In my life, I happened to meet people withcomplex destinies that did not understand what the Lord had punished them for, giving such a fate. But I must say that not only God depends on the fate of the child that is born. Destiny for your child can be chosen by parents, giving preference to one or another date of birth of the baby. What do these eight figures mean for a person that determine the date of birth? The answer to this question I can give you. Studying numerology, analyzing examples from history, I came to the conclusion that there is a certain pattern in what figures the human code is composed in the fate of peoples, countries, the whole world. How much do your plans fit into your destiny? Is it interesting for you? There are many cases where the fate of a person changed dramatically, only because the registration authorities incorrectly recorded the date of birth on the birth certificate, when they received or exchanged passports, and so on. Perhaps this is sent down from above, as they say. But, maybe, all the same it would be better to get acquainted with the possible vicissitudes of fate, which depend on the date of birth. Based on the date of birth, I can warn you against unreasonable steps or suggest in which direction to move through life. If it is timely to learn about the danger, it can be avoided or at least reduced the impact of certain dangerous events in life. In addition, in life there is such a thing as a chance. So it falls out at certain points in life, it depends on you, you miss it or catch your luck by the tail. In order to gain some confidence in the correctness of their actions and the course chosen in life, you need only one: