of

Useful recommendations

  • Possessors of round and large eyes can safelyto emphasize their beauty with bright, wide arrows. Such arrows are held directly above the line of eyelash growth. Begin drawing the arrow from the inner corner of the eye, bringing it to the outer corner, while gradually expanding the arrow. The end of the arrow should be slightly rounded up.
  • For small or closely planted eyes, the bestoption will not outline the inner corner of the eye, and begin to hold the arrow not from the very beginning of the inner side of the eye. The arrow should be held as close as possible to the line of growth of the eyelashes and at the same time it should not extend beyond the edge by more than three millimeters. As for the lower eyelid, here you spend about a third of the line from the outer corner. In the end, do not forget to carefully shade your arrows. Also, the eyes will look much more expressive, if on the upper eyelids, namely on the inner part of it, and on the lower eyelid impose shadows of light pastel tones.
  • Far-set eyes assume quiteanother kind of arrows. For this type of eye the contour of the arrow passes through the upper eyelid, while it delineates both the inner and outer corners of the eyes. In the lower eyelid, it is necessary to draw an arrow somewhere from the middle of the eye, ending with an outer corner. In order for the eyes to visually look closer, draw an arrow along the entire length of the upper eyelid, while at the inner corner of the eye expand it, and at the outer - narrow it.
  • Girls, whom nature has given eyes withlowered outer corners, the upper eyelid should be brought from the outer end, moving to the middle, while emphasizing the corner. The lower eyelid should be given more attention, drawing it in the inner corner brighter. The most optimal option is to draw an arrow exclusively in the upper eyelid as follows: the arrow begins to draw close to the eyelashes, then gently lift it to the outer corner of the eye.
  • The standard of beauty is the eyes with raisedexternal corners, in the style of Cleopatra. But not always such elation brings joy to its owners, because it can make the eyes slanted. Although this can easily be corrected with the help of arrows. To do this, underline the lower eyelid - from the middle to the outer corner, and with the upper eyelid the opposite - take the arrow from the middle to the inner corner.
  • Deeply set or narrow eyes will be successfullook with thick shiny hands, drawn on the upper eyelid. The colors for the shooters are better to choose not so dark, do not forget to shade them at the top and towards the temples. With this form of the eye, it is definitely not worthwhile to bring the lower eyelid and lengthen the arrow, leaving behind the corners of the eyes, because this all visually only narrows the eyes.
  • Having dealt with the shape of the eyes and the types of arrows,let's take a closer look at those that are definitely worth trying in their makeup. There are a huge number of ways to bring your eyes: from "cat eyes" to creating arrows in the form of wings. different kinds of shooters for the eyes

    Types of hands for the eyes

    Arrows "cat's eyes" Kind of arrows "cat'seyes "is very popular, because it helps to create a flirty, charming and at the same time original image. In order to draw such an arrow, it is necessary to bring the upper eyelid, lifting the line to the temple. After that, bring the lower eyelid and stain the outline by connecting the arrows. There are many options that will help you revitalize this makeup. For example, you can make the arrow more sharp or around the main arrow draw another thin line of another color. Color arrows It is absolutely not necessary to use a black or brown lining. Experiment with color, arrows can be purple, and green, and blue, and pink, it all depends on your preferences. But if you are not sure that you will be able to do it accurately, you should first draw a very thin black arrow, and then bring it with the color that you have chosen. You can also use another trick that will help to emphasize the eyes: use shadows, eyeliner and mascara of the same color. Fadering to the middle of the eye To give the eyes an unusual outline, draw the arrows as follows: draw a line along the lower eyelid, along the line of the eyelash growth, but only until the middle of the century. If you want to make your eyes more expressive, you can put a few light shadows with a pearly hue on the inner corner of the eye. Such hands look very stylish and perfectly suited for both daytime make-up and will serve as a winning element of evening make-up. Thick arrows Do not be afraid to experiment with the thickness of the arrows, because they have their advantages. For example, thick arrows visually give the eyelashes extra length and thickness. Drawing it is not so simple, so it will be more convenient for you to first draw a thin line, and then draw the line again, while making the arrow thicker. This kind of arrows can be drawn both with the help of a liner, using a short or thick brush, or using shadows. The option with shadows allows you to play with the color, after all, on top of a thin line drawn in a pencil, you draw an edge of the applicator with a shadow of a suitable color. Egyptian eyes It is no accident that we mentioned Cleopatra, remembering the so-called Egyptian shooters, which are no less popular now than they were thousands of years ago. Many celebrities today use them in their stage makeup. For example, Lady Gaga in her music video for the song "Judas" chose exactly such unusual Egyptian arrows that look very impressive. To create them, continue the arrows in the lower eyelid or you can even lower them down, which will give your eyes an originality. Spotted eyeliner If you want to make a new note in your makeup, then the simplest way is to shade the eyeliner or contour pencil. Along with a shade of pencil, raise the arrow above the outer corner of the eye. Also for shading you can use black or dark brown shadows. At the same time, if you have fairly large and slightly convex eyes - feathering the black line of podvodki - this is exactly what you need. Double arrows Double arrows are more difficult to execute, but the efforts expended on them are definitely worth the result. Thin neat double arrows that extend from the middle of the eye to the end of the upper eyelid are often called the Kitten Eye ("kitten eyes"). The first step in creating such arrows will be to draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner, while it passes close to the eyelashes. To bring the line to the end of the inner corner of the eye is absolutely not necessary, because the main goal is to put an emphasis on the tip. To make your makeup expressive, draw a line in the lower eyelid. Remember that lines should not be connected! A small space should remain between the top and bottom lines, because to give depth to the view, we will superimpose here light shadows. As you can see, you will have to strain, but the result of this is definitely worth it. Arrow-wings Very unusual and unique kind of shooter, perfectly suitable for girls with blue eyes - these are arrows-wings. Their name is directly related to the form, because these arrows are very similar to the open wings of a bird. The main feature of these shooters is that they especially attract attention to your eyes, making them the center of the face. Drawing such arrows, do not forget that the liner should be interrupted for about one-fourth of the century's length. Also, the arrow-wings can be combined with any shade of eyeliner, although the classic option would be to bring the inner corners of the eyes with a black pencil. Arrows-wings can be either thin or thick, but the second option will look more bold. Thin line Of course, the most familiar and native kind of shooter - it's thin arrows. We often use them in everyday make-up, because they make the eyes more subtle and seductive. These arrows are the most versatile, suitable for easy morning make-up for work or study, or they can be a part of evening make-up. To draw such arrows, begin to draw a thin line from the inner corner of the eye. Near the outer corner of the line should smoothly go up, but at the same time not to go beyond the outer corner of the eye. Arrows in the style of Marilyn Monroe Such arrows uniquely give charm and charm, it's not for nothing that they were so fond of the sex symbol of the 50s of the last century - Marilyn Monroe. In the creation of such arrows there is nothing difficult. You need to draw a thin line from the middle of the eyelid or corner, and as a result, bring out a thin tail towards the end of the eyebrow. In doing so, do not forget that towards the eyebrow the arrow becomes thicker, and the tip itself is slightly thicker than the main line of the arrow. Arrows in the style of Audrey Hepburn The film actress of the 70s of the 20th century also loved using arrows in creating her own unique image. She preferred rather thick arrows, while the tips should not go beyond the upper corner of the eye. The arrow is drawn from the inner corner of the eye with a thick line, and ends quite a short corner at the outer edge. Skillfully combine this kind of shooter with other make-up elements and feminine, gentle image will be ready. In makeup it is very important to make one focus on the face, whether it be the eyes or the lips. If you prefer to focus your eyes, then at your disposal there is a huge number of options. One of the most popular will be the use of different types of arrows for the eyes. You can use a variety of types of submarines, combining them with shadows and eyeliner, creating all possible options - from Egyptian eyes to makeup in the style of Marilyn Monroe. Discover the new, do not be afraid to fantasize and experiment. Good luck!