Each girl wonders - "When will I go outmarried? ", even before reaching adulthood. It is quite understandable to want to know the answer to this question in more mature, mature women. Of course, the issue of marriage is not always connected with simple curiosity. It happens that the girl, it seems, is not offended by the attention of the guys, but for some reason, no one offers her "hand and heart", as they say. It also happens that a girl can not build a relationship with the opposite sex and is afraid of panicking to show initiative on her part, expecting "a prince on a white horse who will save her from a lonely confinement." But, anyway, the girl who actively communicates with the male environment, does not know from whom she should expect an offer to marry and, most importantly, when to wait. Therefore, the girl begins to rush from one guy to another in the hope of finding the very one, the only and loving, who will be ready to sacrifice everything for her. Knowing when you should wait for the offer to create a family, you will already be guided by the situation, and do not rush things up with unnecessary actions. For the girl, the very fact of marriage proposal is important, to know that he is really outlined by fate, that there is no curse in the form of "crown of celibacy" over the girl. Finding out when you are ready to receive matchmakers, you will calmly wait for this event, and also be able to confidently give consent to the marriage, knowing that it is so destined for you by fate. This is a paid service, for the implementation of which I need a certain amount of time and which is associated with considerable labor costs. To help you determine the period when your marriage will occur, provide me with the data by filling in the appropriate fields in the form below: