The person's name determines his place in life. With this it is difficult not to agree, especially since each letter in your name contributes to the formation of your destiny. And even such a cluster of letters, which is the name, patronymic and surname of a person, and even more can significantly change your way of life. In addition, the reality is that, in addition to their true name, people still have different nicknames. Close people call us, loving, caressingly-diminishing forms of name, which also influence the course of events. At work we can have some more "rank". All these forms of name, nicknames and "ranks" predetermine the course of our life. Getting married, a woman changes her surname. And does she think that changing the surname can radically change its success, demand, affect personal happiness? You probably noticed that many famous women, when entering into marriage, either do not change their surname, or take a double surname, the main part of which nevertheless remains the maiden name. This is due not only to attachment to one's family, but also to reluctance to change the successful course of vital events. After all, it may be that the code of fate, put into you by your surname, received at birth, will not be changed for the better. I can help you not only to find out the meaning of the Names received at birth, but also to tell you if you need to change your surname, if your life is successful and quite satisfied with you. In addition, I can point out the possibility to supplement your life with new opportunities, make it more saturated and better if you take a double surname. This is a paid service, for the implementation of which I need a certain amount of time and which is associated with considerable labor costs. To determine how much you use your opportunities and whether it is possible to somehow influence the fate predetermined for you by your name, I ask you to fill in the form below: