what to give to colleagues on February 23 Do not once again say much about how,that the holiday, celebrated on February 23, with the collapse of the Soviet Union has long lost its original significance. Everyone knows that in the period from 1949 to 1993 it was called the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy, and later was renamed the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Remember, in school years, all the girls congratulated their classmates-boys on the men's holiday, because they were to serve in the army and defend their homeland with weapons in their hands? In any case, it was this subtext that tried to impart this teacher to this day, inviting veterans of war with stories about the past to schools. But over time, February 23 is perceived by most modern youth as a holiday in honor of representatives of the strong half of humanity, and it does not matter what relation they have to military service and whether they are generally liable for military service. Such a peculiar day for men, as, for example, March 8 for women. How fair this approach is, it is difficult to judge. However, the holiday is a holiday, and this means that it's simply unacceptable to ignore someone close to men or colleagues on such a day. Another week before the "X" number, the entire women's team of companies and firms is starting to discuss this burning topic: what to present to colleagues on February 23. It seems that the date is not so serious, however, and it is also impossible to ignore it: men of this kind may not forgive. An additional complication is also the fact that the age of men in the team is different, and everyone wants to please. And the congratulatory budget is often small. So we have to show wonderful wonders of inventiveness and imagination in the matter of choosing gifts. Agree, just like in a fairy tale "Go there, I do not know where, bring it, I do not know what it is". However, we, women - nature stubborn, and if anything is conceived, then our goals are used to achieve. And in order to facilitate the solution of such a difficult puzzle, let's try to give examples of what gifts can be to colleagues on February 23.

Holiday in a friendly team

If you are lucky to be part of a large team,where relations go beyond strictly business, then there are a lot of options for non-trivial congratulations of male colleagues. One of them can be an evening spent by all employees of the office in a bowling club. If your team consists of young people, then you can safely go to the rollerdrome or even to the ice rink. What could be better than a fun time spent with colleagues who in a moment lose their invariable stiffness and feel themselves as children? Alternatively, you can play paintball together, which is consistent with the general theme of the holiday. Find approval among the male part of the team and the idea of ​​renting a cafe for the evening. For non-drinkers, you can arrange a "children's party." Let it not be alcohol and heavy snacks, and the decoration of the festive table will be a chic cake made in the form of a tank or something else to emphasize the main motive of the holiday. If you can not do without alcohol, the amount should be such that no one will lose face. It's a holiday in honor of February 23, and not just a banal feast. But evening evening, and the morning of a significant day should also be memorable. To do this, it is possible to come to the office early on a preliminary contract with female employees and to decorate it. Design a colorful and informative wall newspaper, in which you must describe the merits of every man in your team, and in a playful manner, it will raise your spirits. It also does not hurt to think about the appearance of women on this day. For example, dress in one style, which at least remotely resembles the army. Interesting can be the very congratulation of incoming men. For example, stand in a line and greet them in a military manner. Such an original beginning of the working day will create a good mood and help pass the time in anticipation of the evening entertainment program. As already mentioned above, the age of men in the team can be very different, and if some enthusiastically accept the idea of ​​spending an evening with the company employees, others, due to health or other reasons, would go home with great pleasure. Then as a gift for everyone, a gift certificate is perfect. It's something you can definitely pick up for every man personally: for the purchase of books, telephone and computer accessories, fishing supplies, sporting goods and so on. However, remember that certificates must be equivalent, so as not to offend anyone.what to present for February 23 colleagues

Symbolic and personal gifts

A good option for gifts to the malethe holiday is still symbolic souvenirs. They can be either the same for everyone, or different, but with more or less the same price (men are not particularly attentive, but very touchy). It can be models of airplanes, cars, ships and even lighters in the form of a pistol or grenade. It's also good to take into account the direction of your company's activities. Work in the field of transportation? Key fobs in the form of small machines. Building? Order all men helmets with the company logo. Trade? You can give quality calculators. From useful trifles you can choose the same cups, and to them - packs of good tea or coffee, multifunctional penknives, tabletop phone stands, photo frames with interesting design and so on. Of course, the idea with symbolic gifts is not new. But who prevents to apply the original approach here? If all the souvenirs are different, then they can be played in a festive lottery. Organization of it will not be of great complexity. You just need to write the numbers of the prizes on the pieces of colored paper, and let the men pull out one by one. You can hold such a rally right at the workplace, but for greater solemnity it is better to choose a meeting room or a meeting room. And after the lottery there you can arrange men and a small buffet. This will give the old idea of ​​souvenirs of novelty and cause interest among colleagues. And what to present to a colleague on February 23, if your relations with him have long since become simply friendly from business? Then it makes sense to present him something separately from the rest and beyond the scope of purely office gifts. Surely you know perfectly well which gift will be pleasant to him. It does not have to be expensive and exclusive, the friendly overtones are important. For example, a good book, a quality purse and a business card, an umbrella, a new computer game. Just choose a gift based on the taste preferences of a friend - and get to the goal.

Economy offer

This option is suitable for those teams wherethere are a lot of men, and women are in the minority, and congratulating their colleagues is rather expensive. Although originality - a thing quite inexpensive. That's why the popular find now popular voice and animation cards. Indeed, a beautiful picture with sincere words, voiced at the very beginning of the working day, will not leave your male colleagues indifferent. An interesting addition to this congratulation will also serve as a ringtone to a mobile phone. Do not be lazy to order for each member of the stronger sex company personal melody in accordance with its taste preferences. Agree, this is not difficult to do, it is only worth looking at the desktop of a colleague's computer or in advance inadvertently asking about his musical preferences. And how in this case to congratulate the men, whose work with the computer is not connected? Choose a suitable postcard suitable for the occasion (they are sold at every step), and write warm and sincere words yourself, because this part of the congratulation is the most important. A similar sign of attention to your men will be very pleasant. In addition, organize the entire female part of the team a kind of "sweet table", perhaps even with cakes and cookies of your own preparation. Let it be without special culinary delights, but colleagues will appreciate your efforts and the time devoted to them. You can also make a nice and give each man as a small gift a personal tea or coffee cup. This is just part of the low-cost congratulations. The rest will tell you the fantasy and tastes of the male half of the office. gifts to colleagues on February 23

Stationery, antistress and game gifts

Handles, diaries, organizers and othersthe things that are usual for every office employee will not be superfluous, but they are unlikely to become a surprise gift. And if they combine with anti-stress accessories? After all, the working day of any company is somehow connected with tense situations. Therefore, items that help a little to remove stress and switch attention from a computer monitor to something else, giving rest to the eyes, can be very useful. For example, the usual sets of pens, holders for discs and other items of the office, hand in hand with various hand relaxers. They can be either rubber or magnetic in the form of balls, ovals or a whole set of cubes and other figures for creative nirvana. Yes, and office supplies themselves today are different in originality and novelty than they are quite capable of supporting the main motive of the holiday. For example, desktop calendars with weapons themes or staples in the form of combat vehicles will certainly find a worthy application. A good move for gift to colleagues on February 23 may be slightly forgotten, but still not lost its relevance table games. It can be interesting puzzles, backgammon and chess for intellectuals. It is likely that their lunch break your men will gladly pass for such a game or even arrange a week-long tournament for the championship among amateurs. For energetic colleagues a good game gift can become the same darts. And if in your company there is a room for rest with enough space, organize by all women's collective a general gift in the form of all attributes for table tennis mini-tennis. Also suitable basketball basket with a ball. Let colleagues relax actively and reduce the time of lunch breaks with health benefits. You can also give all the men of the office a small radio-controlled machine and arrange real races with a special prize for the winner. This is sure to please, because playing in childhood is pleasant at any age. It is important to remember that the gift for February 23 is not just an annual necessity to congratulate men. This is an excellent opportunity to remind colleagues that they are primarily representatives of the stronger sex, and not just employees, and then they will necessarily answer you and respect, and considerate attitude, and help out on occasion. In our time of universal equality and progress, the boundaries between men and women in business relations have so far lost a clear framework that no one has any internal protest if the young man completely forgot to open the door before the lady or give way to the queue for lunch at the cafe. Yes, life's realities are like this, but why go with the flow? So show your colleagues that they are primarily men. March 8 is not far off, and maybe in response to your good message, representatives of the strong half of humanity will also be able to surprise women workers with a pleasant surprise? We advise you to read: