Man, in essence, is a social type. That is, for each of us, the importance of communication with people, and most importantly - communication with a loved one, who is always there. It is to our beloved that we can tell what disturbs us or share our greatest joy. The need for constant communication with a loved one is a necessity for which people sometimes change or abandon their own principles. Naturally, people who are worried about the question of possible loneliness often address me. Loneliness is perceived by a person as a threat to lose the opportunity to realize the need for communication, as well as to meet the need for love, empathy, empathy. Women are as lonely as the men. Only men skillfully disguise it, and women - very much worry about the threat of loneliness. If you are determined to receive an answer to the question whether you are lonely, then you have reason to fear this. Either someone along the line of kinship has long languished in solitude, or you do not feel confident, feel fear of possible relationships with the opposite sex and are afraid that this can lead to loneliness afterwards. This is a paid service, for the implementation of which I need a certain amount of time and which is associated with considerable labor costs. According to your information, I will be able to determine the risk of loneliness and offer you options for circumventing this unpleasant phenomenon. You will need to fill in the appropriate lines of the form below: