Dear girls! Only for you and only in the pages of the magazine JLady we offer you to receive a prize for the most boring New Year! More precisely, for the story, about how this meeting was going on. And just something that is required of you, it is pleasant and interesting to meet the approaching year of the White Metal Rabbit and tell us about it! We have established several nominations, namely:

  • The most romantic New Year
  • The most family New Year
  • The most unusual New Year
  • And one more text will receive, so-called,"Computer sympathy", i.e. one text at random will choose a computer. In total, as many as four stories will be awarded a valuable prize in the form of winter headphones! And to the winter headphones magazine JLady will add stylish mittens and scarves! The competition will last until February 1. The results of the competition will be announced on February 10, 2011. Waiting for the delivery of prizes remains just over a month. The main thing, do not forget to participate in the contest! We are waiting for your stories about the unforgettable meeting of the New Year. It's so simple! Fill in the form below and wait for your prize! APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION COMPLETED! Neskuchnogo New Year!