Kocheva Olga Nestorovna

Unbind the nodules of life

Happiness ... We talk so much about him and so, likewould do a lot for him. But for some reason it all the time eludes, tempting flickering somewhere in the distance. And in our lives, instead of prosperity and peace, one after another succeed each other in difficult periods. And we, in the end, already cease to peer into the distance, trying to see their happiness, and plunged into the abyss of problems that somehow arise one after another. Each of us periodically comes across some kind of troubles and all sorts of stresses. And life sometimes seems empty and meaningless, and the surrounding people are indifferent, stale, and sometimes cruel. We are waiting for sympathy and understanding, but they are not. And we need someone's support! Do not despair. Many nodules of life can be untied, if openly to talk heart to heart with someone who can listen and tell how to survive a crisis and what you need to do for this. Is there no such person nearby? Come to us for a light. I am always glad to you and will accept any person as he is. Together we will more easily survive some difficult life periods. We will be together when:

  • You left a loved one. I will help cope with the pain and look for ways to get it back;
  • You do not have a relationship in the family. Let's try to find the reason for that;
  • You have problems with men. Let's solve them mutually;
  • You have no success in your studies or career. No problem, together we can find a way out!

Address to me if you do not love yourself andbelieve that no one likes you, if you think that life goes to waste if you need sympathy. In a word, if you feel bad, you do not know how to act in the created situation and how to behave further, come to me. Write, asking for advice on any issues. I expect any person the way he is, and I will sincerely try to help him solve many problems and make his life colorful, filled with light. Come, decide, write! Here you will find understanding, support, they will hear you here, help you get rid of anxiety and realize yourself.